Selling a house: Successfully selling your own house in Andernach

Selling real estate in Andernach – Close to Koblenz and Neuwied, the large district town of Andernach stretches along the banks of the Rhine. Andernach is one of the oldest towns in Germany and celebrated its 2000th anniversary in 1988. A cold-water geyser, the volcano park and Namedy Castle are among the sights and visitor attractions of Andernach that are known beyond its borders. If you want to sell your property in Andernach and eliminate mistakes, you should be aware of the complexity of the sale. There are many different reasons for selling an inherited or owner-occupied house or apartment. With professional planning and competent handling by an accomplished local real estate expert, you can achieve the sale price you desire and the highest level of satisfaction with the sale. Lukinski assures you a good investment when it comes to selling your home, condo or land in Andernach.

Things to know about selling real estate in Andernach – the facts

Owners build up a very close emotional bond with owner-occupied property. Be it the family home in which they themselves grew up or the condominium in which their children grew up. If a sale is now on the agenda, owners in private sales very often tend to offer prices according to gut feeling. But prospective buyers pay not the ideal value, but the realistic value, which means that too high a price can reduce the speed of the sale and make the transaction more difficult. There are many memories associated with the property. To ensure that the sale also brings a positive memory, be strategic and plan the sale in detail. Organise all documentation, clarify ownership, have invoices for refurbishments ready and organise building plans, planning permission and the Land Registry extract. Show the house or apartment from its best side by hiring a photographer for the pictures presented in the exposé and prefer professional quality. In the case of condominiums in properties with several owners, but also in the case of yield properties in rented condition, you will need additional information and proof. Therefore, it proves to be an enormous advantage to make use of the expertise of a real estate agency and to have the time-consuming as well as cost-intensive tasks in real estate sales taken off your hands.

Avoid faux pas and reduce risks when selling real estate

As already mentioned, a too high selling price for your property in Andernach will be problematic. But a price that is too low also has a negative effect. You lose money if you sell the condominium below its market value and hold out a bargain for interested parties. You will only be happy about the immediate sale from private for a short time, until you realize that comparative apartments or houses are offered at a much higher price. At Lukinski, we recommend a valuation based on professional market analysis in addition to the relevant factors about the house or apartment. We also advise you to have a professional service from A to Z, as the preparation of the exposé, the organisation of the documents and the communication with buyers also have some sources of error. Negotiating skills are required in discussions at viewing appointments. While you respond emotionally, an experienced estate agent takes a charming and neutral approach. This approach is the best strategy when selling houses and apartments, as the focus is on the prospective buyer with his wishes and needs and he feels understood.

Lukinski sells your real estate professionally in Andernach!

As an owner, you primarily want to achieve a high sales price and have as little effort as possible with the house or apartment sale. For the buyer, the ancillary costs, the development plan and the relationship between price and market situation are relevant. Your home selling – realtors with expertise – get to the heart of the different desires and ensure a satisfactory sale for both parties. Your investment in expertise is the best decision you make when selling real estate in Andernach. You save time and spare your nerves while Lukinski sells your property with expertise.