Sell real estate discreetly in Wiesbaden: Condominiums or apartment buildings

Selling real estate in Wiesbaden – Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse, is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe. With a population of around 290,000, it is one of the ten most prosperous cities in Germany and is also considered to be a place with growth in jobs and people looking for housing. Real estate in Wiesbaden has always been a sought-after commodity. Property owners in Wiesbaden therefore generally have the best opportunities to achieve a good price when selling their property.

We at Lukinski explain to you what is important for a successful and, above all, discreet real estate sale in Wiesbaden. Discreet broker Sebastian Mathias von Lukinski knows exactly how to achieve top prices for real estate in Wiesbaden. Does Corona have an influence on the real estate sale? You will find information about this here as well.

House sale in times of Corona

It is still too early to name the effects of the Corona crisis on the real estate market. Currently, there are two different positions among real estate experts. Some say that real estate as “concrete gold” still retains its value and continues to increase in value, especially in locations such as Wiesbaden and the surrounding area.

On the other hand, it is said that the value of a property also depends very much on the disposable income of potential buyers. If this income falls, for example against the background of the current crisis, then the demand for real estate falls – and with it the prices. Anyone who wants to be on the safe side should therefore implement their sales plans now.

Further information on the coronavirus and its effects can be found here.

Selling a house and apartment – This is how it works

Well prepared, you avoid mistakes in the real estate sale and exclude that the process is not to your satisfaction. Selling a house or apartment is a very complex and time-consuming task that requires a lot of know-how and core expertise. When you want to sell your private property, there are usually a lot of emotions involved. These have an effect on the realistic valuation and thus on the competence in determining the sales price.

Furthermore, the marketing of real estate presupposes that clear ownership conditions prevail and that any loans still to be repaid at the bank, as well as a land charge or mortgage, are taken into account. If the property or the apartment is rented out or if an occupant enjoys lifelong residential rights, the house sale faces a particular challenge.

The thorough planning and professional realisation should at best be carried out by an estate agent and be tailored to your requirements, as well as the special features of the property. The smallest mistakes in the sales planning can result in high financial losses or lead to the fact that the sale of the house or the condominium is difficult and brings unnecessary waiting time. This circumstance is especially counterproductive if you have to sell promptly or otherwise end up in a foreclosure auction.

Sell Wiesbaden real estate discreetly

Selling a house without making it public – how is that supposed to work? Diskret broker Sebastian Mathias von Lukinski knows how to bring the two worlds together. In most cases, maximum discretion also has positive effects on the sales price and the speed with which a property changes hands.

The Diskret-Makler comes particularly well to the course, if in a well-functioning neighbourhood evenly not everyone is to get your sales intentions. If a property is for sale and is unoccupied during this period, the work of the Diskret-Makler ensures that no “uninvited guests” come into the property.

How does a Diskret broker work?

  • Discreet realtors from Lukinski sell your house with absolute discretion
  • Lukinski’s discreet brokers do without the usual Internet portals for real estate offers
  • Diskret-Makler vonLukinski have an extensive prospective customer file
  • Lukinski’s discreet brokers often ensure a quicker sale of your property.
  • Discreet brokers from Lukinski sell real estate of all types and sizes
  • Lukinski’s discreet brokers work even if the seller lives abroad

In the international real estate market, this way of working has long been known and appreciated as a “secret sale”. Sebastian Mathias is one of the few regional estate agents to work with Lukinski as a discreet broker. And this without renouncing the classic virtues of a serious and customer-oriented broker.

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Sales price: Market value is not the same as property value

Of course you want to achieve the highest possible sales price for your property! Often, however, the seller’s ideas are not those that are the “right” ones for the property or the market environment. The right selling price is the one that leads to the successful completion of the sales process in a timeframe that is acceptable to the seller, taking into account the immediate market environment and also future developments.

Thus, the determination of the right real estate price is of fundamental importance for the sales process. Lukinski’s work for a successful sale therefore begins precisely at this juncture. Very few property owners have the necessary knowledge and experience in the real estate market. Hiring true real estate professionals is therefore a sign of professionalism on the part of the client!

