Stuttgart: most expensive street in ideal location – close to the city centre & in the countryside

Stuttgart: In Stuttgart there are numerous beautiful places with equally beautiful streets and properties such as villa, old building apartment, maisonette apartment or even the one or other half-timbered house. The big city in the south of Germany attracts more and more people and especially the outskirts are very popular. The most expensive streets in Germany are in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich but two also in Stuttgart. You want to buy a property or a house here? Find out everything about the most exclusive streets in Germany, what makes them so special and above all: how much a square metre costs here. Here you can get back to the main page with the most expensive streets in Germany.

Villas & large properties: Why Stuttgart is so popular.

Living close to the city has always been very popular, but families in particular prefer a quieter and more family-friendly environment. If you are currently looking for a suitable property in Stuttgart, you should definitely take a look at the two most expensive streets. Here you will find numerous large properties, including villas and perfect locations. Close to the large green area “Feuerbacher Heide”, numerous schools and daycare centres as well as several sports clubs, you can live well and prosperously here, especially with children, and despite this, you can quickly reach the city centre.

List: the most expensive streets in Stuttgart

Before we go into the most expensive streets in Stuttgart with information such as location and prices per square meter: Here is an overview of the most expensive streets with the associated district. The purchase prices for real estate here range on average up to €10,000 per square metre.

  • At the Bismarck Tower (Stuttgart-North)
  • Feuerbacher Heath (Lenzhalde)

At the Bismarck Tower: a lot of space close to the city centre

The street “Am Bismarckturm” is located north of Stuttgart city centre and borders on the green area Feuerbacher Heide. In the middle of the street is the Bismarck Tower, which was built in honor of Bismarck. From there a residential street leads to the right and left side, which is characterized by large properties with many villas. The expensive street is located directly next to the Feuerbacher Heide, a green area, which lies to the north of the street. So if you own a property here, you have a quick connection to the city centre and still live in the green and with plenty of space. This area is therefore ideal for families or senior citizens, for example in an apartment or granny flat.

The price per square metre here is

Maximum price up to 10.000€/ sqm

Here you will find top addresses like:

  • Bismarck Tower Stuttgart
  • The Tent Theatre Project
  • Feuerbach Heath

At the Bismarck Tower Stuttgart (Map):

Get a picture of the surroundings yourself and explore the environment in a virtual way!

Feuerbacher Heide: ideal place for families

Feuerbacher Heide is located northwest of Stuttgart city centre and is situated in the Lenzhalde district. The street is surrounded by numerous large properties and villas and offers an ideal location in addition to the attractive real estate on offer. Feuerbacher Heide is on the outer edge of the city, yet the city centre can be reached in just a few minutes by car or public transport. In addition, this residential area is ideal for families, as you live close to a large green area and have schools, daycare centres and numerous sports clubs in the immediate vicinity.

The price per square metre here is

Maximum price up to 10.000€/ sqm

Here you will find top addresses like:

  • Tennis Club Doggenburg eV
  • Feuerbacher Heide (green space)
  • Villa Levi

Feuerbacher Heide in Stuttgart (map):

You are interested in a property in the Feuerbacher Heide, but you don’t have time to see it in real at the moment? No problem! Here you can explore the expensive street in a virtual way.