Keeping a house in case of divorce

For families with children, housekeeping is often high on the agenda in the event of a divorce. In many cases, the partner with whom the children remain stays in the house. So that the children can remain in their familiar environment and are not additionally burdened by the divorce, this option proves to be the best solution. However, the desire to keep the house is of course linked to the respective financial situation and to agreements made.

What are the costs of keeping your home after a divorce?

You need to be aware that you can only keep your house if you can pay off the running costs for your property. Depending on the initial situation, the repayment of the loan can also play an important role and decide whether you can keep your house or whether a sale is the better solution.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibility of both remaining owners of the property despite divorce and to reach clear management and financial agreements. As well as joint ownership, there is of course the option of one partner keeping the house and paying off the other partner. In order to keep track of the costs and avoid the difficulties ahead, you should calculate the permanent costs, as well as any financing and payment costs, and compare them with your income.

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Problematic partial auction – if only one partner wants to keep the house

A major difficulty arises if one partner wants to keep the house and the other partner wants to sell the property. If you want to sell your share of the house at auction without the consent of the other partner, only a partial auction of your own share is possible. You can make use of this method if you are already divorced and disagree about your jointly purchased house.

In the event of a divorce, you should generally exclude risks and decide to engage our experienced real estate agents. Find a solution together and based on your ideas, so that unnecessary disputes are avoided and you find a satisfactory solution for both parties.

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