Steps and procedure for the sale – checklist

Here we give you an overview of the most important steps towards a successful house sale. At the same time, it will also give you a first insight into Lukinski’s services:

  1. On-site visit
  2. Valuation
  3. Creation of a comprehensive sales exposé
  4. Precise placement with selected interested parties
  5. Sales management via selected marketing media (digital/analogue)
  6. Organisation and realisation of viewing appointments
  7. Preparation of contract documents
  8. Accompaniment of the notary appointments
  9. Sale
  10. Aftercare buyer/seller

How much does it cost to sell a house?

The sale of your property by the professionals of Lukinski costs you initially NOTHING! The above-mentioned services and all necessary accompanying work are done by real estate agents without any financial advance payments by the seller. Only with the successful sale of the property costs arise. The broker receives his commission, with which he is rewarded for his previously rendered services. This commission is – depending on the federal state – between 5.95% and 7.14%. Often this rate is borne by the seller and the buyer in each case to the half. In Hesse, the official broker’s commission is 5.95% of the purchase price, which – also officially – is to be borne by the buyer alone. Value added tax is included in this amount!

Selling – Private or with real estate agent?

Bierstadt, Biebrich, Klarenthal, Dotzheim, Schierstein, Sonnenberg and Erbenheim are currently particularly popular in Wiesbaden. In these districts of Wiesbaden, you as a seller have top chances of good sales prices given the developments in property prices in recent years.

Selling a house privately in Wiesbaden? This means a lot of time for you, the collection of many documents such as building plans, appointments and stress with interested parties, especially if they do not appear at the viewing appointment. If you decide to sell your house privately in Wiesbaden, you should plan enough time from the appraisal to the creation of the advertisement on various platforms, the registration, the property photos, to the customer approach and sales phase. In addition, there are vacation days for visits In this time, months pass without market knowledge. If you want to sell quickly, you have to accept many losses privately. Without a network and partners, selling a house means one thing above all: stress.

Preparation, documentation, renovation and time

Because even before the sale starts, you must not underestimate the preparation time. For example, with regard to the possible backlog of renovations to the property. In addition to all the work on the condominium or house, there are also all the preparations for the sale. Did you know how many documents you need just to create the exposé? These include, among others:

  • Documents relating to the property (site plan, building plan, etc.)
  • Other plans (building encumbrance register, cadastral plan, waste water plan)
  • Overview of the latest renovation and modernization measures
  • Insurance documents (fire insurance)
  • Overview of ancillary costs
  • Land register excerpt
  • Energy certificate
  • Pictures of the object

Real estate agents do it: stress-free sale

A reliable real estate agent takes care of your concerns and wishes when selling in Wiesbaden. If you are also affected by a spontaneous sale, by relocation and new job, separation and divorce or even by the death of a loved one, then we are your contact in Rhein-Main and especially in Wiesbaden. As a real estate agent we take the organisation off your shoulders and support you through our network and our regular customers to achieve a quick sale with a good sales price! Without any stress with our friendly team. Do you have any questions? Please contact our real estate team for:

  • Real estate agent Wiesbaden

Preparation – construction plans to price calculation

The sale of an apartment, house or land must be carefully prepared. Important questions are best clarified in advance. To do this, you will need some documents, such as the extract from the land register, building plans, a site plan, floor plans, an extract from the cadastral map, a building description, especially if extensions or conversions have subsequently taken place, and an energy certificate.

If a condominium is for sale, additional documents such as a declaration of division, an overview of reserves and the minutes of the last three owners’ meetings are also required. If renovation measures have been carried out in the past, it is advisable to prepare a list of the work and the amount of the renovation costs. This is because the maintenance costs invested are a good argument for the desired sales price. You should also clarify in advance whether third party rights are recorded in the land register, such as a right of first refusal, a heritable building right or a right of residence.

Offer price: Calculation by broker experts

Before you can offer your property on the market, you need the right asking price. For this, you should take a lot of time or appoint a surveyor who will take care of the valuation of your property. Because overpriced properties usually do not find a buyer. However, you should never offer your investment below its price.

There are several aspects to consider when determining the value. You can find out the current value of the land price at the respective location via so-called standard land value maps – or you can simply talk to Lukinski. Because as experts for all questions concerning the sale of a house, Lukinski has all relevant key figures for the determination of the purchase price at its disposal.

Renovation before sale

If you are selling an apartment or a house, the equipment and condition also play a role. You should be aware of any defects and take them into account when calculating the price. Sometimes it is worth considering renovation. Because often the costs for this are cheaper and you can then put your property on the market accordingly more expensive. If your property is rented out, this will also affect the selling price. The main factors here are the monthly rent and the agreed duration of the tenancy.

Once the selling price of your property is fixed, you can offer it on the market. The marketing can happen via newspaper advertisements and well-known Internet portals. Helpful for this are really good photos, which give a good impression of the property, as well as an exposé with a lot of information. A floor plan is also often helpful.

You can save yourself a lot of time, stress and money by trusting the expertise of a real estate agent when selling your property. Lukinski not only offers itself for the marketing of your property. We also have a large network of potential buyers in Wiesbaden, so that you can often find a suitable buyer for your property more quickly. Talk to us, contact us without obligation. We will also be happy to show you what we can do in an on-site appointment!

Procedure – Real estate sale from the inspection to the purchase contract

Marketing a property – whether a house or an apartment – is a complex matter, even in boom areas. Private sellers often use the same methods as real estate professionals – as do the experts at Lukinski. However, the devil is – as so often – in the detail! Starting with the pricing in line with the market and the property, the right wording in the exposé, the legally correct information on the condition of the property, right through to viewings and the conclusion of contracts: there are many pitfalls and dangers on the sometimes long road to a successful property sale.

Particularly pleasant for you as a seller: If you commission a broker, he assumes all costs incurred for the marketing. Only in the event of success does the broker receive payment for his efforts in the form of a fee.

One broker, many benefits: What are you waiting for?

In most cases, the sale by real estate experts also happens much faster than on private initiative. Because not every sales channel is suitable for every type of property! After the first conversation with the seller, the Lukinski team already knows which target group fits the property, where the best sales opportunities lie and with which media mix this target group is reached. Finally, Lukinski also has an extensive file of clients willing to buy.

As a rule, the first interested parties who would like to view the property come forward very soon after the advertisement has been issued. As a real estate professional, we prepare the viewing appointments for you very well. There are even sellers who do not want to be present at these appointments. This is also no problem for Lukinski.

If necessary, simply take care of the appearance of your house or apartment in advance. If necessary, carry out small repairs to give prospective buyers the best possible impression of the property on offer. Such investments are always worthwhile and come back in the ultimately acquired purchase price. Of course, the property and the property should be well cleaned up beforehand to present it from the best side.

One of the few things you can do yourself to prepare for a successful real estate sale is to deal with potential questions about your property from prospective buyers in advance. Here, Lukinski’s experts can also help you with their many years of experience.

Marketing of the property: Your object skilfully staged

We skilfully stage your property and also know how best to deal with critical questions as well as demands for price reductions. Because during the sales negotiations, every prospective buyer will try to keep the price as low as possible. We stand up for your interests and make sure that the property sale is carried out on your desired terms.

An often forgotten or underestimated advantage of the estate agent: he has no emotional attachment to the property and therefore has a very objective negotiating position. This already pays off for the seller in the valuation of the property in line with the market!

We are looking for buyers – you decide!

After successfully negotiating the price with the buyer, Lukinski also checks the creditworthiness of the potential buyer. Only then do you make a decision whether to sell your property to the prospective buyer. After that, the contract of sale is concluded. As a rule, the contract is drawn up by a notary public, the costs of which are borne by the buyer.

The price includes advice from the notary, drafting and notarisation of the contract. Furthermore, the notary checks the performance rights, rights of way, land charges and whether a pre-emption right exists. The contents of the purchase contract are determined by you individually.

The Lukinski team will take care of all these tasks in the sales process for you if you commission us to do so. We are happy to advise you in this regard so that you do not forget any important agreements and procedures in the sales process.

Real estate prices – square meters current

Why is Wiesbaden so sought after as a city to live and work in? First of all, it has to do with the city’s location!

Tip. Low interest rates and rising rents: There is much to be said for real estate as a capital investment in Wiesbaden. The safe and profitable investment. Read more now: Real estate as a capital investment

Real estate in prime locations: Where is Wiesbaden located?

Wiesbaden and its southern districts are located on the right bank of the Rhine opposite the Rhineland-Palatinate capital Mainz, at a point where the Rhine changes its main direction from the south to the west. To the north of the city, the low mountain range Taunus extends with its main ridge running in a northeasterly direction.

