Sell real estate in North (Stuttgart): Independent and direct for house & apartment

Selling property in Stuttgart-Nord – Selling a property, apartment or apartment building in the north of the state capital is not difficult due to the good infrastructure and the good quality of life and living. After all, Stuttgart-Nord is one of the most sought-after residential areas, along with the popular districts of Degerloch, Mitte and Birkach. Do you want to sell your property here? With our free guides on selling real estate in the north, you’ll be well prepared! Plus: Everything you need to know about property valuation, which documents you need and whether you prefer to sell privately or with an estate agent – Welcome to Stuttgart-Nord! Back to overview: Real Estate Stuttgart.

North: Chic district with magnificent green spaces

Stuttgart is one of the most attractive places to live in Germany. The economy is booming, boutiques, restaurants and bars enrich the cityscape and the many nature parks and monuments of the capital of Baden-Württemberg invite you to marvel. So it’s no wonder that Stuttgart now has over 600,000 inhabitants, making it one of the largest cities in Germany. And every year thousands of newcomers to the city are drawn here. Whether you are a family with a child, an ambitious student, an entrepreneur with big plans or an investor – Stuttgart with its 152 districts offers something for everyone.

Stuttgart-North: Facts & Figures

Stuttgart-North is and remains popular! But how is the population developing? What are the trends? We give you a small insight into the most important key figures around population, city and districts:

  • Federal state: Baden-Württemberg
  • Altitude: 210-409 m above sea level
  • Area: 6.815 km²
  • Population: 27,000
  • Population density: 4,054 inhabitants per km2
  • Postal codes: 70174, 70191, 70192
  • Area codes: 0711
  • License plate number: S
  • City structure: 152 districts, including 23 boroughs

District: map and location

As the name suggests, the district is located in the north of Stuttgart and borders the districts of Feuerbach, Hallschlag and Stuttgart East and South. Stuttgart-Mitte is also not far away and easy to reach by public transport and by car.

In Stuttgart-Nord you are a bit away from the center, but still find everything you need. From good public transport connections to the bakery and supermarket around the corner. If you live here, you are not only quickly in the city centre, in Stuttgart-Nord you also have parks and leisure facilities directly on site.

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Sell real estate: Apartment, house, apartment building

Personal circumstances, such as divorce and inheritance or professional career opportunities elsewhere – The reasons for selling a property are many and varied. But even if it has to happen quickly, the following applies: Keep a cool head, proper planning and very good organisation. After all, not only you as the seller are interested in a quick and efficient transaction, but also the buyer of your property. Whether it’s a half-timbered house, a semi-detached house or a plot of land – your property should be sold at the best price and without a long wait.

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At the very beginning of the sales process is the property valuation:

Real estate valuation: Valuation for the sale of real estate

Valuing your property will help you determine a realistic purchase price. Why is this important? If you set the purchase price too high, you will scare off prospective buyers and delay the sales process. If you set the purchase price too low, you will lose money.

Find out here which factors determine the purchase price and why the different types of houses and apartments play an important role:

Sell real estate in Stuttgart-North

In Stuttgart-Nord, properties such as detached single-family homes, but also condominiums and land designated as building land, are very popular. If you can offer such a property, it is possible to complete a sale at short notice. Especially for properties located in the centre of Stuttgart-North there are many interested parties. The purchase prices are based on the market situation.

Particularly popular: properties in the centre of Stuttgart-North

Market analysis: location, location, location

Many buyers are willing to pay a reasonable price for a property that is in an attractive location and in a ready-to-move-in condition. If you want to offer a property in one of the peripheral locations, the prospects of a short-term sale are no less good.

Properties on the outskirts of the borough are also popular

Property Types: Building plot, single-family house & condominium

The situation on the real estate market in Stuttgart North is such that there are only a few attractive properties left in many areas. This statement refers in particular to building land that may be used individually, but also to condominiums and single-family homes that are well equipped and located in the midst of a widely developed infrastructure. The attractive location of the city itself, the diverse cultural offerings and the numerous opportunities for local recreation also add to the appeal of properties in Stuttgart-North.

The most popular property and plot types in Stuttgart North:

  • Building land
  • Single-family house
  • Condo

Selling real estate in North: Sell privately or with an estate agent?

Since the real estate market in Stuttgart-North has been actively moving for many years, you have chosen a very good time for your intention to sell. Everything around the sale of your property – such as various services and contracts – should be handled by a reputable brokerage team. Even a property in need of major renovation can be put up for sale.

Advantages of a broker: expertise, experience & important know-how

A good real estate agent will keep a list of buyers who are interested in specific properties. This includes land as well as houses that are being bought for personal use or for the purpose of renting out. For you, this means that you can offer anything to a good real estate agent. He will give you information at short notice about whether your sale can be completed quickly and what purchase price you can expect.

You will receive an estimate from the broker in advance about the sales period & purchase price

He has been observing developments for several years and will give you a recommendation as to what the purchase price might be. In addition, you will learn from us in which period you are likely to sell your property.

Here are some of the benefits of using a real estate agent:

  • Large network of customers & prospects
  • Experience with the real estate market
  • Support during the entire sales process
  • Saves the seller time, costs and stress

Tasks of a real estate agent

The services include not only the creation of an exposé and the placement of sales ads, but also the individual support of interested parties, answering questions and arranging viewing appointments. The sale of a property is often time-consuming and stressful. Leave this task to a professional and concentrate on the important things in your life. In addition, you have the certainty that the sale will be handled in your interest and at the highest possible price.

