Sell property Bergisch-Gladbach: house, apartment & land

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Sell property in Bergisch-Gladbach

Unspoiled nature, historic villages and a multitude of romantic little rivers contribute to the unique flair of Bergisch-Gladbach. And despite the closeness to nature, you feel like you’re in a big city here. The cityscape is breathtaking, the pedestrian zone is lively both during the week and on weekends, and you can quickly reach the media metropolis of Cologne by bus and train.

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Here is the map of Bergisch-Gladbach:

Bergisch-Gladbach: Map & Location

Bergisch-Gladbach is located east of the Rhine in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Besides Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bonn are also nearby. So are the cities of Rösrath, Langenfeld and Leichlingen.

Here is the mesolage of Bergisch-Gladbach:

Many modernized apartments can also be found in Bergisch-Gladbach:

Modernes Schlafzimmer mit Bockspringbett, Klimaanlage und Fenster in Richtung Garten

One of the most popular destinations near Bergisch-Gladbach is the Rhine:

Schöne Aussicht mit einem Pärchen in einem gelben Tretboot auf dem Rhein umgeben von Bergen, Bäumen & Co.

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