Selling a house in Gelnhausen – What to consider

The Barbarossa town of Gelnhausen is a district town in the Main-Kinzig district. In the southeast of Hesse, Gelnhausen is located between Frankfurt am Main and Fulda, on the eastern edge of the Rhine-Main region. Gelnhausen is conveniently situated with the motorway junctions “Gelnhausen-West” (43) and “Gelnhausen-Ost” (44) on the A66 motorway between Frankfurt am Main and Fulda. The railway station Gelnhausen at the Kinzigtalbahn maintains a regional traffic from Fulda to Frankfurt (RE 50) as well as from Wächtersbach to Frankfurt (RB 50). Several schools and an attractive range of leisure activities – including an airport for gliders and microlights – round off Gelnhausen’s attractive overall image.

The most important question: What is my residential property worth?

At the beginning of every sales consideration is the question: How much is my property actually worth? Only then can it be considered whether a sale should take place at the present time. As Lukinski – we evaluate your property online and free of charge. Our close-to-market assessment provides you with a market value for your apartment and home. As a real estate partner, we are also happy to advise you on the steps involved in selling your condominium.

The current trend on the real estate market in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate is still pointing upwards. However, it is not foreseeable how long property prices can remain at this level. When valuing your property, we take into account the realised market prices of similar properties – from your region. With the market value determined by us, you can decide whether it is a good time to sell. Only then work out your target group of buyers and start marketing activities.

Selling real estate – what happens next?

An offer price that is too low stirs up mistrust among potential buyers. Hidden hooks are expected or it is suspected that the property is a slow seller.

If the purchase price is too high, many interested parties are deterred in advance. Nobody wants to pay exorbitant prices and at best only few interested visitors will knock at the viewing appointment. Hard negotiations and the search for lack at the object are to be expected. Often in such cases the property is ultimately sold well below the realisable market value. Our aim is to estimate the best selling price for your property.

The main factors influencing demand:

– Location: What is the location of the property within the city, neighborhood and countryside?
– Building fabric: Is renovation to be expected in the short term or can the value of the property be significantly increased with conversion measures?
– Special features: What features are you looking for that the property has? Garage, fireplace, large windows, to which compass direction is the property oriented?
– Property / Visibility: Is the house visible from the street or from many neighbours?
– Type of property: size, area of the plot, common ownership in the case of apartments, layout of the rooms. Is it a detached house, a terraced house or a ground floor apartment?

With your documents for the construction of apartment or house we have important key data for the evaluation of the property. We only compare similar residential buildings within the relevant region.

Trust the expert

Lukinski Lukinski supports you in the sale of your house or apartment. After determining the market value, we obtain important documents for the sale of your residential property. After that we start with a targeted online marketing of your property. A professional exposé as well as meaningful descriptions complete our offer. Save time and money with your partner Lukinski.