Selling real estate in Kreuzberg (Berlin): condominium, house & apartment building – Real estate agent tips

Selling property in Berlin-Kreuzberg – selling an apartment, apartment building or your own property. Are you looking for a solvent buyer for your property? Selling a property in Berlin-Kreuzberg is not witchcraft. It doesn’t always have to be an exclusive loft in Wilmersdorf or a glamorous estate in Wannsee. Whether it’s an apartment, apartment building or land – you can also achieve top prices in Kreuzberg! We show you how it works! Everything you need to know about property valuation, off market and property sales can be found here – Welcome to Berlin-Kreuzberg! Back to: Selling property in Berlin.

Berlin-Kreuzberg: Modern & diverse district

The German capital Berlin is not only a metropolis of art and culture, but also a hub of European business. Thus, not only a large number of investors, families, professionals and students are attracted here every year, but also national and international companies from all over the world. The growing job market offers a wide range of career opportunities, the huge main train station and public transportation network make the city’s infrastructure one of the best in the country, and the multitude of monuments and historic buildings give Berlin a unique and historic flair. Whether it’s an exclusive apartment in Berlin-Pankow or a spacious villa in Berlin-Steglitz – there’s a place for everyone in Berlin.

District: map and location

The popular district of Kreuzberg is located in the east of the city between Friedrichshain and Schöneberg. The residential area looks back on a moving and colorful history and is still considered a historic place marked by cultural diversity, colorful city life and breathtaking monuments.

Sell real estate: Apartment, house, apartment building

In Kreuzberg, the cityscape is as colourful as the properties built. Thus, the sales process depends not only on the location and use of the property, but also on the types of apartments and houses. Whether it’s a modern city villa, a spacious semi-detached house or a historic half-timbered house – everyone will find their home in Berlin Kreuzberg. So that you too can sell your property quickly and efficiently, we have our free guides for you here:

One of the first steps of the sales process is the valuation of the property:

Real estate valuation: Valuation for the sale of real estate

You want to buy a property and are now in a hurry with your current property sale? Or are you planning to buy an apartment building to then rent it out lucratively? Whatever the reason for your move, selling real estate always involves a lot of planning and time. Determining the purchase price is one of the most important steps in selling real estate, and even under time constraints, mistakes here should be avoided at all costs. After all, if the value of your property is within the right range, this will generate a high demand. However, if you have chosen the wrong purchase price, this can not only delay the sale, but also scare off prospective buyers or cost you money in the end. So don’t give away any money here! Property type, year of construction, interior & Co. can influence the value of the property immensely.

If the value of your property is within the right range, this generates high demand. If the purchase price is too high, prospective buyers can be scared away.

Learn more here:

Selling a property in Kreuzberg: The right time and a realistic purchase price

Anyone who wants to sell their house or apartment asks themselves many questions: When is the right time? How do I determine the correct value of the house? Should I inform friends and acquaintances? Do I use an estate agent or is the “notice board” in the supermarket around the corner enough? Even the classic Saturday newspaper still has a real estate market. And finally there is the internet with its multitude of real estate portals.

Property valuation: factors for the sales price

Whether Grunewald, Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer BergSelling a property in Berlin can present you with some challenges. So here is a brief overview of what is really important BEFORE selling a house:

  • Know the year of construction of the property
  • Know the size of the plot and property
  • Have past workmen’s invoices ready
  • Request an extract from the land register
  • Why do I want to sell?
  • When do I want to sell?

Selling the property in Berlin-Kreuzberg out of “necessity” – because you simply need money – has a negative impact on the sales price. The potential buyer quickly realises that “something is not right here”. Bad starting position for negotiations!

Selling at the right time of year

Fortunately, the “right season” for selling your house or apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg does not exist. Of course, a property usually looks friendlier in fine weather during the nice season. But if you want to buy a property, you don’t make it dependent on the time of year.

At the viewing appointment – even when talking to an estate agent – your intention to sell property will not come across as particularly serious if you are only vaguely aware of the details regarding the age, size and condition of your property. Therefore, get all the necessary documents. Always remember: if you need documents from an authority, allow for time.

Real estate sales are independent of the season!

So: take your time before you go public with your intentions to sell a property in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Because in an emergency, it can also happen quickly that you find a buyer. Especially if you hire an experienced real estate agent.

Real estate agent: From the plot of land to the apartment building

Have you now decided to sell your property in Berlin-Kreuzberg? The purchase prices in Berlin-Kreuzberg for houses and apartments are at a high level. Then look now for the right real estate agent for you and your property. He or she will help you to sell your house, apartment or plot of land quickly and reliably! And always remember: a professional real estate agent is always paid only upon success – that is, when the purchase agreement has been concluded at the notary.

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Off Market: Sell property discreetly

Selling a house without making it public – how is that supposed to work? A discreet broker knows how to bring the two worlds together. In most cases, the highest degree of discretion also has positive effects on the sales price and the speed with which a property changes hands. In the international real estate market, this method of working has long been known and appreciated as a “secret sale”.

