Real estate agent wanted? Sell a house in Neuwied

Challenges when selling real estate in Neuwied – Not far from Koblenz, on the right bank of the Rhine and at the mouth of the river Wied, is the picturesque town of Neuwied. The town is famous for its cold water geyser and volcano park. Founded in 1653, the city is the seventh largest city in Rhineland-Palatinate with a population of 65,000. If you want to sell your property in the city centre or in one of Neuwied’s popular outlying areas, you can achieve a good price due to the popularity of the region. Even if the demand is high and real estate in Neuwied is sought after, competence and experience are advantageous for the house sale or the sale of the condominium. There can be various reasons for selling real estate in Neuwied. Lukinski – Your House Sale explains what you should pay attention to and how you can avoid basic mistakes as an owner. Due to the complex details you face when selling real estate, an experienced agent is a good decision that will save you a lot of time, money and nerves.

Sell privately or use a real estate agency?

With owner-occupied and perhaps long-standing or inherited properties, it is not uncommon for there to be an emotional attachment to the apartment or house. As the owner, a positive experience is especially close to your heart when selling real estate in Neuwied. However, this close connection can become a problem and cloud your view of realistic offer pricing. If you are selling yourself, you face a long agenda of preparatory tasks and planning that involves a high risk of error. On top of that, you will have to invest in the preparation of the energy certificate, the advertisements in various portals and for a valuation, which you should not do without. Then you need a long photo gallery that presents your house or apartment from the best side. If you have inherited the house together with another family member and the ownership is divided, this results in a new difficulty. In general, when selling real estate in Neuwied, you have to take into account that you will spend a lot of time and energy selling yourself. If the property is not yet fully paid off and is to be sold during the repayment phase of the financing, this aspect must also be taken into account. Especially if you have financed the property with a land charge or have taken out mortgage financing. When selling a home, the proceeds may be taxable and you may have some additional expenses to pay to the tax office. Selling the property yourself is a huge burden for private owners, and it can be very complex due to the many details that need to be taken into account. Our experts at Lukinski will be happy to assist you and convince you that investing in a professional real estate agency with expertise is the best decision when selling property. All tasks from planning, preparation and publication to the last step of the transaction, the notarization, are carried out for you by specialists in real estate sales with core competence and many years of professional experience. You protect yourself from financial losses and have the certainty that the house or apartment will be sold at the best price and the change of ownership will take place without any problems.

The realistic valuation as the foundation of the real estate sale

Anyone who wants to sell their condominium, single-family home or apartment building is faced with the all-important question: what is my property worth? Here, the emotional attachment to the property proves to be a limitation to the realistic valuation, so that private owners usually set a price that is far too high. If the asking price is too high, prospective buyers stay away and the sale takes longer than planned. If you want to sell the property quickly for personal reasons and therefore set a price that is too low, you will lose money and ultimately be dissatisfied with your decision. In order to determine the authentic value of the property, you need a comprehensive knowledge of the market and the realistic value per square meter in the respective location. The year of construction, the equipment and the condition are also factors that influence the price and decide which offer price is optimal for your house or apartment. Lukinski – Your House Sale supports you with a profound valuation based on many years of experience and detailed analyses. When it comes to something as valuable as your property, you should refrain from making decisions based on gut feeling and rely on the expertise of a real estate agency like Lukinski. A professional real estate appraisal reflects the true condition of the property for sale and can be gleaned by the prospective buyer from the description and pictures in the exposé. Instead of investing a lot of time in discussions and viewings and not getting beyond the status of negotiating the price, you can use Lukinski – Your Home Sale to hire a real estate agency that will assure you of the best asking price and take all the necessary steps to determine the value.

Avoiding pitfalls when selling a house through expertise and brokerage experience

When and what was renovated? What modernisation tasks have you carried out and how old are the heating system, the windows, the roof and the floors? These are all questions that will come up when communicating with prospective buyers and will be used as a reason for negotiations. For a sales price negotiation, you should be experienced and confident in valuation, as well as in dealing with potential buyers. A big difference comes from the target audience for your property. If you are selling your property as an investment, the focus is on different factors than when selling to owner-occupiers. Capital investors prefer rented properties where the annual rental income is higher than the expenses for maintenance or repair. The target group approach is also different for capital investors than for owner-occupiers. As a general rule, we can say that unrented properties are easier to sell than rented properties in Neuwied. If you sell with Lukinski – Your House Sale, you do not have to worry about any pitfalls and have the security that the sale of houses and apartments is in experienced hands from the very beginning. We are happy to advise you personally and offer you full service from the inventory to the complete handling of the sale.

Sell successfully with Lukinski – Lukinski in Neuwied!

While you devote yourself to your actual tasks, our brokers from Lukinski – Ihr Hausverkauf are the contact for prospective buyers. We create and publish the exposé, negotiate with competence, conduct viewings and check the creditworthiness of interested buyers. The decision to whom you sell your property is ultimately yours and is simplified because you receive all the relevant information and a recommendation from our real estate agency. Once you have decided on a buyer, we arrange the notary appointment and complete the home sale on your behalf. Lukinski relieves you with core competence in selling real estate in Neuwied and is your contact if you want to sell your house or apartment quickly, safely and professionally. Save time and avoid financial losses with our Lukinski full service real estate sales.