Selling your old apartment house in Nidderau

The town of Nidderau in eastern Hesse has a population of just over 20,000. It comes under the Darmstadt administrative district and is listed as the fifth largest city in the Main-Kinzig district. If you would like to sell a house or offer a property in this region, you have a good chance of being able to complete the sale in the short term. The region around Nidderau is considered very popular among real estate buyers due to its scenic location. Decide to take advantage of the support of a real estate agent if you want to handle the sale professionally. We offer a variety of services related to selling real estate in Nidderau. As a specialist estate agent for the states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, we know the market in the region very well and can advise you individually and offer you active support with your property sale. Feel free to contact us and arrange a personal consultation appointment.

Attractive residential areas in Nidderau

Nidderau is a town that arose from a merger of several communities. Each part of the town has its own history. With Windecken and Heldenbergen, Nidderau has two core towns that once merged voluntarily. Other towns were added in the course of municipal area reforms. Thanks to the different character of the core towns and the districts, there are various residential areas in Nidderau that are considered very attractive and where buying property is very popular. These include the cores of the respective towns, but also some peripheral locations. If you compare Nidderau and the surrounding region in terms of property prices with other towns and regions in Hesse, the prices are somewhat cheaper. However, this is because the Frankfurt am Main region alone is one of the most expensive in the whole of Germany. This applies not only to property prices, but also to rents. If you want to sell a house or an apartment in an attractive location in Nidderau, you can look forward to a reasonable profit, especially if the property has been in your possession for a longer period of time. Over the last ten years, property prices in Nidderau have always risen slightly, so it is highly likely that you will get more for your house or apartment than you invested when buying or building it.

Purchase price is in proportion to the condition of the property

You can theoretically define the purchase price for a property at your discretion. However, if you would like to maintain realistic chances of selling your property in the short term, you will have to orientate yourself to the market if you would like to record a positive sales success within a certain period of time. As a real estate agent specializing in the Hesse region, we will be happy to assist you in determining a realistic purchase price. We have comparative properties ready for you that have been for sale in the near past, and we are happy to evaluate sales in neighbouring regions. Let us know in a personal conversation what condition your property is in and what investments you have made in recent years. You are welcome to arrange a personal appointment with Lukinski for an on-site inspection. This way we can get an impression of the house or property you would like to offer for sale in Nidderau. The infrastructure also plays a role, as does the size of the living space and the plot of land. The sum of all details is decisive for the success of the sale, but also for the determination of a real purchase price.

Conclusion: Successfully selling real estate in Nidderau

In principle, you have the possibility to arrange the sale of your property in Nidderau individually and also set the price yourself. However, if you commission a broker with Lukinski, you will save a lot of time. The sale will be handled stress-free by and. We are happy to assist you with a package that includes many services from the initial consultation to the fully completed sale. Present your property to us in a personal meeting or on site and we will be happy to act for you at short notice.