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Partial sale real estate private: house, apartment and land

Partial sale property, private – Is it possible to sell parts of a house? Yes. The private partial sale of a property is of course possible. With the partial sale of a property, you are no longer the sole owner, but become a part owner, in a two-party community of owners. Learn here the first […]

Lake Starnberg: most expensive roads & real estate in the five-lake region

Lake Starnberg: Lake Starnberg is part of the “Fünfseenland cultural landscape” and is located in the south of Germany near the state capital Munich. The Fünf-Seen-Land is part of the Upper Bavarian region and, in addition to Lake Starberg, also includes Lake Wörthsee and three others. Lake Starnberg is not only an attractive holiday destination, […]

Sell agricultural land: Arable land, soil and other, agricultural land

Selling Agricultural Land – You are planning to sell an agricultural land, arable land, meadows and pastures of a farm business. Common reasons for the sale are old age, the abandonment of the farm or financial pressure, as through current financing, here or in another business. Sometimes company constructs would have to be slimmed down, […]

Selling an old house / apartment building: Renovation backlog, vacancy, dilapidated – what to do?

Selling an old house / selling an old apartment building – You are the owner of an old house or an old apartment building that is soon to be sold and you ask yourself the question: How do I organize the sale of an old house or apartment building best and, above all, most effectively? […]

Selling property in Weißensee (Berlin): Apartment, land & apartment building – costs and procedure

Selling a house in Weißensee – selling an apartment, a multi-family house or your own property. Alongside the popular districts of Schöneberg, Wilmersdorf, Wannsee and Charlottenburg, Weißensee is one of the most popular places to live in Berlin. Whether it’s a villa, loft or detached house – you want to sell your property here? Find […]

Selling real estate in Charlottenburg (Berlin): House & apartment, land for sale – Tips

Selling property in Berlin-Charlottenburg: Are you planning a house sale in Charlottenburg, the sale of your apartment or your own property? We show you why now is a good time! Surrounded by the popular districts of Schöneberg, Steglitz and Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg is the trendy district of Berlin! If you own a condominium or a house […]

Immobilien GmbH – German Real Estate Loophole for Leasing, How-To Guide

Immobilien GmbH / Vermögensverwaltende GmbH / Immobiliengesellschaft – Let us help you optimize your taxes, and pay less for your German real estate. How to save money, by forming a so-called immobilien GmbH. You will learn the basics about the topic real estate company. When buying a house or a condominium, who comes up with […]

Buy property: Building area, building plot and building application

Buying land – Many people who are interested in buying land intend to build a house on that land. However, this is only possible if the land is designated as building land or if it is so-called building maintenance land. This designation applies to land that will be designated as building land by the city […]

Selling real estate privately – procedure & risks

Selling property privately – There are various reasons for selling a house. A professional move, a change in your family situation such as a divorce, the move to a larger property or the financially necessary sale are among the most common reasons when a house should change hands. In most cases, the house sale should […]

Valuate apartment: calculate purchase price and sell condominium

Apartment valuation – You have a condominium and want to know what it is worth? Of course you can immediately go to an appraiser and/or real estate agent with this question. However, the exact valuation becomes important at the latest when you want to sell or bequeath the apartment. Even in the case of a […]

Sell your Apartment / Condo: Evaluation, procedure, taxes and tips

Apartment / condominium sale – From valuation to speculation tax. In this guidebook you will find all important factors simply explained. Learn step by step how to sell an apartment or condominium so that you can also answer the question: Selling with or without an estate agent? The private sale of real estate involves many […]

Off market real estate: buy / sell apartment, house, apartment building discreetly and anonymously