Selling a house: Successfully selling your own house in Bensheim

Bensheim is located between Frankfurt and Heidelberg and, with a population of over 40,000, is a medium-sized town with a good infrastructure, numerous educational institutions and various sports and leisure facilities. As property prices have risen consistently over the last six years, property sellers can expect good prices.

How much is your house worth in Bensheim?

Bensheim is made up of nine districts, which can convince with different advantages. Both houses in a green location and properties close to the centre are available in the city. Depending on the location, the value of the respective property also varies, of course. Other factors, such as the condition of the building, the connection to public transport and current fluctuations on the housing market also play a role. It is therefore not so easy to determine the purchase price. Owners also often have an attachment to their home and therefore quickly overestimate its value. Good advice from an expert is necessary here. Private sellers can hire an appraiser. Alternatively you can put the house sale in Bensheim into the hands of an experienced broker. The real estate agency Lukinski has specialized in real estate sales in Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse and is therefore the ideal contact for homeowners in Bensheim.

Selling real estate without an agent – what’s in store for you?

Once you have set the selling price with the help of an appraiser, there are many more tasks to do. For example, you need to market your offer well. Advertisements in newspapers and internet portals are indispensable. This is the only way to reach a sufficient number of interested parties. Describe your property as informatively as possible and provide high-quality photos and floor plans of the property. All special features as well as the amount of operating costs must also be stated. The more information your ad contains, the better. This way, prospective buyers can get the best possible picture of your property in Bensheim.

As soon as the first prospective buyers contact you, viewing appointments are arranged and carried out. If a serious prospective buyer emerges, contract negotiations are pending. The buyer will not give you anything and will of course try to push the price down. Once you have reached an agreement, the purchase contract is drawn up and signed at the notary’s office. But until this happens, you have to take many more steps. Important documents have to be obtained and tax issues have to be clarified. If your property is rented out, you will also need to either give the tenants notice in good time or find a buyer who will take over the tenants. Sometimes there is renovation or refurbishment work to be done, which not only needs to be organised but also paid for. You will have to organise and manage all these things in addition to your normal work. Don’t underestimate the time commitment involved in a house sale and create a realistic schedule.

Go for security and hire a broker

Selling a house in Bensheim is a complex task that comes with many pitfalls. A layman has to spend a lot of energy and time to sell his house privately. On the other hand, those who choose an experienced real estate agent can hand over most of the tasks. Lukinski Real Estate Agency will take care of the entire home sale process so that you can go on with your life as normal. We also save you from making serious mistakes, which often occur due to ignorance and put the seller in severe distress. Tax law, for example, is a complicated matter. Whether you have to pay taxes when selling real estate in Bensheim depends on many different factors. An estate agent can advise you comprehensively on this subject and point out possible problems so that you do not stumble blindly through the project of selling a house.

Who bears the brokerage costs when selling real estate in Bensheim?

If you decide not to sell privately and wish to commission a broker, a broker’s commission will be payable if the sale is successful. The amount varies according to the federal state and is 6% in Hesse. You have probably heard of the “Bestellerprinzip”, which was introduced in 2015 and was widely publicised in the media. According to this principle, you as the buyer would have to pay for the brokerage costs. But this is a widespread misconception. In fact, the buyer principle only applies to the rental of apartments and houses. When selling a house, the seller and buyer usually share the broker’s commission. However, in some federal states, such as Hesse, the buyer bears the full broker’s commission. So, if you sell your house in Bensheim and hire an estate agent, you will not incur any additional costs. This means that you can take advantage of an experienced estate agent free of charge. This way, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress.


If you decide to sell your house in Bensheim with the support of a real estate agent, you can only benefit. At Lukinski, we support you all the way and take the organizational work completely off your hands. We carry out a valuation, negotiate with prospective buyers and draw up a purchase contract. In addition, we have legal expertise and can therefore support you in all situations with our experience and know-how. Just give us a call and use our service! There are no costs for you, because the broker’s commission is paid by the buyer.