Discreet brokers:

  • Sell your house with absolute discretion
  • Do without the usual Internet portals for real estate offers
  • Have an extensive prospect file
  • So often ensure a faster sale of your property
  • Sell real estate of any type and size
  • Work even if the seller lives abroad

Selling real estate: Is renovation worth it?

Should I renovate my property before selling it? There is no general answer to this question. But: Anyone who wants to buy a property always has a better feeling when everything is clean and tidy. A tidy visual first impression leads most buyers to conclude that your property in Berlin-Kreuzberg is basically in a tidy condition. Even if it is not quite so meticulous in the environment as a whole. So if you are toying with the idea of renovating your property, or even completely rebuilding it, then we advise you to contact a craftsman or architect. With their expertise, the modernization of your property will be a complete success.

Is it worth renovating? – Checklist:

  1. Painting work on ceilings and walls
  2. Old carpet out – new carpet in
  3. Replace yellowed or old-fashioned light switches and sockets
  4. Renew shower hoses in the bathroom
  5. Clean and unbroken windows

Does your property in Berlin-Kreuzberg have a garden? Then you should also bring this into a recognizably well-kept condition! The eye always buys. If you want to avoid unnecessary price discussions, make sure that your house or apartment is in a decent condition. Even if it costs a little money.

Tip: Be sure to ask your tax advisor whether and which renovation costs you can claim for tax purposes!

Most common mistakes when selling a house: preparation, additional costs & Co.

You don’t have the time for preparation and you still want to sell your property as quickly as possible? You post your property all over the internet and still you can’t find a suitable buyer? There are a variety of mistakes to avoid at all costs during the sales process! From poor organisation to a lack of know-how. Whether Charlottenburg, Wannsee, Kreuzberg or Pankow – in order to sell your property quickly and efficiently, you should avoid the following at all costs:

  1. Poor or insufficient preparation
  2. The selling price of the property is incorrect (such as “purchase price at that time + x%”)
  3. Indiscriminately “plaster” marketing portals and advertising pages
  4. Only be available to the interested party at selected times
  5. Conceal defects
  6. Overestimate additional costs (such as for an appraisal, renovations, etc.)
  7. Having to sell the property in the short term

Of course, you can always sell your house or apartment yourself. No one is forced to use a real estate agent. If you really want to know which defects you should and should not mention when selling your house, you should use an experienced realtor. A real estate agent becomes really valuable when it comes to the right selling price. Lukinski also advises to take the realtor with you to the notary appointment. He usually knows the buyer and seller best and can intervene in a “serious case” even shortly before closing.

Selling property in Berlin-Kreuzberg: Conclusion

If you want to sell your property in Berlin-Kreuzberg now is the right time. Buyers expect low interest rates, the economic situation in Germany is still stable. Achieve a high price for your property, because there are warnings for a so-called real estate bubble – so an overvaluation of real estate in Berlin. Even if you do not want to start selling immediately, joint considerations with a professional real estate agent already make sense. You will then know the right selling price and what you might be able to do before the “serious case of sale”.

Berlin: Real estate in the capital

Capital, university city, historical stronghold and as an international location an attractive place to live for families, couples, singles and students. Accordingly, Berlin faces a continuously growing population due to immigration.

Berlin property market: Overview

Berlin offers everything from fashion, art, finance, start-ups, and the list goes on. There is hardly a person who would not find their passion in this city of 3.75 million. This is also evident in the sprawl of the city and the different districts. For this reason it is often described as’ many cities in one’. A walk through Berlin-Mitte is very different from Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg is not often confused with Zehlendorf.

Buy, rent and sell real estate in Berlin – Berlin is not only in Germany the “place to be” when it comes to real estate, in all of Europe and worldwide Berlin is known. Next to London and Paris, Berlin is the hotspot in Europe for Europeans themselves, tourists and real estate investors. Here you will find the big overview, on the subject of buying, selling, renting, investment and everything else you need to know about the Berlin real estate market.

Selling real estate in Berlin: house, apartment and land

As an international location, Berlin is an attractive place to live for people from all over the world. While the district of Wilmersdorf in Charlottenburg convinces with its well-kept green spaces, the residential areas of Prenzlauer Berg and Weißensee in Berlin-Pankow inspire with their unbeatable prices and central location. You want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your property in the world metropolis Berlin? With our free guides and tips on the topics of real estate sales and property valuation, you are well prepared. Back to overview: Selling real estate in Berlin.

Living in Berlin: Popular residential areas

We present the most beautiful districts of the German capital and tell you where you can buy the best, highest quality and most exclusive properties to set up your new home, or which districts are best suited to invest in a property as an investment. Here we present the most popular residential areas – from upscale Grunewald to charming Schmargendorf and quiet Dahlem to historic Charlottenburg. Back to overview: Living in Berlin.