Real Estate & Divorce: Sell, rent and manage property

Property & Divorce – Separation from one’s partner is not easy for anyone. Even for those who have separated from their spouse, the new life situation is something completely foreign. The longer the partnership and the connection existed, the more difficult it is to adjust the own structures to the new life situation. Of course, […]

Divorced! Sell your House: Questions, answers, tips and procedure in case of separation

Those who choose to marry and be married, in most cases, have the intention to spend their life with their spouse forever and share everything that belongs to them. Nobody thinks during a marriage about the fact that there might be a divorce one day and that there might even be arguments about belongings. But […]

Sell house quickly: Procedure, legal basis and the best tips

Sell a house quickly – Selling a house is a complex matter and involves many different steps. From the creation of an attractive advertisement to the valuation of the property and the subsequent legal steps, such as the purchase contract and the appointments with the notary. During all these steps, various points must be considered […]

Real Estate News: Latest Newspaper + Online News

2Real Estate News & Newspapers – Do you own a home? Are you looking to sell your property? Are you moving into a new apartment or house? Every now and then, you come across topics or issues related to real estate for which you lack the required expertise. There are many magazines that deal with […]

Divorce law: property division, alimony, separation year – who gets what?

Divorce law – In the event of a divorce between spouses, divorce law comes into play. This is regulated in §§ 1564 ff BGB (Civil Code) and in § 111 FamFG (Law on Proceedings in Family Matters). Which regulations there are and how a divorce proceeds, you will find out now with us! Back to […]

Living separately: maintenance, tax class, children and house – Guidebook

Divorce is no longer an exceptional situation these days. In 2017, around 38 percent of closed marriages divorced. In addition to the emotional roller coaster ride experienced by those affected, legal questions also tend to rob people of their sleep. What happens to the jointly acquired household goods? What about maintenance claims? What is to […]

Separation with children: the duties of parents and the best way to deal with the situation

Separation with children – A separation involving joint children is a challenge for all concerned. Legal and organisational changes occur mainly for the parents, but the most important thing is probably the emotional burden and how the parents deal with these changes. Children should always be taken into consideration when separating and therefore certain behaviours […]

Grounds for Divorce: Life goals, infidelity, disputes – The most important facts

Reasons for divorce – separations are nothing new anymore. Disagreements, “simple” living apart or even hard reasons(hardship divorce). In every relationship there are different problems and therefore also different reasons for a separation or divorce. But often there are similar reasons, such as infidelity, violence but also jealousy or drug abuse. Back to the guide: […]

Moving out of the house you share: When the paths go separate

Moving out after divorce – Separation is painful and requires patience and stamina from those involved. While emotions are running high, it is difficult to think clearly and to talk about the separate ways in the future. The question of the joint house and the spatial separation soon arises. At the latest, after the divorce […]

Hardship divorce: Divorce without separation year – law & exceptions

Hardship divorce – A hardship divorce is a last resort. There are many reasons for divorce, but if there is such a valid reason for an immediate divorce without observing a separation year, it is possible to apply for a hardship divorce at a family court. However, these divorces are only the very last resort […]

Separation maintenance: Financial support even after separation

It happens more often than you might think. After a few years of marriage, couples find that things are no longer working as they should and thoughts of separation come up. However, marriage means a lot of responsibility and also a separation can result in big legal and financial implications. So such a step should […]

Selling a house after divorce: Information and tips

Selling a house after divorce – Separating from your partner is a trauma. To ensure that the decision about your jointly purchased and financed home does not become traumatic, you should definitely opt for professional advice on the various possible solutions. Should you decide to sell your home, you will find all the important information […]