Buy a villa: Exclusive real estates – house, investment, checklist and procedure

Buying a villa – exposés of first-class properties are not found on real estate portals. Villas are gladly bought and sold discreetly. The purchase of real estate has a fixed procedure: Property search, inspection, negotiations, purchase contract, notary, taxes & Co. The purchase of villas is of course somewhat more demanding. If only because you certainly don’t want to waste time on 8, 9 or even 10 viewings, like normal home buyers. You want to buy your first villa? Here’s a little insight into the world of luxury real estate.

Living comfort and a prestigious effect

A villa means exclusive living comfort and a representative effect to the outside, a special challenge for real estate agents, or luxury agents. In addition, a villa is interesting as an investment property. The term villa originates from Roman times and means manor house. Today, not every villa is also a luxury object. Sometimes country houses located in urban centers are also called villas. In any case, villas are distinguished by their size, by a characteristic room layout, as well as by the land areas surrounding them.

In any case, there is a need for villas in today’s real estate market. Prices for these properties have risen sharply in recent years. The most sought-after villa locations are located in the catchment area of large cities.

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Price development of luxury villas: Low interest rate phase

Since villas are highly sought after, especially as investment properties, and many investors are investing in real estate due to the period of economic recovery and low interest rate policy, the prices of these properties have also increased enormously. Over the long term, however, this price trend is by no means exceptional. Since 1975, real estate prices have risen only moderately. Towards the end of the last century, prices fell somewhat, but since the economic upswing they have been on the rise again.

Villa as a purchase object: Invest, instead of “only” live

In which real estate to invest? From an investor’s point of view, the villa has a special significance. It serves primarily as an investment object.

Secondarily follows the own use as a residential property and in many cases the new owner rents the villa. In vacation regions these objects are often rented out as vacation homes. This means that income can also be generated from the purchase of a villa. Indeed, the maintenance of these properties is also associated with high costs.

Checklist: Construction, extras and security

Basically, several components play a role in the purchase of a villa. These include, among others and very roughly simplified:

  • Location of the property
  • Property
  • Living space
  • Main house, if necessary adjoining houses
  • Height of the rooms
  • Furnishings and extras
  • Security and accessibility

Location: the most expensive neighborhoods


Many villas or country houses are located in the periphery. Whether in Berlin, such as Grunewald or in Los Angeles Beverly Hills. There, therefore, a high degree of mobility is necessary for residents. Some villa colonies, on the other hand, which are mainly found in large cities such as Paris are very centrally located.

The upscale residential environment, where most villas are located, is the decisive factor for a higher purchase price. However, the plot on which the property is located is also crucial. The property serves as an individual leisure oasis. It is private and therefore does not have to be shared with anyone.

Luxury you have to be able to afford

However, the disadvantage of this is the high cost of maintaining the garden area. Often, a separate gardener must be appointed. A villa is also characterized by its spacious room layout. These rooms can be adapted to individual needs. Here too, however, it must be remembered that the maintenance and cleaning of these rooms involves a lot of effort. Most villas are equipped with relatively high rooms. They convey a feeling of individual freedom. Their flood of light gives a feeling of well-being. However, the disadvantage of this is the high heating costs

Tip: If you come at this point already in the calculation, buy rather a number smaller! Here you can find my guide: Buy a house.

A villa is great for customizing. If several people occupy the property, so everyone has his own retreat there.

Villa as a rental property: Rent instead of buy?

If you want to buy a villa, you can consider renting out the property. This is an additional income opportunity that justifies the investment costs, at least in the medium term. However, there are tax issues to consider here.

Rental agreements offer tenants certain freedoms with regard to the interior design and the layout of the outdoor facilities. In the case of vacation villas, individual use is particularly interesting for vacationers. These villas are mainly located on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Also islands like Sylt or Helgoland offer villas as vacation domiciles. Many investors use the opportunity to buy a villa in such locations and rent it to tourists. When buying a villa, it should be noted that the investment must be planned very carefully due to its size.

First, you should in any case assess whether an object offered for sale is really a luxury property or a villa. The prices for these properties are significantly higher than for normal objects. Whether it is a luxury property, describe the following criteria:

  • The exclusive location
  • A generous equipment
  • The presence of special details

When is a villa a villa? Assessment

An exclusive location is particularly when the property is located in an upscale residential environment or in a special area. This includes islands, properties with sea views or properties in central locations in large cities.

Well-equipped villas also have their own pool area, a large terrace and a well-kept garden. Fitness rooms or a covered swimming pool can also be part of the luxury equipment. Special details are, for example, the provision of house staff or a gated community. This is a residential area with restricted access. However, this still has secondary importance in Germany.

Evaluation of the property: house or apartment building

Costs: purchase price and incidental purchase costs

When selling a property, there are also costs that both the buyer and the seller have to pay.

Who pays which incidental purchase costs?

Explained in Quick:

  1. Realtor – Under the new Real Estate Realtor Act, the cost of the broker is split 50/50 (buying from a private party); previously only buyers
  2. Notary and land registry pays buyer
  3. Property transfer tax pays buyer

This means that if you buy the property privately, under the new law – with reservations – the cost of the real estate agent would be divided in half. If, on the other hand, you buy through a company, such as a family office, the distribution is freely negotiable. In 98% of cases, however, the costs are borne by the buyer of the villa.

Checklist of ancillary costs: expert opinion to notary

These include, first and foremost:

  • Value appraisal
  • Energy certificate
  • Broker’s commission
  • Property transfer tax
  • Speculative tax
  • Notary and land register

The energy certificate, the real estate acquisition tax, the speculation tax and the notary fees are mandatory. The value appraisal and the broker commission are optional if these services are commissioned.

Individual cost factors

Most other items depend on the price of the property and vary individually. A speculation tax is incurred if the property is resold within a certain time after purchase. The tax authorities then access the profit made.

Notary fees and land register

The notary fees in Germany amount to 1.5% to 2% of the notarized sales price. In most cases, only the buyer of the property bears the notary costs.

Who bears the costs?

As a rule, the buyer.

Property transfer tax of the federal states

The real estate transfer tax is divided between buyer and seller and amounts to between 3 % and 6.5% of the notarized services for land and building, depending on the federal state.

Who bears the costs?

As a rule, the buyer.

Energy certificate and landlord info

The Energy certificate is prescribed at $ 300 for a simple certificate and $ 500 for a detailed certificate.

Who bears the costs?

As a rule, the seller.

Tip. Here we have collected for you various basics for renting. What else is important, besides the energy certificate?

Broker commission and cost allocation

The brokerage commission varies by state and ranges from 5.95% to 7.14% of the agreed sales price. The bearer of these costs is either the buyer or the seller, depending on the constellation. In some cases, these costs are also divided proportionately.

Tip. The commission amount is negotiable.

Who bears the costs?

As a rule, the buyer.

Buyer Tips: Owner occupancy / rental

  1. Buy a house
  2. Buy a multi-family house

Own use: buy a house

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