Designer villa in Marbella for 2.95 million euros: lots of light, pool & waterfall

Designer villa in Marbella for 2,950,000m euros – I may present you today this exclusive villa! This villa is something very special, it is not just “only” built, it is planned, thought out! A house for the day, a house for the night, an inviting, large swimming pool and its own 10 meter waterfall. What […]

Villa in Marbella: House, plot, pool – living in the “Golden Mile” for 4.4 million euros

Villa in Marbella for 4,400,000 million euros – Welcome to this 4.4 million villa in Marbella! 1,530 m² of land, 767 m² of living space, today I take you to Marbella, one of the hotspots in Europe next to Mykonos (Greece), Mallorca and Ibiza. This villa is in the middle of the city of Marbella, […]

Living on Norderney: Buying real estate on the East Frisian island – tips, viewing and prices per square metre for house, flat & property

Living on Norderney – as one of the seven East Frisian Islands, charming Norderney delights with its fairytale beaches, unique island flair and colourful mix of nature and culture, history and modernity. You would like to move to Norderney and buy a house or a plot of land? Would you like to invest in an […]

Living in Westend ( Frankfurt ): Buy a house, flat & land – Tips, prices per square metre and viewings

Living in Westend – The affluent Westend inspires with its central location, high quality of life and unique flair characterized by the historical elegance of past centuries. Together with Frankfurt’s Nordend, Westend is on the list of Frankfurt’s most attractive residential areas. You would like to invest in a property in Westend as a capital […]

Living in Dahlem (Berlin): Buy a house, flat or plot of land – the best streets, prices per square metre and tips

Living in Dahlem – The upscale villa district of Dahlem is one of the most luxurious and exclusive residential areas of Berlin, along with Grunewald, Charlottenburg and Tiergarten. If you live here surrounded by magnificent green spaces and breathtaking villas, you can consider yourself lucky. Would you like to invest in a property in Dahlem […]

Living in Tiergarten (Berlin): Buying property in Stadtmitte – Viewing and prices per square metre for apartments, houses & land

Living in Tiergarten – Life in Tiergarten is exclusive, luxurious and located in the middle of the big city hustle and bustle. Those who can afford to live here benefit not only from the prime location, but also from the very good infrastructure and the high standard of living. Thus, this trendy district is next […]

Living in Kreuzberg (Berlin): Buying a house or apartment – Viewing, tips & prices per square metre

Living in Kreuzberg – along with Grunewald, Charlottenburg and Schmargendorf, the historic district of Kreuzberg is one of the most popular places to live in Berlin. After all, the district inspires with its extravagant mix of history and culture and is thus in no way inferior to the districts of Tiergarten, Prenzlauer Berg and Dahlem. […]

Living in Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin): House, apartment & land for sale – Viewing, prices per square metre and Co.

Living in Prenzlauer Berg – The trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg enjoys great popularity as a place to live. The trendy district is in no way inferior to the districts of Schmargendorf, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg and Grunewald. Would you like to invest in a property in Prenzlauer Berg as a capital investment? Buying a house or […]

Living in Königsallee (Düsseldorf): Buy & rent a house or apartment – Viewing, price per square metre & Co.

Living in Königsallee – Königsallee is considered one of the most famous shopping streets in Europe and one of the most attractive and expensive streets in Düsseldorf. Would you like to invest in a property in Königsallee as a capital investment? Buy a house, purchase a plot of land or buy an apartment? The popular […]

50 million villa on private island with almost 30,000 m² plot – Off Market Properties

Villa on private island – In the year the absolute wow effect does not come often in Berlin: Today it was again so far. Therefore, I wanted to tell you directly about this, really unique opportunity. The purchase price is 50 million euros, for this you get exclusivity, absolute exclusivity in Berlin. The property with […]

Buy Multi-Family Residential: Property Evaluation, Procedure, Costs, Taxes & Tenants

Buy an apartment building- Your idea has manifested itself and your dream of a house becomes reality. You have already looked at some properties, compared prices and set your budget for buying a house. Before you go into closer negotiations with sellers or reserve a property, you should plan the house financing and determine your […]

Comparative Value Method: Advantages, disadvantages, guidelines and valuation law

Comparative value method – What is the comparative value method? When is the comparative value method used for real estate? What criteria play a role in the comparative value procedure for real estate? The comparative value method compares your property with similar properties. It is used in particular for the sale of condominiums and houses. […]