Windows – Cost, Double Glazing & Replacement

Windows – On the one hand, windows serve the visual appearance of a house, but on the other hand they also play an important role in terms of energy consumption. They are available in wood or plastic, depending on what suits your project better. You can buy windows cheaply in any DIY store – at Obi, Hornbach or Bauhaus, for example. Some also drive to a neighboring country such as Poland to buy there cheaper windows. Whether this makes sense, we can not judge, but because of the lack of transparency we can not recommend this. Modern windows have instead of simple – meanwhile a double glazing. Already damaged or old windows, can usually be replaced without problems. Windows are available in many different variations and for every need there is the right window – no matter if sound insulation, heat insulation or visual protection. There is a special regulation for owner-occupied apartments, where the regulations of the owners’ association must be observed.

To be even better informed about the topic of windows, watch the following video on the topic: “Window types, costs, subsidies 6 tips”.

Overview of windows

  • Serves to the appearance of the house
  • Important in terms of energy consumption
  • Modern houses have double glazing
  • In the case of a condominium, the owners’ association must be taken into account.
  • Replacement of old windows usually without problems

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