Broker commission explained: amount of costs by state when buying real estate

Broker commission explained – If a broker is involved in the handling of the purchase process, a broker commission is due. This is one of the ancillary purchase costs that you should add to the final purchase price in any case. The amount of the broker’s commission varies depending on the value of the property and the state. Find out here who bears the costs for the broker and how much you have to pay in which federal state.

Brokerage commission: costs and breakdown

If a real estate agent is involved in your real estate purchase, costs will be incurred. These are called broker’s commission. The amount of the commission depends on the amount of the purchase price as well as on the federal state. For private purchases, the broker’s commission is split 50/50 between the buyer and seller. For commercial purchases, this division is individually negotiable.

  • Private purchase: 50/50 between buyer and seller
  • Commercial purchase: Freely negotiable

Fees by state: Table

Depending on the state in which the property is located, different fees are due. In principle, you can expect a brokerage commission between 3.57% and 7.14%.

Brokerage commission: 3,57% – 7,14%

So for private purchases, these values apply:

State Commission
Baden-Württemberg 3,57 %
Bavaria 3,57 %
Berlin 7,14 %
Brandenburg7,14 7,14 %
Bremen 5,95 %
Hamburg 6,25 %
Hesse 5,95 %
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 3,57 %
Lower Saxony 3,57 %
North Rhine-Westphalia 3,57 %
Rhineland-Palatinate 3,57 %
Saarland 3,57 %
Saxony 3,57 %
Saxony-Anhalt 3,57 %
Schleswig-Holstein 3,57 %
Thuringia 3,57 %

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