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Apartment & house for sale Hamburg: valuation, documents, procedure

Apartment & house for sale in Hamburg – You want to sell your apartment, house or apartment building here? With my little free guide about selling real estate in Hamburg, you can prepare yourself. What belongs to it? From the most important documents, over the evaluation, up to sales emphasis in the individual districts (at […]

Apartment sale purchase agreement: What to look out for? – Content, notary & documents

Sell Apartment Purchase Agreement – If you want to sell your apartment, a purchase agreement is an essential part of the process. The purchase contract is a legally binding document that specifies the terms of the sale and describes the rights and obligations of both parties. In this context, the notary also plays an important […]

Selling an apartment in a community of heirs: One of them does not want to sell – What to do?

Selling an apartment in the case of a community of heirs – When the deceased leaves a house or a condominium, the heirs are faced with the question of what to do with the property. Often, they decide to sell it. However, selling a home through a community of heirs can be a complex matter […]

Sell apartment against life annuity: Right of residence for life

Selling your apartment for an annuity – The annuity gives you financial stability without having to give up your home. This is especially important as there are many people who value their home and independence and prefer to live independently for as long as possible. When deciding whether to sell an annuity or an entire […]

Selling an apartment with a right of residence: How does it work? – Advantages & special features

Selling an Apartment with Residential Rights – Selling an apartment can be a difficult decision, especially when it comes to a home you’ve lived in for years. But what if you want to sell your apartment for personal or financial reasons? With a registered right of residence, you can sell your home with a clear […]

Selling apartment with tenant: Rights, duties & special features

Selling Apartment with Tenant – Wanting to sell your rented apartment can be a profitable way for landlords to free up capital and make a profit. However, the selling process can present some unique challenges. In particular, tenant rights must be considered before, during and even after the sale. Find out here everything you need […]

Selling apartments individually: Divide multifamily house – procedure and tips

Subdividing an apartment building & selling apartments individually – Selling an apartment building is a complex undertaking that requires good preparation and execution. Since the residential building consists of several tenants, the question often arises: Sell the entire apartment building or individual apartments? Find out here under which circumstances a division is worthwhile and what […]

Apartment selling costs: notary, broker, energy certificate & Co. – for seller & buyer

Apartment Selling Costs – Selling an apartment involves various costs that can vary depending on the type and size of the transaction. The main cost items are usually the brokerage and notary fees, as well as any costs incurred in obtaining documentation. You can find out here what additional incidental costs you can expect and […]

Sell apartment and stay in residence: Real estate pension models – comparison

Selling an apartment and staying put – Selling an apartment can be a good way for many people to create additional income or liquidity, especially if they are in a financially difficult situation. However, in most cases, it is not that easy to part with your familiar home and move to a new environment. There […]

Selling an apartment privately: What needs to be considered? – Tax, Exposé & Co.

Selling an apartment privately – When selling an apartment, there are several ways to go about the process. In addition to hiring a professional realtor, you can also opt for a private sale, where you forgo the assistance of a realtor and take the sale into your own hands. This saves you the broker’s fees […]

Apartment sale taxes: How to save taxes when selling an apartment

Sell Apartment Taxes – If you are looking to sell an apartment, it is important to look into the relevant tax regulations. After all, tax payments are one of the most significant cost factors to consider. Yet, with proper preparation, a variety of taxes can be saved. Speculation tax, inheritance & Co. – we explain […]

Selling an apartment without a real estate agent: checklist and tips on the process, costs & Co.

Selling an apartment without a broker – If you want to sell your apartment, there are several ways to do it. One way is to hire a realtor to take care of the sale for you. However, there is also the option of selling your apartment without a realtor. This can be an especially good […]