Here is a summary of some of the duties of the real estate agent:

  • Real estate valuation
  • Creation of an exposé
  • Marketing of the property offline & online
  • Planning and execution of the viewing appointments
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Drawing up the contract of sale
  • Handover of keys

Off Market: Sell property discreetly & anonymously

A Discreet Estate Agent often has a list of prospective buyers who prefer to buy land privately. Offer us your property and he will name clients from the file who can shortlist your property.

Discretion is paramount in an off market sale!

While working with a real estate agent, he should basically act in your best interest. This means that he should not make any independent decisions and should discuss every step with you. During the entire time, this person is in close contact with you. Unless you wish it, a discreet broker will not reveal your identity to the prospective buyer. This is possible until the purchase contract is drawn up. If the contract of sale is negotiated and the transfer in the land register takes place, the buyer will find out from whom he has acquired the property. However, you do not have to appear as the seller during the negotiations.

Here is a summary of everything you need to know about Off Market:

  • Off market brokers have a wide network of clients
  • You do not appear as a salesman
  • Your identity is not revealed until the purchase contract

Sale of properties in need of renovation: Apartment, property & apartment building

Properties in need of refurbishment do not appear quite so attractive at first glance. This may be the case in Degerloch and Birkach. In Stuttgart-North, however, this is only true to a limited extent. You are welcome to offer your property in need of renovation. If you wish, you can arrange an on-site inspection with a real estate agent.

Pros: Especially popular with landlords

You already have a new property in mind and want to buy the new property? So you’re in a hurry to sell now, but your current property urgently needs some modernisation work? No problem! Whether it’s a maisonette, villa or loft – even after an initial inspection of the property, a forecast can be made as to how the sale will turn out and what rough purchase price range you can expect. There are quite a few buyers who are particularly interested in properties in need of renovation. These properties offer some advantages. For example, the layout can be redesigned as part of a refurbishment.

There are more than a few buyers who are interested in a property in need of renovation

In addition, these properties are often vacant when they are sold. After the successful refurbishment, the new owner moves into the property himself or rents it out on the open housing market. Because our experience shows: Many investors would like to buy an apartment building in order to then rent it out again lucratively! Since the housing market in Stuttgart-North and the surrounding region is quite tight and high rents are often demanded, renting out a freshly refurbished property on the open market within a short time window can therefore be successful!

Not sure if your property is ready to be sold? Here are the advantages of selling a property in need of renovation:

  • Advance forecast of the purchase price possible
  • New room layout possible
  • High rents due to modernisation

Short-term sale: tips on the purchase price

In summary, it can be stated that the sale of a property on the real estate market in Stuttgart-Nord is worthwhile and in many cases can be completed in the short term. This applies to most properties. Only a few properties stand out as difficult to sell. Here, however, you can accommodate a potential buyer with a reduction in the purchase price to make your property more attractive for sale.

Make your property more attractive by reducing the purchase price

Valuing real estate: Determining the purchase price with these criteria

The most important criteria that determine the purchase price of your property include the location of the property, the size of the house and the number of available rooms or the total living space. The age of the house plays only a minor role in the sale of real estate. Much more important for the customer are the layout of the rooms, the condition of the property in terms of energy efficiency and the construction method in which the property was built.

These criteria play an important role in the sale:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Number of rooms
  • Year of manufacture
  • Room layout
  • Construction & Energy Efficiency
  • Infrastructure

Find out here what other factors influence the purchase price.

Type of construction: Solid construction or lightweight construction?

Many customers prefer properties in solid construction. Prefabricated houses or apartment buildings built in lightweight construction can only be changed to a limited extent during renovation. The quality of living is also lower, as the lightweight construction results in a certain level of brightness in the individual rooms.

Properties with solid construction achieve higher purchase prices than properties with lightweight construction

Homes that are built with solid construction have been proven to have a longer life and useful life. Lightweight construction is advantageous for buyers who do not want to or cannot invest large sums in the purchase of the property. Basically, solid houses fetch a higher purchase price in the housing market than houses built with lightweight construction.

Infrastructure: Public transport & connections

Other important criteria for determining the purchase price are the size of the plot and the infrastructure. The supply of shopping facilities, doctors, schools, kindergartens and public transport in the immediate vicinity also determines the purchase price.

Good access to schools and hospitals increase the purchase price!

Location: Quiet side streets preferred

Equally, however, many customers also want a quiet location for their property. For this reason, side streets that are slightly away from the popular zones in Stuttgart-Nord are sought after for purchases. Important supply units can be reached on foot or by public transport. Nevertheless, due to its location, the property offers a high recreational value if it is located in a quiet side street.

Popular are side streets, a little away from the hustle and bustle

Equipment: Garage, garden & Co.

Modern bathroom and kitchen fittings, a cellar or a converted attic are also taken into account when calculating the purchase price. Additions such as a garage, a carport or a sauna also increase the attractiveness of the property. The same applies to a beautifully landscaped garden with plants that have already grown for several years or with a beautiful pond.

These features increase the value of the property:

  • Modern bathroom & renovated kitchen
  • Basement
  • Converted attic
  • Garage
  • Carport
  • Sauna
  • Garden in good condition
  • Pond system

Conclusion: Selling a house, flat & land in Stuttgart-North

Property sellers in Stuttgart-Nord can expect the sale to be completed quickly, as the situation on the property market is tight. Often only a few good or very good properties are available. Responsible real estate agents offer you comprehensive support and a high level of experience specifically for the real estate markets in Baden-Württemberg.