10 golden investment rules: Real Estate as an Investment – Return, Equity, Reputation, Acquisition

10 Golden Investment Rules – Start your real estate journey right! Time and time again, people dream of real estate investment, but only a few turn that dream into reality. These 10 indispensable rules are the key to turning your ideas into successful real estate projects. No bullshit. 10 Clear Rules.

Start! #1

Everyone has ideas, but very few put them into practice.

Learn the mechanism of return #2

Yield is the key to profitable real estate.

Learn the quick real estate appraisal #3

That’s how you evaluate real estate listings from your desk in seconds:

Learn Real Estate Investment #4

Look at all the relevant topics: Buying, Investing, Financing, Renting, Managing, Selling, Valuing. In addition, YouTube is an excellent source of experience.

You really want to learn a lot? I’ve written over 1,000 guides here: Real Estate Experience.

Make it known that you have something to do with real estate #5

If no one knows that you buy, sell, rent, rent on Airbnb, or even flip real estate, why should they bring good real estate offers to you? Therefore, make it known that you have something to do with real estate.

If something feels funny, then it is funny#6

There are many persuaders in the real estate world. But don’t be blinded by words. Learn how to use capital and reputation as safe guidelines to make the best decisions.

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Go straight to the right, quality leads #7

Time is limited, so use it wisely. We’ll show you how to research and select your lead sources and leads to target the highest quality opportunities.

Be prepared and motivated #8

Before you dive into the real estate world, you should be prepared. Learn how to build equity, prepare for bank meetings and stay motivated to achieve long-term success.

Nobody becomes a millionaire overnight:in.

In the purchase lies the profit #9

The cheaper your real estate purchases, the higher your profit. Acquisition and negotiation skills are your daily business.

Make extremely much from nothing minus x #10

The road to becoming a real estate millionaire is not a sprint, but a marathon. Start perhaps at kilometer zero, but with the right approach and perseverance you will reach the top.