Selling a house in Dreieich

professional help from an experienced real estate agent – Dreieich in southern Hesse has around 20,000 inhabitants and, with a property price of 4,487.02EUR/m² in 2018, is well above the average for Hesse. The city offers an excellent infrastructure and inspires with a visually appealing mix of old half-timbered houses and modern new buildings.

Selling real estate in Dreieich at a profit – privately or with an estate agent?

Dreieich offers an above-average number of good and upscale residential locations. Those who own property here can usually sell it at a profit. The current upward trend in the real estate market in Dreieich promises an automatic increase in the value of houses and apartments. Both houses and apartments can be sold at significantly higher prices than five years ago. All five neighborhoods are attractive to buyers, so as a homeowner in Dreieich, you have a good chance of getting a lucrative sale price. Since progonoses are always a tricky thing for the real estate market, this situation can of course change in the future. However, if you sell now, you can profit.

However, many owners find it very difficult to assess what price is actually appropriate. Often you set the value of your house too high. The result is that no one responds to the offer and ultimately no buyer can be found. Others are desperate to sell the house quickly and often sell it for less than it is worth. This does not have to be the case. With the help of a real estate agent, you can get the best price for your property. A real estate agency such as Lukinski will provide you with a no-obligation appraisal of your home and can determine a realistic price considering all factors. In addition, realtors have good negotiating skills and can often defend the price better than a private seller. At the same time, they also know when the time has come to make a move on the negotiating partner. This is often very difficult for private sellers. Not only do they lack experience, they also have an emotional attachment to the property. If you decide to sell your house privately, you should definitely hire an appraiser to value the property. This will cost anywhere from 1800 to 2500 euros. It is not advisable to use online portals to determine the value of the property, as it is absolutely necessary to have the property inspected by a professional.

The value of your house in Deichau is measured by various factors. In addition to the equipment and condition of the house, many other characteristics play an important role. A good infrastructure and proximity to public facilities, such as schools, and a popular location will increase the value of your property. However, a need for renovation, a decentralized location and high ambient noise can lower the value of your home.

You need these documents for the house sale in Dreieich

Various documents are required for the sale of real estate. Some papers are of interest to potential buyers, others must be presented to the notary or the authorities. For example, you will need an extract from the land register, a building permit, a building description, building plans and a floor plan. If you want to sell a condominium instead of a house, you will also need a declaration of partition. You should also apply for an energy certificate and have proof of fire and building insurance as well as a description of the micro-location ready. This list alone shows how elaborate the private real estate sale is. An estate agent can help you gather the necessary documents. He will also know how to apply for any documents that are not available.

Are there taxes for the sale of real estate in Dreieich?

Real estate that is used privately for at least two years can be sold tax-free. Only the land transfer tax is due. This is 6% in Hesse and is usually paid by the buyer. Real estate used by others, which was in your possession for at least 10 years and one day, can also be sold tax-free. If the property is part of the business assets, it is taxable in any case. To find one’s way through the German tax jungle is not that easy for the layman. If you do not deal with the sale of a house on a regular basis, you first have to acquire the necessary knowledge in order to avoid gross mistakes. If, for example, you sell several houses in a short period of time, the tax office may become suspicious because it suspects commercial property trading instead of a private house sale. Here, too, a real estate agent can be a useful support. He knows the current tax regulations exactly and can protect his customer from far-reaching mistakes with financial consequences.


Due to the high property prices in Dreieich, owners can currently sell their houses successfully. In order to determine the optimal price, a privately commissioned appraiser or real estate agency should definitely perform an appraisal. A Lukinski real estate agent can be a valuable partner here, not only helping you with the valuation, but also taking care of obtaining the necessary documentation and solving tax-related problems for you. Simply give us a call, tell us about your property and place the sale of your house in Dreieich confidently in our hands. We will take over the entire organization for you and accompany you from the first conversation to the conclusion of the contract.