Real estate agent wanted? Sell your house in Viersen

Private sale or better with a real estate agent? Here in our blog you will find answers to the most important questions about selling your property.

Appraisal of apartment and home: The very first appointment with your new real estate agent

The first step is to get the highest selling price for a detached house or a 5-room apartment. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle, write to our team and we will help you with the realistic valuation of your property. We have all the know-how you need to get the best price for your property. If you have absolutely no desire for all the effort, contact us.

Prepare paperwork for the upcoming sale of a home: Receipts, documents and also the bills

Applications and forecasts, for example, are important documents that you should definitely have ready on site. Refine your home with good photos. This is important, so that all buyers can make themselves a much better picture of your house. Your, the graphics should always represent your property or townhouse in Viersen from advantageous perspectives, after all, you want to sell something.

Hausverkauf in Viersen

Next on your list comes with: Determine a selling price for your property.Several lesser known or known influencing factors such as age, transport links, type of house, quality of construction, locationcarry a role in finding the house price, for you, in measurements does not count what purchase price you had spent at the time. Or over the time in money and efforts have laid out. Supply and demand on the current house market regulate the purchase price. As in grandfather’s time, the largest part of demand and supply determine the probable selling price that the prospective buyer will be willing to go along with. You should heed this wisdom so that there are no unrealizable expectations in play Really, any appraisal means a lot of time to find. For the inexperienced, it becomes really stressful to determine the property value realistically. The alternative, a real estate appraisal by us.

Now it is about: Preparation of a portfolio for customers of the object.Interest in buying that shows immediately in the first ten seconds when reading an advertisement, it pays to invest time in a structured advertisement in the sale. In addition: As still owner you know around all details of the housein the Exposè of your real estate everything must have been included, in addition count swimming pool, property and cultivation possibilities for the new owner, garage or . The best sales area guarantees the portal for real estates in addition, naturally, the reliable local press, then it is called wait, comes your real estate with observers of the Exposès on?

Organise enquiries from potential interested parties

Already very soon the very first inquiries on the momentary real estate advertisement come, had you assigned an agent for the mediation of your house he administers the reactions for you, exclusively if more exact feedbacks come in, he gets in touch.

Your next step: Coordination and execution of the appointments for the inspection in Viersen.Now it becomes noticeably exciting. So that your house is best simply and at the same time successfully mediated, your real estate agent constantly arranges new dates for a house inspection in Viersen with persons, who arranged aBegehung, if you want it in such a way, it leads each individual discussion, you can be naturally also with in the date. Make sure that you make a good impression during the house inspection. Because the eye eats with you.

Have the purchasing power of the interested party confirmed

If you want to sell your house with land, start with reputable realtor, because by this the creditworthiness is checked immediately after inspection and examination of moldings, locks, doors, or the like.

Conclude certified purchase contract together at the notary public

A new owner has been located, now your agent conducts the very last talks for the sale of the house, he agrees on the details of the contract of sale. Your agent, together with the notary’s office, prepares the notarized contract of sale in a draft. For the certification of the real estate sale an appointment with the notary is inevitable. You and the buyer sign the contract at the notary’s office. With the set signature you have sold your property notarized, congratulations.

Your next step: Payment of the previously agreed purchase price after entry in the land register (the so-called notice of conveyance). The notary will now carry out the land register entry, for this purpose, the notary has a notice of conveyance entered with, the paper ensures, for example, that a property can not be maliciously multiple by the broker, that is, to buyers not known to each other at the same time, the notary gives the new owner the release, immediately when he can pay the sale price to your bank, do not forget, after the release you should check your own account balance for the receipt of the purchase amount.

Further follows: Pay outstanding debts of real estate agent and notary. Then instruct the settlement of the ordered service of the, after the previously negotiated purchase agreement was equipped with their signature. A separate invoice will be sent to you for this purpose.

Pay due land transfer tax to the carrier, Then your home in Viersen is finally sold

When selling a house, capital gains tax may be assessed. If the period between the private purchase and the transfer of the house is less than ten years, church tax and solidarity surcharge may be added on top. However, exceptions are made here. For example, if you as a property owner really lived in your property yourself for more than three years and never rented it out.