The city centre lies, five kilometres from the Rhine, in a wide valley hollow between the Taunus Heights in the north, the Bierstadter Höhe and the Hainerberg in the east, the Mosbacher Berg in the south and the Schiersteiner Berg in the west. The highest point of the city area with 608 meters lies near the summit of the Hohe Wurzel on the Rheinhöhenweg, lowest point is the harbor entrance of Schierstein with 83 meters sea level.

Ultimately, Wiesbaden is somewhat marginal in the state of Hesse in terms of its importance as a state capital. If it were purely a matter of location and transport links, then Frankfurt would certainly be the better state capital. But Wiesbaden itself also looks back on a long and significant city history. Some cornerstones of this history are of great importance for the development of real estate in Wiesbaden.

Building substance in Wiesbaden

Many representative buildings were built during the imperial period of the 19th century. The Kurhaus Wiesbaden with its casino and the Hessian State Theatre on Wilhelmstraße are still important today and characterise the cityscape. Finally, however, the smart apartment buildings along the Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring or the Rheinstraße with all their side streets are also characteristic for the representative cityscape.

Since you want to sell a property in the Wiesbaden region, it is helpful to get a first impression of the current property prices. Of course, the equipment, location and year of construction always play an important role in the prices quoted. Therefore, the following real estate prices always give you only a guideline, but do not represent a basis for the exact calculation of a price per square metre.

Nevertheless, you can use the current market situation to gain an insight into the development of the real estate market in Wiesbaden. This can also be helpful in terms of a strategic approach to the sale.

Sell apartment: Price per square meter

Currently, the real estate prices in Wiesbaden for the purchase of apartments are between about 3000 € and 3,600 € per square meter for existing properties. For newly built apartments they are significantly higher! There are large fluctuations between the various districts. The living space of the property is also decisive for the chances of sale. Lukinski’s experts can quickly tell you how your property fits into this structure upon request.

  • Square metre prices for new purchases of apartments between around €3,000 and €3,600

Likewise, there are serious differences in property prices when you consider the location in Wiesbaden. In Sonnenberg you will achieve the best prices. The Erbenheim district, on the other hand, is usually at the lower end of the price scale.

Selling a house: Price per square foot

Houses are more expensive in Wiesbaden, as elsewhere in Germany. Prices per square metre for new builds vary between €3,500 and almost €7,000, while prices for existing buildings still range between €2,500 and €6,500. Comparing the average prices for houses across Germany, it is clear that houses in Wiesbaden are significantly above the average due to the city’s preferred location and amenities.

  • Square metre prices for new buildings between €3,500 and almost €7,000
  • Prices per square metre for existing buildings between €2,500 and €6,500

A real exception for property prices in Wiesbaden is currently still the north-eastern district of Auringen. This rather rural/village location is about 13 kilometres away from the city centre. That influences the sales prices to be obtained for real estates noticeably downward. However, this often increases the chances of selling to people who want to live close to the city but in a quiet area. Through your connection to Lukinski you have access to our extensive pool of interested parties!

Wiesbaden offers a lot of architecture!

Statistics – Facts and Figures

Source: Wikipedia / Wiesbaden. More statistics can be found here: Real Estate Statistics.

  • State: Hesse
  • Administrative district: Darmstadt
  • Altitude: 117 m above sea level
  • Surface area: 203.93 km2
  • Population: 278,342 (Dec. 31, 2018).
  • Population density: 1365 inhabitants per km2
  • Post codes: 65183-65207, 55246, 55252
  • Area codes: 0611, 06122, 06127, 06134
  • License plate number: WI
  • City structure: 26 municipal districts

Directions and address – Municipality

Questions on the subject of new real estate construction? Here you will find contact persons and all forms. Address of the city administration: Schlossplatz 6 65183 Wiesbaden.

Districts of Wiesbaden: Biebrich to Erbenheim

Here are the most important districts of Wiesbaden at a glance, ordered by decreasing population. Population in the 26 local districts on 28 February 2017. Source: Wikipedia / Wiesbaden.

