Selling property in Schwabing (Munich): Procedure, costs, comparisons of house, apartment – Tips

Selling real estate in Schwabing- selling an apartment, apartment building or your own property. Alongside the districts of Altstadt, Bogenhausen, Maxvorstadt and Lehel, Schwabing is one of the most attractive places to live in Munich. You want to sell your property here? Here you will find everything you need to know – from property valuation to the sales process. We also answer the question: sell your property privately or with an estate agent? And what you should pay attention to – Welcome to Schwabing! Back to overview: Selling real estate in Munich.

Schwabing: chic district with exclusive green spaces & parks

With about 1.7 million inhabitants, Munich is the third largest city in Germany and as one of the most important economic metropolises, it enjoys not only a good reputation, but also a lot of popularity. Thus, the Bavarian capital not only inspires with its unique flair and a high standard of living, but also with a steadily growing economy and low unemployment rate. Families, couples, students, entrepreneurs and investors – everyone feels at home in Munich.

Schwabing: map and location

The famous district Schwabing is located in the north of the city and borders Maxvorstadt. The old town, Lehel, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, as well as Maxvorstadt are also nearby. The district is characterized by its many green spaces, parks and monuments. Traditional boutiques, traditional costume shops and typical Munich coffee houses are also at home here and make up the charm of the district.

Sell real estate: Apartment, house, apartment building

High property prices in Munich and low interest rates on loans are the best conditions for your property to achieve a good price and find a buyer as quickly as possible. Thus, currently is the best time for the sale of your property! The selling process depends not only on the current demand and supply in Schwabing, but also on the type of house or apartment you have, as well as the time of sale.

More on the subject of selling property in Schwabing in a moment. Here is an overview with further information and tips:

So you want to sell your property? The first step is always the property valuation:

Real estate valuation: Valuation for the sale of real estate

You want to buy a property somewhere else? Or do you now want to sell your current property to buy an apartment building that you can then rent out lucratively? Even if you’re in a hurry, be sure to take your time with the property valuation and enlist the expertise of an estate agent. After all, it is not only the pure asset value that makes up the final purchase price, but also past renovation measures with the help of craftsmen, architect & Co, as well as the location of the property and the connection to schools and hospitals.

Learn more here:

Selling real estate in Schwabing: Determination of market value

If you want to expand your premises or move for professional reasons, selling your house quickly can be an important decision. Even a house inherited in Schwabing can motivate you to think about selling it and find a solvent buyer for the property in a timely manner. Lukinski is your reputable online real estate agent who sells properties in Schwabing before the Heights and gets you the best price.

Valuation of the property: apartment, land & apartment building

In order to propose a relevant offer price, we determine the market value of your property. To do this, we include the year of construction and the building fabric, the furnishings, but also the location, the infrastructure at the location and comparable properties from market analyses in the valuation. Without a professional market value result, it is impossible to make an offer that corresponds to the real value and to exclude losses when selling your property.

Here are the main factors that affect the purchase price:

  • Location
  • Infrastructure
  • Year of manufacture
  • Building fabric
  • Equipment

Determine purchase price with real estate agent: Advantages

Many emotions and memories go hand in hand with a house or owner-occupied apartment. As an owner, it is therefore particularly difficult to quote a price and avoid overvaluing the property or making an offer below the market value. As a private individual, you can hire an appraiser, but in this case you must expect costs of 1,000 euros or more. If, on the other hand, you have the property sold through an estate agent, the valuation is included in the scope of services and is paid for by the buyer through their service charges. There is therefore no reason to forego your knowledge of the market value and take a risk in the pricing of the property.

The valuation is included in the real estate agent’s scope of services and thus in the commission that the buyer has to pay.

Private real estate sale or with an agent?

No matter which of the neighborhoods you live in, a reason to sell your condo or house can arise from a variety of events. Is your family expanding and the current apartment is no longer sufficient? Or do you have to move for professional reasons and have decided to sell your property in Schwabing? Likewise, a divorce or inheritance of a property can promote the decision to sell a house and create the need to find a solvent buyer for your property in a timely manner. Generally speaking:

Take advice before selling to weigh up whether you want to sell the property privately or through an experienced estate agent.

