Social media real estate agents – goals and strategies for Facebook, Instagram & Co.

Living, whether in the house, in the condo or for rent, social media marketing is becoming more relevant for more and more real estate agencies and agencies, because the numbers speak a clear language! The acquisition of potential prospects and thus tenants or buyers is with few forms of advertising so precisely on a target group alignable but just as accurate in monitoring. After all, individual clicks, e.g. from Facebook or YouTube, can be precisely traced. Through event tracking, i.e. the tracking of a specific action on the website, paths can be traced and thus ultimately also evaluated, e.g. which campaign had a success of 4.8% and which only told 0.3%. But there we are already in a very deep matter, let’s start with the basics, social media marketing for real estate & live.

Goals and Strategies: Housing, Construction, Real Estate & Marketing

What are actually the goals and strategies of a social media marketing agency? Social media marketing carries the word social in itself, so there is a big focus on this marketing method in community care.

Social media marketing is so much more than just a sales channel, this is about people and targeted communication in a different form. Simpler, more image-heavy, more emotional. These are the core building blocks of any good social media channel. Add to that modern methods.

Social media marketing mix: multi-channel marketing

Did you know that they are allowed to repost all photos on Instagram? So why permanently produce expensive, own footage, if you are allowed, for example, on the social network Instagram also on the footage of third parties? On YouTube, you can achieve subscriptions through playlist, so you can already build followers and subscribers through and timely collection of relevant videos. On Facebook, you can not only advertise within your own fan page, of course you can do it in groups as well. Social media marketing is so much more!

To the now almost classic methods come of course also the newer tools, as well as influencer marketing. The area of influencer marketing counts in particular on the recommendation marketing, by relevant people, for certain target groups out. Every single recommendation on social networks reaches people who follow other people. As a result, the advertising aspect is much less. Influencer marketing in the real estate sector could, for example, accompany a person on YouTube in the search for an apartment, this person makes two or three videos at the end, in which he reports on the apartment search, first on the Internet, that he is desperate and has finally found the solution through portal XY! Then our Influencer takes the camera and accompanies his apartment viewing, bit to video number 3, in which the apartment is ready furnished, with the appropriate keyword apartment furnishings. So we can also do search engine optimization within YouTube. Did you already know that?

That’s how diverse the world of social media marketing is for real estate agents, real estate portals but also for more specific topics like buying a house or selling a house.

Ultimately, a lot can be done, from channel building to ads that are targeted out to specific groups of people. Let’s focus on the goals first though, what is it all about? In principle, social media marketing can be described in four steps.

Target Reach: Do you already know broker XY?

Our primary goal is reach, because without reach, no one will know about our product. Even Henry Ford said, “For every dollar you invest in your product, you must have another ready to make it known”. The more people we reach, the more will become fans of our channel. Because of the added value they get or because of new offers or even because of very exclusive offers.

Target community: added value instead of advertising for tenants / buyers

The second step is about community building, collecting fans is not difficult, we invest 100,000 € in an ad and will surely be able to gain 10,000 fans. 10 € for one fan? That’s a lot of money. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about gaining fans once, but we need to keep them. That’s why community building and targeted community management are among the core tasks of a social media manager and, of course, of the social media agency.

Goal Information: Regular interaction in social networks

The third step is an editorial plan and the regular sending out of previously planned information. Our channels must not be filled with graphics and texts from the advertising department, they need individual content, that means content. The better our information, i.e. advertising content is packaged, the higher the values in the conversion, means the conversion of visitors to buyers, newsletter subscribers or even interested parties.

Target sale: strategies for customer acquisition of tenants and buyers

In the fourth step, we can now focus on sales, run different texts or graphics against each other in so-called A/B split tests. Through the targeted evaluation in monitoring, we then recognize the opportunities and risks, or the advantages and disadvantages of individual target groups. This allows us to answer many questions, such as:

  • In which target group does our product sell best?
  • Which target group completes the most newsletter sign-ups?
  • Who ends up asking for a specific viewing date for an apartment listing?

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