Simple and safe – selling a house in Taunusstein and the surrounding area

Taunusstein is the name of a town in southern Hesse, which is assigned to the administrative district of Darmstadt. The city has together with the incorporated districts 30,000 inhabitants. The scenic location and the many opportunities for local recreation and leisure activities make the region very popular. In addition, there are many employment opportunities and a very well developed infrastructure. If you own a property in Taunusstein and intend to sell it, Lukinski is happy to offer you a wide range of services. In a non-binding initial consultation, you present your property to us. We can provide you with comparable properties in a similar location, so that you know the range of the purchase price you can expect. In addition, we are happy to take on all services directly related to the sale of the property. This includes the preparation of an exposé, the placement of advertisements on the Internet and in regional daily newspapers in Taunusstein, but also the individual support of interested parties. We answer telephone calls and mails, arrange viewing appointments and take care of your individual interests. If you would like to sell your house or offer a plot of land without having to deal with the stress of selling, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to arrange a personal appointment with you, even on site.

Successfully selling real estate in Taunusstein

Since the real estate market in all regions of southern Hesse is in strong motion, you can assume that within a short time after the preparation of your offer, interested parties will contact you who would like to view your property or have questions. If you want to appear professional, a real estate agent who is familiar with the conditions on the market is very important. We offer an all-inclusive package of services so you don’t have to worry about the details of the sale. In doing so, we always act in your best interest. We will agree the purchase price with you and will not enter into negotiations if you do not wish to do so. You do not have to worry about viewing appointments or answering individual questions from potential buyers. We work with other estate agents who are looking for properties for their buyers. However, it is of great advantage to you that we know the market very well and know exactly how good the chances are that you will actually be able to sell the property at the price you want.
Negotiations on the purchase price are obligatory for many interested parties. We take this into account when we set the purchase price together with you. It is advantageous if you initially define the price somewhat higher. Should you immediately find a buyer who wants to buy the property as he sees it, you can look forward to a good profit. However, should it come to negotiating the purchase price, it is important that we have some leeway, which we will of course agree with you in advance. Within this margin, we can accommodate the buyer without you having to make any real concessions to your asking price. Negotiations with potential buyers often turn out to be quite tough. If you leave this service to us, you will not only save yourself the stress, but you can also be sure that we will act competently and will not be intimidated even in stubborn negotiations.

Criteria for quick sales success

The quick sales success for your property depends on various criteria. For example, it plays a role whether the property you want to sell is located in the core city of Taunusstein or in one of the surrounding regions. Houses and properties located in the core city are often sold much faster than properties in the outlying areas. The infrastructure also plays a major role. If there are very good connections to the public transport network, this has a positive effect on the purchase price, as do shopping facilities and medical care nearby. Schools and kindergartens are an important criterion if young families are the target group of your sale. Although many buyers want a central location, it should still be quiet. These two criteria are not mutually exclusive, because in Taunusstein there are many residential areas that are pleasantly quiet in side streets, but still have a very good infrastructure.

Size and equipment of the property

The size of a property is not so decisive for the success of the sale. There are always interested parties who are looking for a smaller house or a condominium. Thus, you can often sell a small, very well-maintained property in Taunusstein in the very short term. Larger properties have other target groups. Single-family homes with four to six rooms are very popular, preferred by families and single couples alike. Somewhat more difficult to sell are very small properties with less than three rooms and large villas, which are difficult to rent out. However, in Taunusstein you also benefit in this area from the excellent location and the general popularity of the region.


If possible, involve a real estate agent in the planning of the sale of your property in Taunusstein in order to be able to handle the purchase professionally. Lukinski offers you various services. We will be happy to advise you in advance. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to arrange a personal appointment with you. Please feel free to call us during our business hours.