Sell property Bonn: land, apartment & apartment building

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Sell property in Bonn

The standard of living in Bonn is high, the infrastructure is modern and the cityscape is bursting with history and creativity. The former capital of Germany also delights with its multitude of cultural offerings. After all, not only the birthplace of Ludwig Van Beethoven can be found here, but also the famous Poppelsdorf Palace, as well as the former palace of the local electors.

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Here is the map of Bonn:

Bonn: Map & Location

The federal city of Bonn is located directly on the Rhine, not far away and borders on Königswinter, Meckenheim and Bornheim.

Here is the mesolage of Bonn:

Bonn is particularly beautiful in spring. Then you can admire the Bonn cherry blossoms in their full glory in the old town:

Here the city hall of Bonn:

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