Climate change, wooden skyscraper, CO2 tax – Real Estate News Week 31

This week, much of the focus is on climate change. The drought in the forests is currently another harbinger of profound changes. These changes in nature are also affecting urban development. So while there is the classic real estate news as in Focus. Focus Online this week answers the most important questions about the property tax reform, the so-called “Scholz Plan”. But many are shifting their topics this week to sustainable concepts, from high-rise buildings made of wood to the CO2 tax. All real estate news can be found right here: Immo News.

Climate change, modernisation and urban development

As we reported a few weeks ago, cities are in a state of flux. No matter if it is about the densification of living space, for example by putting new floors on top of supermarkets or even completely new city ordinances, like in Taipei. Green cities are the future, more housing on less land. To make it happen, there are more and more ideas, like this week presented in Focus Online, Environment Minister Svenja Schulze wants stricter regulations: One million households threatened with expensive conversion of chimneys and flues. Also in the manager magazine the will for change shows up, e.g. by skyscrapers from wood. The view of the green change does not only have positive aspects. If you look at your own wallet, you will agree with the Handelsblatt that this week debates the increase in costs due to the CO2 tax.

Also interesting: Berlin – Greening of roofs becomes mandatory.

Skyscraper made of wood – new construction from sustainable resources

Change is everywhere. Even animals and plants are changing their habitats. As you can read in the article Europe’s extraordinary gardens, tropical fruits now grow in Europe, where as grapefruits in London and magnolias with a view of the Alps.

CO2 tax – Do we really need it?

Professor Dr. Harald Lesch takes a deeper look at the debate about the CO2 tax. The video says: “Fridays for Future is calling for a CO2 tax of 180 euros per tonne of CO2. No problem, you might think, what normal person produces a ton of CO2? In fact, we do, directly and indirectly, almost monthly: 10 tons of CO2 per year per German citizen.” – Learn more interesting facts in the video:

Real Estate Shares: Price Week

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Real Estate News:

Manager Magazin about Singapore’s most expensive penthouse

There are also new headlines this week from Manager Magazin such as “Researchers present concepts: “Skyscrapers made of wood are a natural answer to climate change”” as well as “Apartment for $54 million: Billionaire vacuum cleaner Dyson buys Singapore’s most expensive penthouse”. More headlines:

Focus Online answers questions on property tax reform

The Focus Online blog reports on “Environment minister wants stricter guidelines: One million households threatened with expensive conversion of chimneys and flues” and “Courts have ruled: Service charges – these are the ten most important rulings for tenants and landlords”. More news and current laws:

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IM Immobilienmanager about Generali Real Estate

This week at IM Immobilienmanager among others articles about “Generali Real Estate appoints Lukas Jeckel as Head of Region Central Northern Europe” and “Terragon: Annette Heilig appointed to the Management Board” . You can find more news here:

Frankfurter Allgemeine on expropriation and rent freeze

This week’s Frankfurter Allgemeine has some exciting articles, such as “Proper raking and mowing: How to do gardening without back pain” and “Expropriation and rent freezes: The GDR is no role model! More news from the past days:

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  • Workplace couple dynamics: sharing a desk with Schatzi
  • Expropriation and rent freeze: The GDR is no role model!

Handelsblatt on the increase in costs due to the CO2 tax

In contrast, Handelsblatt reports this week on “Rising aspirations fuel housing shortage” and “Here’s how CO2 tax would make housing more expensive” . More headlines of the week:

Star over Youtube Star (6) buying his first house

The blog of Stern deals with “Warning signs: How safe is your job? 12 signs of your imminent dismissal” and “Real estate: family plans with 84,000 euros Baukindergeld – and is now to go empty” . More news of the week:

Haufe: Rents rise significantly slower than purchase prices

New from Haufe this week includes “Frühlingsfrisch” and “Rechtzeitige Zahlung der Gerichtskosten bei Anfechtungsklage” . More real estate news for tenants, buyers and sellers:

T-Online asks: How big does the budget have to be to buy a house?

This week, T-Online has topics such as “Recovering construction defects – claiming warranty when building a house” and “Construction guide – How big does the budget need to be to buy a house?”. New topics of the week:

Süddeutsche Zeitung on living as a single

This week’s Süddeutsche Zeitung blog is about “How the government wants to fight money laundering” and “Room, kitchen, murder”. Updates and news from the newspaper:

Federal Gazette knows: Germany must build more

This week at Bundesanzeiger among others “Discussion about rent regulation misses actual market development” but also “Germany needs to build more”. New articles, headlines and trends:

  • Germany must build more
  • Discussion about rent regulation misses the actual market development
  • Housing urban development plan: Focus on new construction instead of regulation about the wood market project of the capital city

New articles and posts from this week include “Bund der Steuerzahler criticizes apartment purchases” and “Saleh jumps on Müller: Correct urban development plan” . More headlines of the week:

Immobilien Zeitung sees Stuttgart logistics market on the upswing

This week Immobilien Zeitung has interesting topics such as “Stuttgart logistics market on the up” and “Poor but sexy was yesterday” in the magazine. The posts and more tips can be found here:

Spiegel on the fight against money laundering

At Spiegel this week it’s about “Rich: Zara founder prefers real estate as an investment” and “Fight against money laundering: government takes real estate agents more to task” . More news from this week: