Designing real estate exposé and taking photos: Mistakes, Templates + Examples

Exposé design and real estate photos – The A&O for a profitable real estate sale. The sales process for the different types of houses is similar, but they all have one thing in common: a strong and convincing real estate exposé. As already described in Selling Real Estate, the sale of a property is like “any other product”: The first step to transform interested parties into potential buyers are meaningful and equally short, concise offers (exposé). This requires a lot, not “only” beautiful photos. But these are definitely the foundation. This visual example should show you how focused exposé for the sale of real estate looks like.

Selling real estate, designing exposés: Focus sales arguments

How the exposés, or advertisements, on the major real estate portals look, everyone knows. That’s exactly what I want to get at today. Everyone presents an exposé differently, the important thing is:

An exposé combines in a focussed way, all (at first sight) relevant information about a property.

What exactly must be in the exposé, you have already learned in the guide real estate sale. This article is specifically about the visual, i.e. optical preparation of real estate advertisements.

Design possibilities for exposés: Sales price increase

But what design options are there for exposés? The higher the quality of the property, the more detailed the description of the object. Accordingly, it is not enough to simply place an ad in a real estate portal, as many simple brokers do. The higher the quality of the presentation, the higher the sales price that can ultimately be achieved.

For every type of property, the investment is worthwhile, since the basic design is done relatively quickly. Of course, you do not need such a real estate exposé for a simple condominium, for 100,000 €. Whereby, perhaps nevertheless? As already in the councellor real estate sales learned, one can increase the value of a real estate only by the professional appearance, up to 20%, even 30% (by the increase of the potential buyers, sometimes even Bieter Gefechte). The full 20% is not only the result of the real estate exposé, but also of different aspects, e.g. real estate preparation. Here you can read more about this in the article ” Ratgeber Immobilien Verkauf“.

Value enhancement: Factor visuals and design

In this guide on the subject of real estate exposés, I want to draw your attention to two aspects in particular.

  1. Picture material – before and after comparison
  2. Exposé design – high quality design

In the following we will put our focus on these two points: Visuals and Design.

Let’s start with practical examples, on the subject of real estate photography. Here I like to draw the comparison to the car trade. The neater, the cleaner a car for sale is, the higher the quality of the presentation, the higher the selling price can be set. It’s the same with real estate. It starts in the preparation. From cleaning to removing visual defects, upgrading is worthwhile for any type of property.

Property type: For all types of apartments / houses

The following examples in the points real estate photography and exposé design help them with all these property types:

  • Single-family house (and apartment building)
  • Terraced house
  • Semi-detached house
  • Urban villa
  • Villa
  • Designer House
  • Country house
  • Half-timbered house
  • Bauhaus / Cube
  • Mediterranean house
  • More special (captain’s house, Frisian house, pent roof house, Swedish house or bungalow)

Excerpt: Designing a real estate exposé for sale

Here is an excerpt from my guidebook: Selling Property.

You have now already learned a lot about selling real estate. Now it’s time to apply the first knowledge by creating the real estate exposé.

In the real estate exposé you will find the most important information about the property. These are in particular pictures, facts about the object, from year of construction, to the size of the property, to the living space calculation and also here the infrastructure, where is the property located and what is in the immediate vicinity?

All this is summarized in the real estate exposé and gives interested parties a first insight. Before time-consuming viewing appointments have to be organised, potential buyers can quickly and easily see the most important information and, in case of doubt, also compare it with other offers.

As already learned before, the visual preparation of the real estate exposé is a big factor for the final sales price. Because, here better unstructured the processing, the more prospective buyers with purchasing power will be interested in your property.

Documents for a detailed real estate exposé – checklist

Documents for the real estate exposé:

  1. Year of manufacture
  2. Size of the plot
  3. Living space calculation
  4. Floor plan
  5. Building specification
  6. Energy values and energy certificate
  7. Photos from inside and outside
  8. Infrastructure of the surroundings
  9. Extras (underfloor heating, balcony, pool, carport, etc.)

Last but not least, what many forget, good visuals!

In fact, many exposés we receive as real estate agents are “very basic” in appearance. The images are blurry, not really sharp, the light settings are not right, everything is dark, making the rooms look gloomy and small. In addition, information is squashed or too little, too much, the font is playful, etc.

Again, it is best to draw the simple comparison to the car trade, whether VW, Bentley or Lamborghini. If the advertising material and PR work does not create the right images, people will not demand the product. So, in the end, real estate retailing is also always about creating demand. However, it is not about quantitative quantity in demand but qualitative quantity in demand. Keyword credit rating and creditworthiness.

Real estate photos before / after: 5 examples

First, let’s get to the most important part, the photos and images of your property! It doesn’t matter if it’s a luxurious villa, a condo in the city center or a single-family home on the outskirts of town. Here I want to show you a few standard mistakes with examples.

  1. Villa from the outside: Error picture detail
  2. Villa from outside: Error image noise
  3. Detached house from the outside: blurred and overexposed
  4. Condo from the inside: Detail and color
  5. Condo from the inside: Poor exposure

Villa from the outside: Error picture detail

Condo before.

Condo after.

Villa from outside: Error image noise

Condo before.

Condo after.

Single-family house from the outside: blurred and overexposed

Condo before.

Condo after.

Condo from the inside: Detail and color

Condo before.

Condo after.

Condo from the inside: Poor exposure

Condo before.

Condo after.

Exposé design: 5 examples

In the following three examples you can see three design options for real estate exposés. Feel free to use them as a source of inspiration.

Due to the high-quality design of the documents, many more prospective buyers will become aware of the property and, accordingly, the inquiries will increase. Through the higher number of inquiries, and remains a larger, qualitative amount of potential buyers. This increases the chance of a quick sale and a profitable sale.

Exposé example 1

Exposé example 2

Exposé example 3

Exposé example 4

Exposé Example 5 – Color Accent A

Exposé Example 5 – Color Accent B

Reading Tip! Drones photos and videos

Believe me, there are only a few ways and possibilities to showcase real estate as spectacularly as with drones. Photographs and video recordings from drones show properties, as well as their location and infrastructure, in an unprecedented comprehensiveness. With video recording, you are no longer dependent on the conditions of the property, the free space above the property offers enough opportunities to clearly highlight the advantages of the property.

In this article I will introduce you to one particular drone, the DJI Mini 2. The big advantage of this drone, it weighs under 250 grams and can be flown without a license. This increases the possibilities of use and possibilities enormously. Read more about the review here: