Selling a house in Zweibrücken: Estate agents & tips for the sale

Zweibrücken is a city in Rhineland-Palatinate with just under 35,000 inhabitants. It is the smallest independent city in Germany. Zweibrücken is located directly on the French border and therefore also bears the French name Deux-Pons. Zweibrücken is known far beyond the borders of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate as the seat of the Higher Regional Court. Due to its charming location, the town is very popular not only with holidaymakers and excursionists, but also with locals. The number of inhabitants has been constant for years. There are many opportunities for local recreation, but also a varied cultural and sporting offer.

Interesting region for real estate buyers

The beautiful location in the middle of the western Palatinate on the edge of the Westricher plateau, but also the proximity to the Saarland state capital Saarbrücken, to Kaiserlautern and to Lorraine, which belongs to France, makes Zweibrücken very attractive for investors and private property buyers. If you would like to sell a property in Zweibrücken, Lukinski is your competent partner. We handle real estate sales in the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse and offer you not only a professional purchase transaction, but also a lot of experience and a good knowledge of the market. We advise you on the determination of the purchase price for your property and support you in all activities necessary to complete a successful sale within the shortest possible time frame. If you would like to inform yourself first without obligation, you are welcome to contact us. We will arrange an appointment with you at short notice in our office or on site. Then we can get an overview of the condition and location of your property in Zweibrücken and make precise statements about how the sale of your property could be successful and at what conditions the intended sale can be realized in the short term.

Offer real estate in Zweibrücken

The most popular properties in Zweibrücken and the surrounding regions include building plots and detached houses.
The single-family house is one of the most popular forms of housing in Germany. It does not matter whether the house is detached or designed as a terraced or semi-detached house. However, the single-family house is not only considered the most individual, but also the most expensive type of housing. In return, there are notable advantages such as a larger living area, a garden or a garden section, a cellar and an attic. Thanks to the flexible living space, the resident has many possibilities to develop individually. A detached house is also the best choice for families or larger residential communities.

Costs for the maintenance of a single-family house

Not only in the purchase price, but also in the maintenance, single-family homes are more expensive than other types of housing. This is especially true for houses that are detached and thus have four exterior walls. These houses consume quite a lot of energy. This applies primarily to properties that have not yet undergone energy renovation and in which an older heating system is installed. The furnishings of the single-family houses are also a determining factor for the purchase price.
Other criteria that flow into the purchase price for a single-family home are the location, the infrastructure and the supply of shopping facilities, medical facilities, schools and kindergartens. The needs that a buyer has are based on his or her age and lifestyle. There are buyers of single-family homes who prefer a central location and accept that the surrounding area is not as quiet. For example, the noise of an adjacent street is not perceived as so serious if the way to work, school or kindergarten is easily accessible. Other buyers prefer a quiet location, but still want to have a good supply in the immediate vicinity. Single-family homes that are located further out, require longer commutes and are in a quiet location find many interested buyers.

Offer building plots for sale

In addition to single-family homes, building plots with a positive preliminary building permit are also popular properties in Zweibrücken. Building land is rather rare in the town. This is particularly true of plots that are well located and of an ideal size for the construction of a medium-sized detached house.
As a real estate agent, we already have several preliminary enquiries from interested parties for such properties. Offer us your single-family home or your building plot and in many cases we can refer you directly to one of our interested parties. In this case, it is not necessary to publish your offer in regional newspapers or on the Internet. You can complete the purchase within a short time and enjoy an attractive purchase price. Many of our interested parties have been waiting for a suitable property for some time and are prepared to pay a somewhat higher purchase price.


Property sellers who own a property in Zweibrücken or in one of the neighbouring regions usually achieve a quick sale. In the region, detached houses and building plots with a positive preliminary building application are very much in demand. If you own such a property and would like to sell it, please contact us at short notice. Arrange a first personal contact through Lukinski in our office or on site. In this way we can discuss details individually and successfully complete the sale of your property together at short notice.