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Finding a property in Berlin, whether a house or an apartment is not so easy. We have found some very good websites for you, where you could find your dream apartment or your dream house.

Find property in Berlin – Find your dream apartment

Apartments and houses are in high demand in the capital of Germany. Find a property on one of the sites we have listed for you.

Immobilien Scout 24 – Find popular listings quickly

Immobilien Scout 24 offers the possibility to find your dream apartment in Berlin. In order for the offers to fit your interests as well as possible, you must roughly narrow down the search. You have to specify how many rooms the apartment should have, how big it should be, how high the rent or the purchase price may be and in which radius the apartment may be located. At the same time, Immobilien Scout 24 has many offers for you that make the process of moving, renting or buying much easier. Immobilien Scout 24 is very popular with users because it is very clearly laid out. – Good overview, fast search is a real estate portal where you can find apartments as well as houses for sale or for rent. On Immowelt you will not only find apartment and house ads, because you can also learn about construction financing, market & prices and even place your own ads. There are not only properties from Germany, but also from many other countries, such as Portugal, France or Croatia. – The classic for apartment hunters

On the site, all you have to do is enter the location and you can view properties for sale or rent in the city you want. The website offers further information on the topics of house building, financing , business and relocations. – Your specialist for Berlin, right?

Are you looking for an apartment or a house in the popular capital Berlin? On you will find many different listings that you should definitely include in your search. Since you either already live in Berlin, or will soon, it is ideal that you can learn more about living in Berlin on this site at the same time. No matter what area it is, you will find all the information that could be important for you.

Real estate on – Regional offers

You don’t want to rent a house or an apartment, but would like to buy one? Then Sparkassen Immobilien is the right place for you. Here you can find your dream apartment for sale. Also learn more about the topic of construction financing and insurance. – Real estate agent on site in Berlin

This real estate website is specialized in Berlin. Here you can not only specify the city, but also the district in which you would like to live. Even if you want to advertise a property yourself, you can do that on this website.

Immoblio – Real estate from Berlin and all over Germany

On Immoblio you will not only find properties that are rented, but also those that are for sale. Here you will not only find properties from Berlin, but also from other cities. You can expect more information on the topics of construction financing, credit check and even a relocation calculator.