Follow-up financing: Favorable real estate loan, interest, forecast & full repayment + calculator

Follow-up financing – Will the fixed interest rate for your current real estate loan end soon? Then don’t waste any time when it comes to finding the best follow-up financing. Rely on experts, because they will determine the perfect follow-up financing for you and show you the differences between the possible loan types.

Favorable follow-up financing to the real estate loan?

You can choose between three different financing options for follow-up financing. Experts will check the best conditions for you and advise you in detail on the forward loan, the prolongation and the rescheduling of the real estate loan. Which follow-up financing is suitable for you depends on various factors and requires optimal planning.

The most frequent questions in consultations

  • How high are the interest rates for follow-up financing?
  • How does the follow-up financing work?
  • What does follow-up financing cost?
  • When can you do a follow-on financing?

Roughly speaking, the following applies to follow-up financing (rule of thumb)

If the new interest rate is at least 0.2% below the previous one, the debt restructuring is worthwhile.

What do I have to consider?

  • Early start of planning
  • Save equity capital
  • Check offers thoroughly
  • Negotiate with your bank advisor
  • Tip. Not only interest rates, also pay attention to the ancillary conditions
  • Set monthly installments
  • Optimize them so that you make all repayments safely, regularly
  • If possible, make additional special repayments
  • Tip. Also use your special termination option

After 10 years, you can reschedule and make use of your special termination right, more on this in a moment, after the tips the next bank appointment.

Real estate financing: How the bank thinks – Video Tip

The following two videos give good insights into the mindset of banks with “Internals on Lending” and “How to Prepare for a Bank Appointment”.

Video: Internals on lending

For more information, check out this video by Alex Fischer:

Video: How to prepare for the bank appointment

Follow-up financing before expiry of the fixed borrowing rate

Would you like to refinance earlier due to an older and high-interest property financing and not wait until the fixed interest rate expires?

After 10 years, you can reschedule and make use of your special termination right without your desire for a cheaper loan for your property being accompanied by an early repayment penalty for the bank. In terms of follow-up financing, low interest rates are the first choice of our customers. Keep in mind that a low interest rate alone is not enough if the terms and conditions elsewhere do not suit you. We will find your personal follow-up financing and make you an offer that suits you in its entirety.

Compare the advantages of individual follow-up financing

Identifying the best terms on an offer requires a lot of know-how and core expertise in evaluating follow-up loans. Your lender will take this task off your hands and recommend a loan that matches your desire for follow-up financing in terms of its orientation and contractual basis.

Each lender’s condition offer is unique and tailored to your needs.

There is no blanket, for every property owner equally suitable follow-up financing with primary advantage. First and foremost, it depends on the right choice of loan and on the conditions and terms of flexibility that suit you.

Calculator: rate, repayment rate, residual debt

What will your planned construction financing cost you? But much more important in everyday life, how high will your monthly burden be and what happens if the repayment rate changes later? How high will the remaining debt be at the end of the fixed interest rate? Many questions, this rate calculator gives you all the important answers to rate, repayment rate and residual debt.

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