No. Local district Area
Inhabitants Inhabitants
per km²
14 Biebrich 12,99 38.823 2.989
16 Dotzheim 18,27 27.317 1.495
02 Northeast 19,44 23.049 1.186
01 Middle 1,53 22.152 14.478
06 Rheingauviertel, Hollerborn 2,47 22.001 8.907
03 Southeast 6,62 21.033 3.177
08 Westend, Bleichstraße 0,67 18.134 27.066
53 Mainz-Kostheim 9,53 14.209 1.491
52 Mainz-Kastel 9,51 13.411 1.410
12 Beer City 9,22 12.600 1.367
07 Klarenthal 6,13 10.562 1.723
27 Schierstein 9,43 10.235 1.085
13 Erbenheim 11,27 9.931 881
11 Sun Mountain 8,34 8.131 975
25 Nordenstadt 7,73 7.861 1.017
26 Delkenheim 7,43 5.133 691
31 Naurod 10,99 4.435 404
34 Breckenheim 6,40 3.412 533
32 Auringen 3,12 3.411 1.093

Wiesbaden among the 10 most expensive cities

Did you already know? Wiesbaden is one of the most expensive cities in Germany. The rents are exploding and more and more singles and families in Wiesbaden rely on their own property. For singles it is mostly the 40 – 120 sqm² condominium, for families usually a house with over 110 sqm². Good times for sellers! These are the cities with the highest rental prices for apartments in Germany in Q1 2019 (in euros per square metre):

Statistik: Städte mit den höchsten Mietpreisen für Wohnungen in Deutschland im 1. Quartal 2019 (in Euro pro Quadratmeter) | Statista

You can find more statistics at Statista

Best chances for your sale

Administrative city, cultural metropolis, spa facilities, proximity to nature and a lot of historical building fabric in surroundings steeped in history: All these are the best prerequisites for the quick and lucrative sale of your property in Wiesbaden. Lukinski helps you to find the best price and introduces you to solvent buyers for your property at short notice.

As a full-service company, Lukinski will professionally present your property in the best light and, if required, will take care of the successful implementation of all steps in the sale of the house up to the signed purchase contract. Contact us easily and without obligation. We would also be happy to arrange a personal appointment with you on site.

Wiesbaden – living and working

When was Wiesbaden founded?

The history of Wiesbaden begins in antiquity. The Romans were already aware of the city’s hot springs, near which they built a fortification around 6 to 15 AD. The springs were first described in 77 AD in the work Naturalis historia by Pliny the Elder. A Roman settlement named Aquae Mattiacorum was established. The settlement was the main town of the Roman administrative district Civitas Mattiacorum in the province Germania superior. In 828/830 Einhard, the biographer of Charlemagne, mentioned the name Wisibada(the bath in the meadows) for the first time. At that time it was a main place of the king’s special district.

The thermal springs of the city have then much later – namely in the 19th century ensured that Wiesbaden became a popular holiday resort, especially for the German Emperor Wilhelm II. Even today, Wiesbadeners speak of their city as the “Nice of the North”. Because like the jet-set metropolis on the Cote d’Azur, Wiesbaden also has a casino and a fashionable spa hotel in addition to a spa house.

When did Wiesbaden become the state capital?

In December 1952, the city of Wiesbaden was awarded the designation “state capital” by the Hessian Minister of the Interior. This continued a long tradition as a governmental and administrative metropolis for the “Nice of the North”. For as early as the 19th century Wiesbaden became the Ducal-Nassau residential city. A rapid population growth set in, so that from 1805 to 1900 the number of Wiesbaden residents grew from about 2300 people to more than 100,000.

The growth was by no means to be described as “wild”, because already more than 100 years ago city planners ensured the foundation of corresponding city quarters, which were connected by partly generous avenue streets. Many of the numerous sights in Wiesbaden also originate from this flourishing period of growth.

In the 19th century, a significant part of the building fabric that still characterises the city was created: representative city villas and apartment buildings with classicist facades. It is precisely this building fabric that is once again in high demand among many prospective real estate buyers!

Value development, building fabric and building components

Lukinski can tell you what value development old building fabric has experienced and which building components affect the price of your property in Wiesbaden and how. Lukinski is also well informed about which districts in Wiesbaden are considered to be particularly high priced when selling real estate.

  • You can find more about the city on the official website of Wiesbaden.

Sights in Wiesbaden shape the cityscape

  • Schlossplatz (Wiesbaden)
  • Wilhelmstrasse
  • Kurhaus
  • Market Church
  • Casino
  • Hessian State Theatre
  • Nerobergbahn
  • Neroberg
  • Russian Church
  • Biebrich Castle

By the way: Did you know that the climate in Wiesbaden is considered particularly mild because of its sheltered location? Temperatures average more than 25 degrees in summer and only -1 degrees in winter!

