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Realtor & Luxury Properties Cologne – Cologne stands like no other city in Germany for media, TV and press. This is why the metropolis on the Rhine is constantly growing. Südstadt, Altstadt, Ringe, Ehrenfeld or Sülz, where is the best place to live? Anyone moving to Cologne or looking for property of stable value needs a good consultant. It’s all about researching properties with suitable parameters from plot to building fabric. Then it goes on with viewings, negotiations and, of course, everything about the purchase contract and estate agent. For your own yield or to live in the property yourself, Cologne is like Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, especially interesting in its increase in value for existing properties but also for new buildings. We are there for you – in Cologne. Back to: Luxury realtor + properties.

Cologne Mitte: Exclusive real estate & Luxury

For a real estate purchase in Cologne, it’s necessary to know the city. In the mindset of ‘kölner’ it’s important to have a human connection, as opposed to a cold hand. We have expert knowledge and connections throughout the city, offering exclusive properties, and luxury opportunities whether you are looking to invest in real estate or buy a home for yourself. We’re here to help.

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Unique Flair of a Historic City

Cologne is known throughout Germany and the world. Thanks to its bustling cultural and historic presence, as well as its heavy activity in national and international media production creatives. On top of that it’s home to top universities and research institutes, and is well-connected via transport to all major hubs in Germany. It’s also beloved throughout Germany for its inhabitants’ easy-going and open personality, reflected in the ‘carnival’ a massive festival taking place throughout the city twice a year. Compared to other cities, Cologne has a youthful age distribution.

  • < 30 years – 33%
  • 30-60 years – 45%
  • > 60 years – 22%

Real Estate Market Cologne

The real estate market is thriving, and experts believe it to continue doing so, with a steady population growth ensuring high demand throughout the city. Prices to buy property increased in the past years, and are expected to increase steadily. For single-family homes, and multi-family houses, prices have increased slightly, with condominiums being the biggest winners. Looking into the rental sector shows a steady and strong increase for rental prices for all types of properties, especially strong for the many new construction properties. The most expensive parts of the city for homes include Lindenthal, Rodenkirchen, and Hahnwald, while the inner city with the Old City (Altstadt) boasts many expensive apartments.

Foreign investment here is rare, and in general, the majority of real estate investments are owner-occupied. Although within Germany, Cologne is among the most attractive investment options for real estate

Prices – Apartment, Villa, Condo + Co

Cologne is a city ripe for investment. With the real estate sector growing strongly, and becoming increasingly attractive. This is a city where a real estate investment is worth it. It will likely appreciate in value, especially if it is located in one of the prime sectors like Ehrenfeld and Sülz. The decision to buy or to rent is also evident in the comparison between average price to buy an apartment compared to the price to rent it. The rent price multiplicator, an indicator of how advantageous it is to buy rather than buy, is around 30, a strong value.

  • Rent/m²: €12.5-€20.50
  • Price/m²: €5.000-€13.750

Apartments Price €/square meter for different regions

  • Very Good – €5.000-€13.750 (steady)
  • Good – €3.000-€7.750 (increasing)
  • Mediocre – €1.900-€4.400 (increasing)
  • Simple – €1.500-€3.200 (steady)

Old city, Südstadt & Co.

The old city is the heart of everything going on in Cologne. It has the Dom, museums, countless restaurants and cafes, and everything the heart could want. If you’re looking to be in the middle of the action this is where to go. Younger families, who still do not want to miss out on the lively city life will often choose the südstadt. Clean, safe, with many possibilities for eating out and daily activities, everyone feels welcome and welcomed here.

For a more exclusive atmosphere, Lindenthal or Rodenkirchen offer villas and mansions, and you will often find young professionals enjoying the sun along the canal or in one of the beautiful parks.

City Map

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Investment: Tips and explanation

More tips and recommendations? Is real estate worthwhile as a capital investment? What taxes are incurred and are there any tips on how to save taxes? In FIV Magazine we provide answers to many questions on the subject of capital investment. Not only real estate, but also precious metals, art and equity funds are in focus. After all, a good investment portfolio always contains a mix of several elements.

My column in FIV Magazine on the subject of capital investment.

Luxury Realtor: Contacts

My team and I will support you in your search for real estate in Cologne. No matter whether as a capital investment, for rent or for own use. With good contacts and recommendations, we will find the most interesting investment properties for you in Cologne. More questions? Call us or write us free of charge:

Realtor: Stephan M. Czaja

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