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This week’s topic is rising real estate prices with Berlin ranking as the highest city in terms of real estate rental and purchase prices, as well as attractive opportunities for new construction. The lack of affordable senior housing is also a topic as well as the latest news on AirBnb apartments. All real estate news can be found right here: Real Estate News.

Immobilien Zeitung: Nursing homes for senior citizens in short supply

The general housing situation in Germany is a growing problem in many places. The metropolitan areas and inner cities are overcrowded, and apartments in the surrounding areas are also too expensive. Particularly with our increasingly ageing society, senior housing is also in short supply and many older people and pensioners are faced with the problem of finding suitable accommodation at affordable prices that meets their needs. The same problem is faced by those people who need a place in a nursing home, because there, too, spatial resources are more than scarce. For this reason, relatives often take over the accommodation and, in part, the care of their elderly family members or make use of care services that support them at home.

Accessibility in rented flats

Rental apartments in particular are rarely designed with the needs of older people in mind. The houses and apartments must be accessible without barriers, which means a ramp as an alternative to houses with steps in the entrance area as well as an elevator of a suitable size for apartment buildings are basic requirements. But barrier-free accessibility only begins here. The apartments must not be too cramped, so that people with wheelchairs or walkers can move from room to room without any problems. The sanitary facilities must also be adapted: Grab rails on the walls and a level shower are particularly important here.

Conversions are often expensive and are therefore often not even considered by the landlord. The alternative in this case would be an owner-occupied flat, but here too the question arises as to the financial means of the person concerned and the spatial possibilities of the flat.

Nursing homes severely undersupplied

Due to their function, nursing homes are optimally adapted to the sometimes limited movement possibilities of senior citizens. Ramps in the entrance area, lifts, door frames that are hardened, doors that are equipped with sensors and open automatically… wherever possible, the needs of the elderly are taken into account. A major problem here is the growing shortage of staff, as fewer and fewer young people are considering a career as a caregiver for the elderly. The low pay plays a role here, because the nursing homes can often pay less than they would like, as their own resources are severely limited.

Furthermore, there is also a general lack of nursing places. The existing nursing homes cannot provide sufficient space for those in need of care, but plans for new buildings are rather rare.

Real Estate News:

Federal Gazette about strongly rising real estate prices in the last year

This week at Bundesanzeiger among others ” Back to reason? ZIA welcomes Berlin’s commitment to the constitution” but also “vdp index: property prices rise strongly again in 2018”. New articles, headlines and trends:

  • vdp-Index: Property prices rise strongly again in 2018
  • Back to reason? ZIA welcomes Berlin’s commitment to the constitution
  • ZIA: Failure to appoint the building commission is a mistake reports: Rising property prices also in Berlin

New articles and posts from this week include ” CDU fails with motion of disapproval against Lompscher” and “Rise in rents and purchase prices highest in Berlin”. More headlines of the week:

  • CDU fails with motion of disapproval against Lompscher
  • Alliance for Affordable Housing has spurred new construction
  • Rents and purchase prices rise most in Berlin

Süddeutsche Zeitung with focus on modular building of the future

This week’s Süddeutsche Zeitung blog is about ” When words fail you” and “Vorgebaut”. Updates and news from the blog:

Real estate newspaper on the shortage of nursing homes for seniors

This week Immobilien Zeitung has interesting topics like “Alarming shortage of senior housing” and “New construction is already at €9,000/m²” on the blog. The posts and more tips can be found here:

  • Alarming shortage of senior housing
  • Coworking shows no “waning momentum
  • New construction is already at 9,000 euros/m²

Manager Magazin on the real estate boom in rural Germany

There are also new headlines this week from Manager Magazin such as “Aspen, Alps and Co: The most expensive ski resorts in the world” as well as “Rising market prices around big cities: real estate boom reaches the flat countryside”. More headlines:

  • Rising market prices in the environs of the big cities: real estate boom reaches the flat countryside
  • Aspen, Alps and Co: The most expensive ski resorts in the world
  • Metropolis sues Airbnb: Paris demands millions from Airbnb for ‘illegal’ accommodation

Share prices: Winner of the week

German Geothermal Real Estate

German geothermal real estate with +20.00% this week (real estate in Germany) distributed on €1.45 million

  • Price change (week): +20.00 % (€ 1.00) to currently € 1.20
  • Daily rate: +9.09 % / Monthly rate: -34.78 % (1.84 €)
  • 3 months: -7.69 % (1.30 €) / 12 months: -62.50 % (3.20 €)
  • WKN: A16122 / ISIN: DE000A161226

Dream Global Real Estate Investment Trust

Dream Global Real Estate Investment Trust up +6.14% this week (real estate in Canada) with a volume of €1.15 billion

  • Price change (week): +6.14 % (€ 8.63) to currently € 9.16
  • Daily rate: +2.35 % / Monthly rate: +12.81 % (8.12 €)
  • 4 months: +4.09 % (8.80 €) / 13 months: +18.19 % (7.75 €)
  • WKN: A1131Y / ISIN: CA26154A1066

Godewind Immobilien share

Godewind Immobilien Aktie Chart
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Godewind Real Estate

Godewind Immobilien up +4.18% this week (real estate in Germany) listed on CDAX, Prime All Share, Classic All Share, DAX International Mid 100 with a volume of 108.8m (as of 24.09.18) and a market capital of €395.3m

  • Price change (week): +4.18 % (€ 3.489) to currently € 3.635
  • Daily rate: -1.62 % / Monthly rate: +8.41 % (3.353 €)
  • 5 months: +30.29% (€2.79) / 14 months: (-)
  • WKN: A2G8XX / ISIN: DE000A2G8XX3

Godewind Immobilien share

Godewind Immobilien Aktie Chart
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