Prefabricated house: turnkey wood, experience, suppliers and prices

Prefabricated Home – A prefabricated home is a less expensive and much faster alternative to home construction. It sometimes takes only 8 weeks until a turnkey house is built. Because all parts are already produced, the construction time is reduced enormously, which, however, also limits creativity and individuality to some extent. In case you insist on making changes, this is usually very expensive. Furthermore, it should be noted that thermal insulation and soundproofing are not implemented to the same extent as in solid house construction. Some manufacturers also offer the inspection of model houses, so that it is possible to inspect his potential, newly built house. The price of prefabricated houses always depends on the scale of the project and starts at around €125,000. More on the subject: Buying a prefabricated house.

Overview of prefabricated house

  • More cost-effective alternative to solid construction
  • Short construction time
  • From 125.000€
  • Limited creativity and individuality in house building
  • High costs are incurred in the event of deviation
  • Lower sound insulation and thermal insulation compared to the solid house
  • Manufacturers offer show houses for viewing

Amazing – See how the construction of a prefabricated house proceeds in fast motion!

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