Apartment and house for sale Darmstadt: guide, land, real estate

Selling real estate Darmstadt – You want to sell an apartment, a multi-family house or a plot of land in upscale Darmstadt? In our guide you will learn everything you need to know for your successful real estate sale. Selling real estate privately or with an agent, tips on real estate valuation, taxes & co – Welcome to Darmstadt! Back to: Selling real estate.

Apartment and house for sale in Darmstadt

Darmstadt is the northern end of the Bergstrasse in southern Hesse. This is one of the regions in Germany where spring comes particularly early. In addition, there is wine growing and the location at the foot of the Odenwald. So local recreation is well provided for. Art lovers get their money’s worth in Darmstadt, and for friends of high culture there is even a state theater with a diverse program of opera and theater – rather unusual for a city of this size.

Don’t waste time, get started right away! Learn all the steps here.

Here is the map of Darmstadt:

In the south of Hesse: Popular residential area

Darmstadt is located in the south of Hesse near Wiesbaden, Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim and Mainz.

Here is the mesolage of Darmstadt:

Selling real estate in Darmstadt: Procedure

The good supply of highly qualified jobs together with the really diverse range of leisure activities makes Darmstadt really very attractive to live in. Thus, you can count on a fast real estate sale in Darmstadt.

Here the real estate sale summarized in three phases:

Preparation: Prepare house & apartment for sale

If you want to sell your apartment or house, good planning is already half the battle. If you do not want to sell privately, a short visit to the broker’s office is recommended. An experienced real estate agent will not only advise you on the topics of finances and taxes, but will also accompany you through the entire sales process. The real estate valuation and the preparation of the exposé are also part of the preparation phase.

The preparation phase summarized:

  1. Timing
  2. Broker appointment
  3. Documents
  4. Prepare property
  5. Offer price
  6. Exposé

Sales phase: market property and find buyers

Now it’s about getting your property to the buyer. If you prefer a more discreet sale, you can also sell your property off market.

Here is an overview:

  1. Marketing strategy
  2. Take requests
  3. Contact with interested parties
  4. Credit check
  5. Viewing dates
  6. Sales talk

Sales processing: purchase contract, ancillary costs payment & Co.

The buyer is found? Very good! Now it’s time to prepare the purchase contract. The new owner has to be registered in the land register and an appointment has to be made with the notary. Finally, all ancillary sales costs must be paid and the sale is completed.

This is how the sales process takes place:

  1. Purchase contract
  2. Notary appointment
  3. Land register entry and purchase price
  4. Handover
  5. Invoices for notary and broker
  6. Pay taxes

Create exposé: Important documents – checklist

Many sellers underestimate the importance of the exposé. But a professional exposé is important. Bad photos, wrong numbers and missing documents can scare away many buyers. Also the energy certificate, as well as the building description and living space calculation should be in the exposé.

The most important documents for the real estate exposé – checklist:

  1. Year of manufacture
  2. Size of the plot
  3. Living space calculation
  4. Floor plan
  5. Building description
  6. Energy values and energy certificate
  7. Photos from inside and outside
  8. Surrounding infrastructure
  9. Extras (underfloor heating, balcony, pool, carport, etc.)

Darmstadt: Real estate in Hesse

Buy, rent and sell real estate in Darmstadt – The Hessian city is popular with investors and entrepreneurs, as well as families, students and young professionals. Here you will find the big overview, on the topic of buying, selling, renting, capital investment and everything else you need to know about the Darmstadt real estate market.