Apartments, houses and demographic trends

Estimates of the cost of a single M² condominiums, building land and the home to 530,799,360 euros capital are invested in Viersen real estate. Viersen currently has 0.08 million people, in an area of 91.1 square kilometers. Viersen is a rather large city. Terraced houses, flats as well as affordable housing are in demand with 838 people per square kilometre, altogether 0.09% of the inhabitants in Germany are registered in Viersen.

Housing market and new construction – How do many people in Viersen live?

how do the inhabitants live in Viersen? The Federal Statistical Office surveyed a few weeks ago studies on Viersen but also Germany, statistically live 29,668 people in houses, such as the home, townhouse or apartment building, which is owned and a whole 36,977 renting residents. According to a study by LBS Research, 45,067 people in the various regional households would currently have to live in married couples and 31,317 single households. By this situation one knows naturally of the necessary action need with the new building. The current housing demand is high, studies assume 27,776 units, still 33% of currently 23,147 and only 17% see 32,405 completed apartments, this year statistically only about 214 units will be completed in Viersen. With a total investment 3 billion euros.

Happy citizens: 56,158 satisfied tenants

Here in Viersen, most people are really satisfied with their own living situation, regardless of whether they own or rent an apartment. Of the owners, there are 62,963 happy people who appreciate just this location and neighborhood, dissatisfied, however, are only 13,421. Tenants in Viersen also experience this good feeling with 56,158 people. The vast majority of citizens live in houses for one family, not in apartment buildings. A total of 39,999 people from Viersen live here, which is considerably more than in apartment buildings, where 23,735 and 11,846 people live in two-family houses.

The urban development of Viersen: today and tomorrow

Viersen has a large number of young inhabitants, for example 11,954 inhabitants between 25-39 years, but also many older fellow citizens, such as 18,554 fellow citizens aged 40-59 years.Increases can also be found in the current population development. Viersen rises permanently, from still 75.743 fellow citizens four years ago, the number of inhabitants rose by 641 persons to statistically 77.023, the tendency continues unchanged, we now look at the calculations for the housing market in the following 20 years in Viersen.

465.803.520 Euro are on accounts

Whole 465,803,520 euros of cash at present in Viersen bank accounts, much more, whole 530,799,360 euros are deposited in real estate market, only 97,493,760 euros exist as use assets. The complete amount of transactions from sales and purchases, amounts in Viersen every year, purely statistically 7 billion euros, in the new housing construction is predicted up to 2,959,625,386.67 euros transferred, a whole 3,497,739,093.33 euros are currently invested every twelve months here in the modernization, a total of the housing and house market moves a whole 13,452,842,666.67 euros annually.

Without monthly rent in Viersen: This is the statistical distribution of privately owned housing by age segment

Who actually lives rent-free in Viersen? Owners of apartments and houses we find in all age groups Let’s look at a two-individual values, according to survey (empirica) currently 3,213 infants from 0-10 years live in real estate, in the rising age it becomes already somewhat more, presumably due to mastered toddler phase and the fact that parents are more involved in the business, now not few buy the first, own property for their own young family, from 11 to 21 years live 3.978 in their own home, behind them comes a kink, with 21-30 years, they travel and look for the far away all over Germany, of them statistically 870 people live rent-free. The more the age rises, the more likely the citizens now come to own property. Thus it is with the 31-40 year old already again 3,298 and with the today persons between 41 – 50 years create it on 5,703 lucky real estate owners. At the age of 51 – 60 years live 5,222 in the own four walls and with the 61 – 70 year old fellow citizens are it in this year 3,989, because the own old age spend already again less in the own home, only 2,471.

Demography for Viersen

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 29.668
Apartment 4.698
Apartment for rent 36.977
Shared apartment 5.034

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership / Age Units
0-10 3.213
11-21 3.978
21-30 870
31-40 3.298
41-50 5.703
51-60 5.222
61-70 3.989
71-80 2.471

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Growth
1 31.317 33.609 2.292
2 25.971 27.498 1.528
3 9.166 7.638 -1.528
4 6.875 6.111 -764
more than 5 2.292 2.215 -76

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Growth
1 40.484 42.775 2.292
2 22.151 21.388 -764
3 6.875 6.111 -764
4 4.583 4.507 -76
over 5 1.528 1.375 -153

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office