Korbach: You would like to sell your house? – The procedure after separation or inheritance

Selling residential property in Korbach

The Hessian town of Korbach is the district capital of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. Transport connections exist with the motorway connection to the A44 at Diemelstadt or Zierenberg, 30 kilometres away, as well as the federal roads 251 (Kassel-Brilon) and 252 (Marburg-Paderborn). Korbach’s main railway station is a railway junction leading to Brilon-Wald, via Frankenberg to Marburg and via Volkmarsen to Kassel. City buses run every 40 minutes and meet at the city’s main station every 20 minutes. The city centre, the school centre and the city hospital, for example, are connected to several lines. The Korbach airfield is a base for sports aircraft and operates a runway for paragliding.

Are you considering selling your house in Korbach?

Lukinski Lukinski helps you with your decision. With our real estate appraisal for your residential property in Korbach, we will determine a realistic sales price that is close to the market. Start your real estate sale stress-free and confident. When selling your house or apartment, we are at your side with competence and a wide range of services. Find here our information around the sale of house and apartment in Korbach.

Do you know the value of your property?

Many owners are emotionally attached to the property. They have lived there for a long time or invested a lot of money in the renovation. In most cases, the sale of real estate is started with exaggerated purchase price demands. Our experience in real estate marketing helps you to avoid costly mistakes. Start the sale with a realistic purchase price expectation. This will help you find potential buyers for your property. The actual achievable purchase price is determined solely by the relationship between supply and demand on the real estate market. For our accurate property valuation, we analyse the sales from your region. Only comparable properties are taken into account. What purchase price have interested parties paid in the past for a property with your features and in a similar location? In addition to the general key data of your property, such as plot size, building type and substance, we evaluate all relevant data to determine the best possible sales price for your house or condominium.

Do not present your residential property below value

Simply placing a real estate ad can quickly turn a house or apartment into a slow seller. If you set the price too high, you will only receive a low demand. The property is visited only a little and remains long on the market. Prospective buyers do take notice, because something seems to be wrong with the property. Trust in our real estate valuation – for a quick and safe sale.

Viewing appointments – seizing opportunities

Negotiating confidence leads to success at the viewing. Prospective buyers are prepared with long lists of questions to which they expect honest and competent answers. As a neutral intermediary, the broker is available as a contact person. During the immediate price negotiations, the prospective buyer always wants to have a negotiating success. In the process, equipment such as the fitted kitchen can be left to the buyer or the price can be reduced directly. Here lies a great danger for the layman, especially if the property has already been on the market for some time.

As a realtor, Lukinski – Your Home Sale strikes a balance between the seller’s and buyer’s interests. As an intermediary, Lukinski takes over functions that an owner cannot do himself. Secure the best possible selling price for your residential property and save time with Lukinski