Selling a house: Successfully selling your own house in Bad Hersfeld

The town of Bad Hersfeld, with a population of about 30,000, is located in the north of the state of Hesse, 50 km southeast of Kassel on the Fulda River. Since 1951, the town has been known throughout Germany for its festival held in the monastery ruins. In 1967 Bad Hersfeld hosted the 7th Hessentag.

What you need to consider when selling a house

Selling a house or a condominium requires consideration in terms of the appropriate timing and must be well prepared. Extensive preparations are necessary, in addition the suitable price must be found and the object must be marketed in the best possible way. Many details in the sales process will overwhelm you as a private owner. We therefore recommend that you entrust us at Lukinski with this complex task. Judge for yourself by reading the following description.

Obtain necessary documents

When selling your house, you will need the following documents in order to complete the process in a legally secure manner:

  • Papers showing the location, floor plans and living space
  • Land register excerpts and, in the case of existing land charges, the financing documents
  • Energy pass and proof of any modernisation work carried out

After the documents are in place, the ideal price must be found.

Valuing the residential property

You can only find the right selling price through a professional house or apartment valuation. This is usually carried out by a real estate agent who knows the market situation, is competent in property valuation and takes all relevant aspects into account. Without the support of a company specialising in real estate sales, you will only be able to consult a comparatively expensive surveyor.

Set the selling price and advertise the property

On the basis of the valuation, you determine a sales price and create as detailed an exposé as possible for the marketing. This contains the documents obtained, informative pictures of the interior and exterior as well as descriptive texts about the house and the immediate surroundings. This exposé serves you to advertise the property on any sales channels, it should induce interested parties to arrange viewing appointments.

How does a home inspection work?

First of all, you should put your residential property in an attractive condition and arrange an individual appointment with each prospective buyer. This involves showing all the premises, answering many questions and at the same time finding out how strong the interest of the potential buyer is. Ultimately, you will have to select one of the interested parties and negotiate the purchase price with him. In doing so, you need to assume different levels of interest and demonstrate negotiating skills. At the same time, you will need to ask the likely buyer how they would like to pay for your home and, if they are seeking financing, ask them for confirmation from their bank.

Draw up the sales contract and hand over the house

After you have agreed on an acceptable price with the buyer, a contract of sale must be drawn up. The sale of real estate always requires a notary, which is usually chosen by the buyer. The first meeting is to discuss the contract and you will need to bring the documents mentioned above. Following the meeting, the notary will draw up a draft which will be sent to both you and the buyer by post. Both parties usually have two weeks to check the details and discuss them with their tax experts, for example. On the scheduled date, the contract is signed by all parties at the notary’s office. Once the purchase price and the property tax have been paid, the house is handed over to its new owner.

Save time and achieve optimal sales price

Between the procurement of documents and the handing over of the keys lie busy and often stressful weeks. We at Lukinski – Your House Sale, offer you the complete handling of the sale. This saves you a lot of time and, thanks to our professional approach, you can expect a price that is appropriate to the current market situation. We take care of all formalities, evaluate your house, design the advertising and find a solvent buyer.


Lukinski is the ideal contact for you when selling real estate. Decide now to make an appointment by telephone. We will take care of the rest for you competently and reliably after an inspection, if you wish. In case of success, the buyer pays for our costs.