Hamburg HafenCity: Luxury residential tower “The Crown” – new building under construction

The Crown in Hamburg – The Crown Plaza at the HafenCity not only heralds a collection of luxury apartments directly at the Strandkai, but along with the new real estate DC Developments also presents new, virtual solutions for viewing the apartments, which not only allows staging, but also dips the apartment directly into 3 different robes. We will present you everything about the modern apartments, the architecture of the building and the prices.

The Crown: modern architecture near the Elbe Philharmonic Hall

Already from the outside you can quickly see that the building is a sophisticated, modern property, which already tries to give a glimpse from the outside, what awaits the prospective buyers inside. Luxury and high-quality services have been emphasized here. The building is surrounded by different properties, which make the housing market here diverse, because also apartments price buffered apartments and apartments on the free market can be found at Strandkai.

A typical tenant of the apartments in the Crown is, according to Dahler, a cosmopolitan who primarily focuses on private use. Only just under 25% of the apartments have been bought up by capital investors. Apart from that, the residential units have been bought by owner-occupiers, who, however, often do not have their first residence in ‘The Crown’.

Tenant distribution: 25% capital investors + 75% owner-occupiers

Photo: DC Developments

Location: In the middle of the most popular rental apartments

Together with its almost-neighbour FiftyNine, the Crown Plaza rises impressively above the streams of the Nordelbe at Strandkai. The building sites at the port are not so easy to get, because between universities and commercial areas, of course, the port of Hamburg also requires space to act. Especially the knowledge that building land at the harbor is limited leads to high housing prices. Other circumstances such as the quality and city center near location play of course additionally in the pricing.

  • Luxurious
  • Central
  • Urban

See for yourself:

Photo: DC Developments

Dates and prices of Hamburg’s newest luxury property

Location and first information have already made you curious? Then you can find out more about the mixed-use building, which was designed by star architect Christoph Ingenhoven and is being built by DC Developments. Because such a huge project takes its time. Nevertheless, not many of the exclusive residential units are available anymore. You can read more about it below.

Completion and availability, including apartment prices

Although the tower is not expected to be completed until 2023, many of the residential units are already sold out. As already indicated above, private buyers in particular have taken a liking to the residential property and so 75% of the apartments have gone to private buyers, predominantly Germans.

The apartments vary in size and include many apartment types from mid-priced apartments to penthouses. As is so often the case, the mid-priced apartments in particular have already been well snapped up. Those who are longing for a penthouse can still be lucky, however, because only one of the two luxury apartments has been allocated.

If you choose one of the apartments, this could soon be your view.

Photo: DC Developments

The most important facts about ‘The Crown Strandkai’ at a glance

Before we get too lost in the details, we would like to briefly present the most important and relevant facts at a glance. Here we have summarized the price, the size of the apartment and the layout of the building:

  • Average price per square metre: €17,700
  • OG 1 – 11: 2 – 3 room apartments
  • 12th floor: 3 3-4 room apartments
  • 13th floor: 2 4-6 room apartments
  • Top floor 2 5 and 7 room maisonette penthouses

Tip. Read more about property prices in Hamburg here.

Competition in the housing market: large apartments unpopular?

Now that we have given you an overview of the construction of the luxury building, we would like to give you a closer look at the apartments. The public marketing has been running since 01.03.2021 and, as already mentioned, this sale has already been very successful. Even one of the penthouses at a price of € 11 million could be brought to the man or woman.

The question of whether The Crown is in competition with the other luxury residential towers in the area could only be answered in the negative by DC Developments when asked. One could possibly speak of competition for individual residential units, but the apartments are too unique in their form, equipment and location that one assumes competition purely on the basis of a neighboring address.

Apartment configurator: The future is now

For the marketing of this unique building project, DC Developments has thought of something very special. In order to simplify the visualization even before the completion of the construction work, several thousand euros were invested in order to provide potential buyers with an in-depth insight into the new living environment in advance.

We think this is extremely well done, because not only a standard view is offered, but the apartments can be furnished in three different styles with a detailed reproduction of the view of the Elbphilharmonie, among other things, is a real highlight, which makes the apartments a little more accessible to everyone.

Of course, each interior style has its own charm and especially larger elements of interior design are best visualized briefly before moving in, but one thing was already revealed to us: The apartment configurator has found great appeal among prospective buyers and the most popular style was Coco.

Insight: This is what the apartments look like from the inside

Of course, the external appearance is not irrelevant, but what really counts are the inner values. For this reason, we also present you the inner units of the apartment. Here you get the opportunity to imagine how you receive guests on the balcony or end the evening relaxing on the sofa with a view of the Hamburg harbor.

Living room: outdoor area and sofa set

Especially the penthouse apartments have an incredible charm. The open spiral staircase up to the gallery makes the room bright and open. It’s hard to take your eyes off the view.

Photo: DC Developments

Here the same room from another perspective

Photo: DC Developments

And here again the outside area with greenery in full splendour

Photo: DC Developments

Dining area: Dinner with harbour view

Every luxury restaurant dreams of this location and many gastronomies in the HafenCity live not only from the good cuisine, but also the location with a view over the harbor. Now you can experience this in your own four walls and it looks like this:

Photo: DC Developments

Architecture and sustainability: green it may be

The ubiquitous topic of sustainability, which is playing an increasingly important role in finance as well as in many industries and especially in our personal lives, is of course not neglected in architecture either. In the past we have seen a movement not only towards sustainable building in the sense of reducing the energy consumption of homes, but more importantly homes that are partially self-sufficient with sustainably generated energy. You can read more about this in our articles on zero energy houses and low energy houses.

Of course, the Crown was also designed to keep energy costs low for those living in the building and, above all, to ensure sustainable energy consumption. For new buildings in Germany are anyway laws in force, which impose an energy standard, which were of course observed by DC Developments. In addition, they are even striving to obtain a green certificate for the property.

The architect Christoph Ingenhoven is also known for his designs with greenery on the roof and inside. Therefore, a few green plants could not be missing in the Crown. It was important that the penthouse apartments in particular were planted and trees were chosen that are particularly wind-resistant and do not require too much care.

The Crown’ owes its name to the steel framework, which converges on the roof of the building in an angular shape and resembles a crown.

FiftyNine vs. The Crown

In the immediate vicinity of the Crown, one finds the FiftyNine. The building is also mixed use, offers 76 residential units and was also built by DC Developments. So of course the question arises, what is the difference between the two buildings and where is the best place to buy your new apartment? The question is actually quite simple, because although it seems at the beginning, as if the buildings are very similar, but in the subtleties you will find differences between the two residential towers.

In the FiftyNine there are also residential units that are suitable for the somewhat narrower purse. We are still talking about luxury apartments and not standard apartments, these are more likely to be found in the immediate vicinity than directly in the two residential towers, but still, some apartments of the FiftyNine are not equipped with a too great view. At the Crown Strandkai, you always have a water view, no matter which end you’re at. This is also evident in the apartment simulation discussed earlier. So it’s really worth taking a look in this one.

That each apartment could get water view is ensured by a clever rotation of the axis, which creates the effect by a bevel. But also in the FiftyNine almost all apartments are already taken. Only three apartments on the upper floors are still on the market.

New projects: Luxury apartments with city views?

Another topic of the press conference was also a brief look into the future with DC Developments. The apartment generator should not have been the last innovation that the company takes on, also in terms of construction, specifically in Hamburg, one wants to try to explore unknown waters. They are considering moving beyond the high-end and, above all, creating something new and unprecedented. The developers also consider a project with a city view to be very interesting for investors and buyers and do not rule out something in this direction for the future.

We can remain curious about what the future will bring!