Heirs – Sale of a house as heir to a community of heirs

Are you or will you become heir to a property in Wiesbaden? Do you not want to use it yourself? Whether renting or selling: Lukinski’s experts are at your side with help and advice. We rent or sell your property at best conditions!

Lukinski is also the right partner for communities of heirs! Because with this special constellation of heirs, the sale or rental of a property is more difficult. In Germany, by the way, around four million properties are expected to be inherited by 2024, according to a study by the DIA (Deutsches Institut für Altersvorsorge).

Communities of heirs in the tax trap

If you have already inherited a house or apartment, start by notifying the tax office of the beneficiaries of the inheritance. This notification must be made within three months. Notifying the tax office is important because the tax office wants to determine a tax liability. By law, there is an allowance on the estate. If this is exceeded, inheritance tax is due. Incidentally, the higher the tax-free amount, the closer the relationship to the deceased.

In the course of the inheritance notification, you must also send the tax office a document showing the value of the property. The tax office performs its own calculations based on a rigid key. However, you can argue against this with the help of a valuation that differs greatly from the tax office’s calculation. An appraiser – such as Lukinski – will serve you best in this regard. The next thing to do is to make an amendment to the land register. This entry is free of charge for the first two years after the receipt of the inheritance and should not be forgotten under any circumstances.

As an heir in a community of heirs, you cannot decide alone about the property. This is because all members of the community of heirs must agree to the sale of the property. During negotiations within a community of heirs, the question often arises as to whether the property should be sold privately or through an estate agent.

Neutral advice is our strength

In order to ensure that the sale/rental process is as conflict-free and swift as possible, we recommend the involvement of a neutral person. At Lukinski, we provide all members of a community of heirs with neutral information on all topics relating to the sale of your inherited property and take care of a quick sale with a good return. Again, we approach the sales process without emotional attachment to the property. We take care of a realistic value and sales price determination, as is currently customary in Wiesbaden.

By the way, when selling an inherited property, a speculation period must be observed! If the purchase of the property was less than ten years ago and the property was not used by the deceased, speculation tax is due. Therefore, the time when the property was purchased by the deceased plays an important role. If the property was in his possession for more than ten years and was used by him himself, no speculation tax is due – unless you want to keep the property and pay off the other heirs.

When selling a house through a community of heirs, there are a few more taxes that may apply. We at Lukinski – Ihr Hausverkauf are very familiar with the legal conditions when selling a property and will be happy to advise you in detail in this regard.

Divorce – separation from the partner: What now?

Many of our clients discuss the sale of their property with us in advance of the divorce. Why? The sale of a house or a condominium takes a lot of time. All formalities should be known in advance, so that afterwards, after the separation, no unpleasant surprises arise. As a real estate agent in Frankfurt, Berlin or Cologne, you are often confronted not only with questions about the process of selling a house, but also with general questions that arise in the run-up to a divorce.

Divorces happen for a variety of reasons and at all stages of a relationship. No matter if it is the first month after a hasty wedding, the famous darn seventh year or the divorce after decades, in the second half of life.

Top 5 reasons for divorce

  1. Married too fast – pressure
  2. Lack of communication
  3. A new partner
  4. Mistake of the other
  5. Disinterest in one’s partner
  6. … all grounds for divorce.

The separation year – necessity, benefits & reconciliations

The separation year is intended to give spouses one last chance for reconciliation and enough time to think about this life-changing decision. The law provides many guidelines here that couples must adhere to. Lukinski’s experts reveal exactly how the separation year works and how couples can make the divorce process the easiest. Common issues in divorce are mainly:

  • How soon can you file for divorce?
  • How soon can you get divorced again?
  • How much does the divorce cost?
  • What all do you need for the divorce?

Read more about divorce and the separation year here.

Conclusion – Sell quickly or wait?

No question: A house or an apartment sells at top prices in Wiesbaden today and in the future. Your real estate offer will meet with a large number of interested parties! But precisely for this reason it is important that the seller does not make any mistakes due to premature action or ignorance in the sales process. This applies to individual sellers as well as – and especially – to communities of heirs. We at Lukinski know exactly how to sell your property in Wiesbaden quickly, “noiselessly” and profitably for you! Simply save yourself a lot of time and stress when selling your property in cooperation with Lukinski. Contact us and let us advise you without obligation and gain from our many years of experience with real estate transactions in the Rhine-Main area and beyond. We will take care that your property will be sold profitably!

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