House sale: Successfully selling your own house in Mörfelden-Walldorf

Selling real estate in Mörfelden-Walldorf – The twin city of Mörfelden-Walldorf is the second largest city in southern Hesse with over 32,000 inhabitants and belongs to the district of Groß-Gerau. A part of the airport of Frankfurt is even still in this area. The city of the Rhine-Main area, located in the Lower Main Plain, has two city cores, which are barely four kilometers apart and are separated only by an open space and a tree and a comprehensive school. The Mönchbruch nature reserve and the proximity to Frankfurt are particularly popular. The twin town was created by the merger of the two towns as recently as 1977 and Mörfelden in particular has a long tradition. In the 9th century an important traffic junction with various trade routes was located here. Walldorf came into being much later and was first a planned town for French refugees. However, the beautiful twin town still has its charm today and is famous for the Mönchbruch hunting lodge in the middle of the Mönchbruch natural landscape. Sprawling grounds provide space for real estate and the rest of the castle has a restaurant and hotel. Even though this twin city is not a vibrant metropolis, it has a lot to offer and makes living here quite attractive. Do you have a house or other property in the charming twin city and would now like to sell it? Then leave this complex process to us at Lukinski, because we will make your real estate sale a success.

An estate sale should be well managed!

The decision to sell a property can have various reasons: a job change with a change of residence is imminent, a private separation or even divorce requires the sale or even the retreat to the home is desired. Unfortunately, financial hardship may also necessitate the sale of your own property. But no matter what reason you have for wanting to sell your house or condo, never take a risk by forgoing professional assistance. The sale of a property is not something that can be done “just like that”, but can involve many risks and demand a lot from you. That is exactly what we are here for!

We always have the most important goal in mind when selling real estate: to get a good price for it. To achieve this goal, it is important to have important information and a lot of knowledge. This is where private sellers usually fail. For example, did you know that the right time to sell is of great importance? Seasonal influences, for example, and the economic situation on the market are enormously important when it comes to achieving a good sales price. In addition, the seller’s motives for the sale, which have already been mentioned, should not be ignored. For example, if you want to sell because of age, a personal stroke of fate or the desire for a new property, different aspects must be considered in each case. If you are an investor, for example, it may be advisable to sell your property when the tenant moves out, as a new owner always has more room for manoeuvre and can decide for himself whether to move in or sell on, which is why a good price can be achieved. Without know-how and experience you take unnecessary risks, therefore you should always trust a professional when selling real estate – the Lukinski is always on your side and always acts in your interest.

All-round support and advice from A to Z

We ensure a fair and uncomplicated valuation of your property, support you with the help of modern methods in marketing and negotiate the purchase price with potential buyers for you. In addition, we take care of all the necessary documents and do not leave you alone with tedious administrative procedures. You will be amazed at how many steps such a sales process actually requires and will be glad that you are selling the property together with an expert. After all, if you want to sell a house, you not only need an incredible amount of time, but also a lot of organizational skills. Important documents need to be applied for, prices calculated and appointments made for viewings. We know the market situation and provide you with all-round advice so that you sell your property at the right time. Mostly house sales are optimally planned in spring or summer, because long, bright days are perfect for viewings. However, in addition to the time of year, market demand is also hugely important, as if demand is low, the sale should rather wait. Furthermore, a sale can still be postponed if an increase in market value is expected, such as if it is foreseeable that the area where the property is located will be more popular in the future. So just determining the right time to sell requires a lot of background knowledge and experience, which is what we at Lukinski can offer you.

You would like to sell your property in Mörfelden-Walldorf? Then you can expect the entire sale to take about 5 months. Depending on the location, demand and value, it can also go faster or take longer. But before you start selling, you should first determine the asking price. This price must be realistic so that a buyer can be found. Too low a price can lead to a lack of demand, as many interested parties may be unsure about the price because they may fear defects. In the same way, a price that is too high can be more of a deterrent and if the price is then lowered, a prospective buyer will quickly realise that demand is probably very low.

With us you will not miss any target group

In addition to the right timing and a realistic asking price, it should also always be clear from the outset which target group the property is intended for. This target group can depend on the location and the type of property. The furnishings of the property can also influence the target group. Many families with children often opt for move-in ready homes with high standards for the property. Then there are potential buyers who want to design the entire property to their liking and are only looking for a property that allows this. So you can see how important it is to know the target audience that your property is intended for. Without expert knowledge you can hardly determine this target group – with us you are always well advised. We also determine a sales strategy with you, which is very important for a successful sale. Together with you, we determine a starting price that will be the basis for negotiations, taking into account demand and the current market. We know exactly how low to set the price so that buyers will outbid each other and you can be satisfied with a good sale price in the end. Sometimes it also makes strategic sense to set the starting price higher and offer a discount to potential buyers. We will assist you in setting the strategy, in the viewings and also in the negotiations. We know the target group for your property and also know how to estimate a realistic selling price.

With Lukinski, you rely on experience and expertise and even receive full support when advertising your property. A meaningful exposé is usually already “half the battle”, which is why you should never compromise here. In addition to photographs of the interior and exterior, the floor plan, energy values and other important information should also be made available so that the customer knows exactly what he is buying. A buyer will also want to know if, for example, a basement or garage comes with the property, and what major amenities are nearby. Depending on the target group, some buyers want a lot of nature, while others would rather have shopping centres and means of transport nearby. Through our experience, we can tell you exactly what is important to buyers when they look at the exposé, and we can also guide you through the process of creating listings and assisting prospective buyers. We arrange the viewing appointments for you and carry them out professionally and according to your wishes.