Newly built apartments – What to consider? Costs and procedure

New housing is predominantly built in larger cities and in structurally strong regions. In the countryside and away from the large cities, the construction boom in terms of new-build apartments is much lower. Newly built flats can be offered for rent or for sale. They vary in size, amenities and location. New-build apartments are very popular on the housing market, as are apartments in older buildings. When first moved in, even more simply furnished council flats are of a higher standard than flats that have been standing for years or decades and are always being re-rented. The cut of the apartments is also more modern and often even refined or unusual.

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Social housing and the free housing market – the differences

In terms of rental prices, new-build apartments are divided into free and subsidised housing. While prices on the free housing market vary according to supply and demand, subsidised housing is subject to price fixing. The target group of subsidised housing is families and people with low or medium incomes. Since the rental is not on the free market, the income must be proven. If it exceeds the limits for subsidised housing, the apartment cannot be rented.

n income verification is also common in the free housing market. The landlord wants to make sure that the rents can be paid on time. Payment defaults and the possible consequences associated with them are a nuisance for every landlord, which can be associated not least with high costs. For this reason, many landlords check the Schufa of all potentially interested parties, and proof of income must be submitted. Anyone who does not have a regular job, struggles with a poor credit rating or can only prove a low income has less of a chance of finding an apartment on the open housing market. In social housing, financial difficulties or a low income are not assessed so strictly.

In terms of amenities, social housing differs from newly built housing on the open housing market in many details. Apartments built for sale or rent on the open housing market often have a larger living space and better facilities. However, you pay for this with a higher rental price. Alternatively, you can buy the flats, which is only possible in the case of social housing if the provider changes and puts the flats up for sale. Since a social housing is in many cases already supported by the state during the construction phase, there are often conditions that require renting on the social housing market. In this case, a sale of these apartments is not possible.

Newly built apartments – the most important features

New-build apartments come in various sizes with one to six rooms. Apartments with three and four rooms are particularly popular. These can be used very diversely by singles, families or couples. Apartments with one or two rooms are very popular with singles, students and trainees because they are very inexpensive. Apartments with five rooms or more are not only rented to single persons or families, but also as part of a shared flat. Housing associations that commission new-build flats often have to meet conditions. Within this framework, it is not possible to let new-build flats to a WG. If, on the other hand, the landlord is a private person and it is not subsidised housing, then the landlord alone decides who he wants to let the flat to.

Every new apartment is equipped with its own kitchen and at least one bathroom. Modern apartments and those that are a little larger also have a guest toilet in addition to the bathroom. Most new build apartments have a balcony or terrace to create a small outdoor recreation area. Only rarely are new-build apartments built that have no outdoor recreational space at all.

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The equipment of the kitchen

The landlord decides whether the kitchen is furnished or not. For the tenants it is an advantage if kitchen furniture is already installed in the new apartment. Since modern kitchens are furnished with built-in cabinets, they are exactly adapted to the respective room. If a tenant takes his kitchen with him to another apartment, a conversion is necessary. It is not uncommon that adaptation is not possible, and the tenant must also invest in a new kitchen when moving into a new apartment.

Taking over a kitchen from the previous tenant is more practical. For hygienic reasons, but also because of the higher costs, many landlords decide against equipping the kitchen and leave it to the tenant. According to the law, the landlord must provide an opportunity for cooking and washing up in the kitchen. He does not have the obligation to provide kitchen furniture.

The problem with taking over the kitchen furniture does not arise with newly built apartments. If the landlord has already equipped the kitchen, the furniture is new and will be taken over by the tenant for the first time. If the apartment is bought as freehold, the new owner takes over the furnishings anyway. For this reason, the kitchen is handed over empty. It is important to find out whether you need to include kitchen furniture in your budget or whether it is already available when you apply to rent or buy a new-build flat.

Sanitary objects in the bathroom

The furnishing of the bathroom is the responsibility of the landlord or the builder. He decides whether the bathroom will be fitted with a bathtub or shower or both components. In larger apartments, the bathroom often has a bathtub, while in a smaller guest toilet there is a shower.

The type of sanitary objects that are integrated into an apartment is also selected by the landlord. Expensive sanitary objects are often installed in high-quality apartments that are to be rented on the open housing market. Social housing gets by with cheaper solutions. However, when renting or buying a new-build apartment, you can assume that you will be using a modern bathroom with high-quality fittings.

Walls and floors in a new build apartment

A newly built apartment is handed over ready for occupancy. This means that the walls and floors are furnished accordingly. You will find flooring or carpet. The walls are usually painted white. You are allowed to change the design according to your taste. However, it is important to know that if you move out, you must hand over the apartment as you found it. This may mean that you have to undo any renovation work that you have carried out according to your individual taste.

If you have purchased a new-build apartment, you are free to decide at any time how you would like to design the rooms. If you buy in good time, you already have a say during the construction phase. Only the exterior facade must remain uniform. This is how it is decided in many owners’ meetings. This means, for example, that you cannot determine the colour, shape and structure of the windows yourself.

Buy or rent a new apartment

Basically, you have the option of buying a new-build apartment as an owner directly from the developer or renting an apartment. Buying a new-build apartment is only possible on the open housing market. You can plan to buy the apartment in order to rent it out afterwards, or you can decide to live in the apartment yourself. You can always change this decision in later years. This means that by buying an apartment, you are not making a firm commitment to a place to live. However, make sure that you do not lose money unnecessarily by selling an apartment.

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