Selling property in Friedberg (Hesse): QM prices, steps, divorce, …

Selling property – Friedberg is located in the middle of the federal state of Hesse. Bordering municipalities to the north include Ober-Mörlen, Wölfersheim and the city of Bad Nauheim. To the south, Friedberg borders the community of Wöllstadt and the city of Rosbach vor der Höhe. To the east lie the towns of Florstadt and Reichelsheim, and to the west the municipality of Wehrheim (Hochtaunuskreis) borders the town of Friedberg. The town is very centrally located and offers many opportunities for local recreation. Especially the proximity of the Taunus is a very popular destination for recreational athletes and local recreation seekers. This is also the reason for the increase in population. This was at the turn of the year 2017/2018 at about 29,000. In 1998, only 26,500 people lived in Friedberg. The highest number of inhabitants reached the place so far in 2007 with 30,000.

There are several well-known major cities nearby that are very easy to reach by car. These include Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main and Wiesbaden.
Apart from the core town, Friedberg has five districts named Bauernheim, Ossenheim, Dorheim and Bruchenbrücken. The districts were annexed to the town in the course of municipal area reforms and each has its own individual character.

Successful real estate sales in Friedberg

The real estate market in Friedberg is very much on the move. Properties for sale often enjoy very brisk demand shortly after the advertisements are published. Building plots, houses and condominiums are considered particularly popular. As Friedberg is surrounded by various towns, the town has a very good infrastructure, which has a positive effect on the value of the property.

If you are planning a property sale in Friedberg, you can be prepared for many enquiries and viewing requests right from the start. Friedberg is very popular as a place to live due to its size and interesting location.

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Possibilities for local recreation and leisure activities

Friedberg looks back on a long history. This has left its mark on the town over the centuries. Among the sights that are always worth a visit, even for locals, are the city church “Unser Lieben Frau”, the Jewish bath (Mikwe), the old town hall, the theological seminary, the city wall, the Wetterau Museum and the water tower. The region is also very interesting from a scenic point of view. Friedberg is located in the Wetterau, above the confluence of the Usa and the Wetter. Part of the Friedberg district lies in the Taunus mountains on the Steinkopf, which reaches a height of up to 518 meters.

Very good infrastructure for commuting and travel

The A5 serves as the most important transport connection. Frankfurt am Main and the university town of Gießen in the north can be reached quickly via the motorway.
The A45 comes from the Gießen area. It takes you to the eastern Rhine-Main area. The Bundesstraße 3 also leads in the direction of Frankfurt am Main and ran through Friedberg until 2009. From 2009, the bypass was opened to traffic and relieves the inner-city traffic of the city of Friedberg. The international airport Frankfurt am Main is about 40 kilometres away and can also be reached quickly via the A5.