Apartment building: asset value, market value and yields

Apartment house – In the traditional sense, an apartment house is a multi-family house that generates returns through rental payments and is therefore interesting for capital investors. If you want to address the target group of investors, you need a large contingent of documents and must provide your documents completely. Important business management statements, a forecast of rent increases and facts about the market value of the property form the basis of the decision in the case of capital investments. With Lukinski you sell your apartment building profitably and do not have to wait long for a solvent buyer.

Valuation of apartment buildings

The valuation of apartment buildings is a complex task. In addition to the asset value and market value, the income value plays an overriding role. The property valuation includes all information on the size, the location, the income per rented square metre, as well as the condition and the building fabric of the property. All rented and non-rented units must be listed and the maintenance expenses documented.

For investors, information on existing tenants is important, as they pay a lower rent than a new tenant. Another cost-influencing point is presented in the administration. Your offer becomes interesting for capital investors and thus as an apartment house if, after deduction of all expenses, a permanent yield results from rental income.

Sell an apartment building at a profit

While apartment buildings in the past were predominantly properties with numerous tenants, the term is now also used for two- and four-family houses. What is unchanging is the life that is inherent in an apartment house and which is based on a long, traditional history of the property. Sell your apartment house profit-oriented and refer in your offer to facts with which you convince investors and which are verifiable in their entirety. This also includes plausible information on renovation and refurbishment tasks to be provided by the investor after conclusion of the contract. To ensure that the sales process runs smoothly, the creditworthiness and financing of the buyer must be comprehensively checked. A correct assessment of solvency requires experience in credit checks and presupposes that you are competent in the assessment.

Real estate agent tips

You want to sell a house or an apartment, have no experience in the real estate market and want to avoid mistakes at all costs? Then you are well advised to use the comprehensive services of an estate agent and simplify the time-consuming and complex sale of your residential property. When you hire an agent, you don’t have to factor the sale of your property into your schedule, as all tasks are handled directly by your real estate agent and carried out in your best interest.

Luxury properties

The fact is that buyers of luxury real estate have very high expectations of the property they favour and its presentation. Here, larger sums of money change hands than with classic homes in the “normal price segment”. Accordingly, you should pay a great deal of attention to the offer and the sales process and trust an estate agent who knows his way around the sale of luxury houses and apartments. More on the subject of luxury.

Sell condominium

The sale of a condominium requires a whole host of other documents than are necessary for a house sale. Since the apartment is a unit in a multi-family building, potential buyers require, in addition to the apartment details, all details relevant to the owners’ association and meeting minutes, the common facilities and the overview of maintenance reserves. We recommend that you have the apartment sale carried out by experienced estate agents and avoid mistakes in the presentation or sales process. Everything you need to know about selling an apartment.

Sell hotel

If you want to sell a hotel, the professional approach from the beginning is of immense importance. Unlike with privately used properties, the comprehensive valuation and marketing strategy play a concise role. Which group of buyers should be addressed by your offer? Which conditions are relevant in the current lease and which reputation does the hotel have? All these aspects have an effect on the offer price and decide how much interest experienced hoteliers have in your property. More information on the topic of hotel sales.

Costs for real estate agents

As an owner, you do not have to forego professional brokerage of your property for cost reasons. While the buyer principle applies to renting, you will not incur any costs when selling a house through a real estate agent. The broker’s commission is a component of the ancillary purchase costs, which are to be paid by the buyer. The costs for a real estate agent include all assigned tasks and thus the entire organizational effort and the handling of the house sale. If, on the other hand, you sell privately, numerous costs are incurred and must be paid by you. Learn more about the costs.