Real Estate Agent Experience: The Real Estate Agent Alliance

There are many, different reasons for selling your property. There are just as many, different real estate agents. To give you a few experiences of customers who have sold their property, we wanted to introduce you here:

Private Sold Failed – Sold

Sylvia and Hans A. from Mainz: “We were initially sceptical whether a broker could sell our house better than we could ourselves with our experience. The estate agent had a really select customer file and in addition a functioning network. As a result, the sale went through more quickly and smoothly than ever before.”

Property after relocation – sold

John K. from Ingelheim: “I had to move away from here for professional reasons. At first I considered selling my property. But then the advice I received led me to the decision to rent out the property. They also introduced me to excellent prospective tenants. I really didn’t have to worry about anything.”

Property after divorce – sold

Yvonne N. from Bad Kreuznach: ” After separating from my husband, I no longer wanted the big house with the garden. It should be an apartment, but I had never before dealt with the sale and purchase of real estate. I was most afraid of someone making the most of my situation and inexperience for themselves. With them I immediately noticed that I would be given very personal advice and that everything could be done without any time pressure. So I had then calmly sold my house at a great price and got several suitable apartment offers. All from one source, it was a great experience.”

Investment – brokered

Ludwig M. from Wiesbaden: “I invest my capital almost exclusively in real estate. Up to now I have always done the business myself, because in such matters it is difficult for me to trust other people. I simply gave people the chance to convince me in a small transaction. Didn’t think how quickly and with maximum profit for me it settled the issue.”

Inherited apartment house – sold

Katja H. from Mainz: “An inherited apartment building in the new town was a few numbers too big for me to take care of. I contacted several estate agents for the sale. With them, I was particularly impressed by the fair advice and valuation. Besides, the whole team was so straightforward and I didn’t have to worry about anything.”

Example photo of multi-family house: