Real estate financing documents: exposé, floor plan, lease agreement & Co. – checklist

Successful real estate financing – You have decided on a yield real estate or investment real estate, carried out a commercial examination and technical examination and want to start now with the financing? Whether you have a lot or little equity, here you are dependent on the support of your bank. Whether it’s an apartment, house or apartment building, the completeness of your documents is important for your financing application. Find out in our guidebook which documents your bank advisor needs for this – from the real estate exposé to the rental agreements, including a checklist at the end!

Documents for the bank: photos, energy certificate & purchase contract

Financing requests for real estate purchases are part of your bank advisor’s daily business. If you want to score points with your financing request, you should provide all important documents directly. This saves your bank time and energy, as it does not have to request extra new documents. Instead, the financing plan can be set up quickly and the financing process can be completed. So that you can enjoy a quick financing approval, we recommend that you prepare your documents in two folders:

  1. Folder: Credit rating
  2. Folder: Object

Now let’s take a closer look at the object folder:

House & apartment exposé: master data of the property

First of all, the bank needs a property file with the basic data of the house or apartment. Finally, the bank must know the master data of the property. You can either create an exposé or a fact sheet for this purpose.

You have the following options:

  • Real estate exposé
  • Fact Sheet

Photos of building and plot

In addition to the most important basic data, the bank also needs some photos of the object, so that it can get a visual impression. Make sure that the pictures have been taken in good light. Daylight is best suited for this purpose. In addition, you should give a lot of importance to a good quality of the photos, so that also details of the property can be seen. The bank not only needs photos of the property itself, but also of the immediate surroundings and, if necessary, of the common property.

You should attach photos of this:

  • Property
  • Community property
  • Immediate surroundings

Parcel map, floor plan & insurance

In addition, the bank needs the cadastral map of the property, as well as the site plan. Also the floor plans of the property, as well as the living space calculation are to be attached. Another important document is the extract from the land register. The land register is an official, public register and contains legal relationships to the property. In addition to land charges, mortgages and liens on real property, it also contains further information on the respective ownership and residential relationships.

The following documents must also be forwarded to the bank.

  • Parcel map and site plan
  • Floor plans
  • Living space calculation
  • Land register excerpt
  • Building insurance
  • Energy certificate

In order for the bank to get an accurate picture of the property, the hallway and site plans are especially important:

Special case: Rental agreement for rented property

You can buy a property rented or unrented. If you buy a rented property, you must also give the rental contracts to the bank. In the case of unrented property, this step is of course omitted.

Special case: Homeowners’ association (WEG)

If you purchase a house or a condominium as part of a condominiumowners’ association (WEG), add the declaration of division to your property folder, as well as relevant agreements, the last three minutes of the owners’ meetings, the collection of resolutions and the WEG administrator’s contract. The statement of charges and the property tax assessment should also be in your folder.

Here is a brief overview:

  • Declaration of division – with certificate of seclusion
  • Collection of resolutions – last 3 owners’ meetings
  • WEG manager contract
  • House service charge statement
  • Property tax notice

At the end: draft purchase agreement

The last object in the folder is then your draft purchase agreement, which thus completes the real estate folder.

Reading tip: Create purchase contract

Object folder for the bank: checklist

Here again the most important documents summarized at a glance;

  1. Exposé / fact sheet of the property
  2. Photos of building and plot
  3. Parcel map, floor plan, insurance & co.
  4. Rental contract (if available)
  5. Documents of the WEG (if available)

Once you have all these documents together, nothing stands in your way of successful financing!

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