Selling a house in Frankenthal (Pfalz) – What you have to pay attention to when selling a house

What is important when selling a house in Frankenthal (Palatinate) – Frankenthal (Palatinate) is located between Worms and Ludwigshafen, north of Mannheim and in the immediate vicinity of Heidelberg and Speyer. As a middle centre of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, the city plays an economically important role in the Upper Rhine Plain. If you want to sell a property in this historic city, first mentioned in a document in 772 as Franconodal, you should proceed systematically and plan professionally. Lukinski shows you what to look for as an owner and what mistakes to avoid. Selling real estate is a very complex and extensive task. To ensure that the sale is neither unnecessarily protracted nor does it entail financial losses, the preparation itself requires a great deal of competence and organisation. An experienced real estate agent like Lukinski is a good investment that will save you time and help you sell with expertise.

Complete documentation and appraisals when selling a house or apartment

For the sale of your property, you need numerous documents and records. The extract from the land register, the energy certificate and building plans, floor plans, proof of modernisation and renovation, as well as documents on ownership are just a few examples. The more comprehensive you can document the details of your property, including all work carried out, the more professionally you can sell the property. Equally important is the knowledge of the market situation, an overview of the supply in relation to the demand and an authentic market value. The valuation takes an important position in the sale of houses and condominiums and serves as the basis of all serious offers. On top of that, a professional valuation will prevent the sale from dragging on due to a too high offer price or your property being sold at a loss below its actual value. The exposé with all details and expressive pictures needs a lot of time and must be created flawlessly. Then you are faced with the question in which portals the advertisements will reach your target group without wastage. The preparation and placement of the sales advertisements alone present owners without experience with a difficult and time-consuming task. In addition, prospective buyers negotiate and basically try to undercut your offer price and acquire the apartment or house at a lower price. Without core competence and know-how in negotiations, or with emotions, which are always involved in privately used real estate in Frankenthal (Pfalz), the satisfaction with the result is more of a coincidence. In addition, real estate sales can become very stressful, cost a lot of time and lead to financial losses if expertise is lacking. The error rate in private sales is enormous and can develop into a major problem.

Private sale vs. real estate agency – experience as an advantage when selling real estate in Frankenthal (Pfalz)

Many owners imagine that selling real estate is easy. Especially at a time when asking prices are soaring due to high demand, valuation and market research are put on the back burner in terms of comparative prices in Frankenthal (Pfalz). When selling houses and apartments, you should switch off your gut feeling and consider concretely whether you can conduct tough negotiations and get your ideas accepted in terms of price and settlement. It proves to be an advantage to let experts handle the sale of your property and support you with comprehensive services. As a real estate agency with expertise, we at Lukinski – Your Home Sale can only advise you to draw on experience and avoid pitfalls. Private sellers not only invest a lot of time in the sale of their house or apartment, but also spend a lot of money on the implementation of their plan. If you sell your property through an estate agent, you make cost-saving decisions and can invest your valuable time in your business and private life. You benefit from a perfectly determined market value, professional viewings with interested parties, negotiating skills and a complete handling of the contract up to the notarial certification. You decide who you want to sell your property to. Lukinski does the credit check of the prospective buyers and gives you recommendations on potential buyers with whom the financing will work and the sale will be completed without complications. When it comes to selling to an investor, there are even more things to consider than when selling property to owner-occupants. With an investor you have a rhetorically skilled business partner who is familiar with the real estate market and who will ask you explicit questions about the profitability of the property and enter into consistent negotiations. A real estate agency meets the prospective buyer at eye level and is committed to ensuring that you achieve the targeted purchase price and are satisfied with the house sale.

Sell professionally – Lukinski

When it comes to selling real estate in Frankenthal (Pfalz), our Lukinski real estate agency is your competent contact with expertise! Tell us about your property and we will make sure that the sale is handled promptly and professionally according to your idea. We offer you all tasks, the presentation and viewings, the communication and negotiation with interested parties, the solvency check and the contract execution from one source. As the owner, you decide what we do for you in Frankenthal (Palatinate) and to what extent we may take care of your real estate sale project. By completely outsourcing the sale, you avoid any stress, save a lot of money and a lot of time. There are many different reasons for selling a house or apartment. To make the sale a positive memory, we at Lukinski offer professional implementation.