Real estate agent in Schwabing: Advantages

Through competence in Schwabing, good brokers are your contact, who will find a buyer promptly and offer your property at the best possible price. All tasks that arise in the preparation and in the sales phase are taken over by competent brokers, so that you have no work with the sale itself and do not have to invest your time in the house sale. The aim of a good estate agent is to place your offer in such a way that your house or apartment will quickly find a new owner and provide satisfaction through the selling price.

Here are all the advantages at a glance:

  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Best possible purchase price
  • Less stress for the seller

Private sale: the most common mistakes

It is well known that various mistakes occur in privately offered real estate. Often the effort of the real estate sale is underestimated. Especially the time that you have to invest alone in the procurement of the documents, in the pictures and in the preparation of the exposé is not properly estimated by inexperienced owners. In addition, there are the costs that you have to finance out of your own pocket when selling privately. The application for an energy certificate, the market value assessment and the placement of advertisements are costs that you bear yourself. Another shortcoming: Many private sellers are not familiar with real estate and taxes – a very important topic that is also often underestimated.

Main mistake: The effort of selling real estate is underestimated

So these are the mistakes you should avoid at all costs when selling private real estate without an agent:

  • Effort of the real estate sale is underestimated
  • Documents missing
  • Too little time is allowed
  • Unnecessary costs arise

Conclusion: Expertise of the broker convinces

If you commission a real estate agent, he or she will receive a commission on the successful sale of your house or apartment in Schwabing. The commission is not paid by you as the owner and client, but by the buyer as part of the ancillary purchase costs. This means that you can sell without incurring any costs of your own and sell your property safely and reliably this way.

In a private sale, the seller’s emotions often get in the way

Exclude mistakes and avoid that the sale takes unnecessary time or even takes place below the real value of the property. We evaluate on the basis of the facts and not with emotions, which would be the normal course of events for you as the owner. You want to sell quickly, without loss and without your own effort? Then refrain from private offers and decide to have the house sale carried out by experts and in your interest.

Frequently asked questions for sellers

Whether it’s the old town, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, Schwabing or Bogenhausen – if you want to sell real estate in Munich, here are the most important questions you need to ask yourself as an owner before selling:

  1. Do you have a follow-on property in mind?
  2. Is there a need for renovation / refurbishment of the apartment?
  3. Are all records and documents available?
  4. Are early repayment penalties payable?
  5. Are the declaration of partition, building insurance, minutes of the owners’ meeting, utility bills, list of rents, etc. available?
  6. Are there lists of the maintenance of the condominium (maintenance costs)?
  7. Should inventory be sold?
  8. Is there a right of first refusal?
  9. Value of the apartment?

Munich: Real Estate in Bavaria

Munich is the most populous city in Bavaria and the third largest municipality in Germany. With around 4,800 inhabitants per square kilometre, the Bavarian metropolis is also the most densely populated municipality in Germany. The figures confirm the population growth. More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and neighbouring Austria make Munich very attractive.

Real estate in Munich

Munich counts itself as one of the economic metropolises of Germany. It is also famous for its high quality of life and the surrounding nature. Skiing in the Alps or hiking, as well as countless lakes for summer activities are in the immediate vicinity, not to mention the Italian coast in the south.

Living in Munich: Popular districts & residential areas

In no other German city is housing as expensive as here. Experts agree that a property in Munich in the right neighbourhood is a safe investment. But what does ‘right location’ mean in Munich and what kind of investment should one expect to make in order to buy a decent apartment or a luxurious house in the capital of Bavaria? We answer these questions here! To the overview: Living in Munich

Sell, buy and live in Munich

More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and the neighbouring country Austria make Munich very attractive and also the individual districts have a lot to offer. While Lehel and the old town convince with their historical charm, the residential areas of Bogenhausen and Schwabing inspire with their variety of well-kept green spaces and parks. The vibrant Maxvorstadt and the elegant Nymphenburg are also among the most attractive places to live in Munich. Do you want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your own property here? With our free guides on selling real estate in Munich, you are well prepared. To the overview: Selling real estate in Munich.