House for Sale in Groß-Umstadt & Surroundings

Groß-Umstadt is a medium-sized town in Hesse that offers a high standard of living, a good infrastructure and a historic townscape. Numerous cultural offerings, such as the annual Winzerfest or the Summer JazzParade also contribute to a high standard of living, making Groß-Umstadt a very popular place to live.

Why private home sales are so complicated

Owners who want to sell a property in Groß-Umstadt face numerous hurdles. Only careful planning can lead to a successful sale due to the complexity of the subject. The marketing of the property, the viewing appointments, possible renovation work and tax issues, all this must be planned and clarified. This takes a lot of time and also money. If you want to sell your property privately, for example, you have to hire an appraiser who can set a realistic price based on the location in Groß-Umstadt and the condition of the house. Further costs are incurred for placing offers in Internet portals and newspapers.

The broker takes over these tasks for you

You can save yourself a lot of stress if you have the house sale in Groß-Umstadt carried out by an estate agent. This has the necessary market knowledge in the region and takes over most of the tasks. For example, a reputable estate agent will provide you with a property valuation so that you do not have to commission an expert yourself. He also takes care of the preparation of all documents and places advertisements in various Internet portals and in local print media in Groß-Umstadt. He organizes the viewings and conducts the negotiation talks. Due to his experience and his non-existent emotional attachment to the property, he usually does better here than the owner. In addition, the estate agent knows all the legal pitfalls and carries out a credit check on the buyer so that you can be sure that you will receive the money in the end. So when you choose a realtor, you don’t have to worry about almost anything yourself. Everything that the broker can’t do for you, he meticulously prepares, so that you have as little stress as possible with it.

The broker also gives security to the buyer

For many buyers, the estate agent is a necessary evil. This is also true in many cases in Groß-Umstadt. Since the city is located in the state of Hesse, the buyer bears the full brokerage costs. This is good for you, but of course annoying for the buyer. Nevertheless, there are many prospective buyers who prefer to work with an estate agent. This not only gives you security, but also the buyer. So it is guaranteed that the contract will be done with all due diligence. It also creates an orderly and professional impression. Remember that the buyer is investing a lot of money. If he has the feeling that something is not right, he will probably look for another property. A real estate agent can also be an advantage for the buyer.


For a successful and flawless house sale in Groß-Umstadt, we recommend working with a real estate agent. Lukinski serves numerous clients in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate and knows the local real estate market down to the last detail. With us, you are choosing a reliable partner who will accompany you from the initial consultation to the handing over of the keys. Get an offer and let us help you!