HafenCity: Living in the trendy district – apartment prices, construction projects and more

HafenCity is the place to go for anyone looking for luxury apartments right next to Hamburg’s city centre. The impressive waterfront allows breathtaking views from the apartments located here and the surroundings around the apartments make the central city area absolutely worth living. What to expect in HafenCity and what apartment prices you can expect, we tell you here!

HafenCity: Exclusive residential location on the North Elbe River

Only twenty years young is the new residential district directly at Hamburg’s city centre, where one luxury boutique follows the next and you don’t have to look far for cafés and restaurants. The project of the small island at Hamburg’s harbor made headlines mainly with the ambitious construction projects that have found a home here, with the aim of offering business professionals with high demands a central residential location that satisfies them completely. Of course, this also includes the connection to public transport with the new stop ‘HafenCity University’.

  • Area: 2,4 km²
  • Population: approx. 5000

Surroundings and tour: What to expect in Hamburg’s most modern quarter

The heart of the island is definitely the Elbphilharmonie which was allowed to go through its own journey to finally stand as a pompous, very modern building directly on the water. Particularly sought after are the apartments, which are found on the upper floors of this modern architecture. Chic, modern and contemporary: that’s how HafenCity can be described in three words. See for yourself:

Luxury apartments with a view of the Elbe

What makes HafenCity in Hamburg so unique? The proximity to the city centre contrasted with the tranquillity created by the private location and the surrounding water give you the opportunity to return home relaxed after a long day at work and simply put your feet up. Still craving a little glass of champagne or want to enjoy an excellent dinner. HafenCity doesn’t disappoint there either, but more on that later.

First of all, we would like to give you a little insight into the residential market in Hamburg’s trendy district. Whether it’s a loft or a penthouse, when it comes to luxury living solutions, you don’t have to look far in HafenCity. Strandkai is particularly popular and therefore perfect for investment property. Most of the buildings and residential projects in the sought-after area are mixed-use properties, offering space for apartments, hotels and restaurants. We’ve tracked down a glimpse of one of the lofts and apartment prices in the area for you:

Apartment prices: 3,500 – 8,500 €/m²

Leisure, restaurants and more – Everything HafenCity has to offer

In addition to the very clear goal of creating a pleasant living environment, individual points were also built, especially due to the proximity to the city center, which should give visitors to the city the opportunity to experience the port on the North Elbe in all its glory. You can find a few examples here.

Lighthouse Zero

An absolute architecturally ingenious move is the Lighthouse Zero, which includes the construction of a residential platform several meters above the ground floating. here you want to live not only, but also for a short trip to the futuristic residential object is the location well suited.


The absolute classic and not without controversy: The Elbphilharmonie. Even during its construction, the modern concert building came under fire from the press several times, because instead of the 77 million euros that had been earmarked for the building, 780 million euros were paid for the construction in the end. Not only the price, but also the errors in construction, planning and design that repeatedly came to light did not leave the rumor mill alone. Nevertheless, the final product is impressive and is slowly but surely becoming a Hamburg landmark.

Panoramic view Baakenhafen

The viewing platform at Baakenhafen is an absolute highlight, especially for tourists, but also for all potential residents, because from here you have the opportunity to view the new residential projects at the harbor and especially in HafenCity around the clock. So if you want to get a good overview of the area and all the potential residential buildings, this is the right place for you.

New construction projects: This could soon be your new home

Anyone who buys an apartment in HafenCity not only gets a unique place to live, but above all a property that can potentially still increase in value. In recent years, it has already been observed that apartment prices in Hamburg, especially near the city centre, have been able to rise constantly or maintain their value. Here you will find a selection of the most interesting new construction projects that our real estate team has selected for you.

Fifty9 Strandkai

From the pen of star architect Hadi Teherani comes the mixed-use building project Tower FiftyNine, which among other things offers luxury living solutions for particularly exclusive tastes. The existing apartments are customizable and come with a balcony that lets you feel the fresh harbor breeze around your nose. Pure Hanseatic living experience!

Prices: approx. 940,000 – 10 million

The Crown

The newest luxury apartments can be found in‘The Crown’ tower, which is located in the direct vicinity of Tower 59 and therefore also in the most popular residential location of HafenCity. Apartment prices here are similar to those of its big brother, but you have to be quick, because only 75 apartments are available in this contemporary-style residential building.

Lighthouse Living

Sometimes referred to as a ‘futuristic mushroom’, the apartments of the Lighthouse Living project rise above Baakenhafen harbour. For others, the unusual residential building is more reminiscent of a spaceship, but one thing is clear: up there you have the best view over Hamburg and the unusual shape of the architectural experiment quickly attracted the attention of many interested parties.