Selling a house: Successfully selling your own house in Speyer

More than a million tourists flock to Speyer every year. They marvel at Speyer’s imperial cathedral, the largest Romanesque building still standing and a Unesco World Heritage Site. They stroll through the Maximilianstraße, one of the most architecturally beautiful shopping streets in Germany, they enjoy the gastronomic offerings in the city with the highest density of pubs after Berlin and relax on boat tours on the Rhine.

But it is not only tourists who are attracted to Speyer. The city, which is home to around 50,000 people, is also increasingly in demand as a place to live with class and style. Executives, for example, from BASF in Ludwigshafen, 20 kilometers to the north, or the software manufacturer SAP, located 20 kilometers to the east in Walldorf, like to move to the city.

Optimal conditions for the sale of real estate in Speyer

The high demand is having an effect – Speyer has already taken first place in the ranking of property prices in Rhineland-Palatinate, leaving the state capital Mainz behind. That this will change is not to be expected. Building land is scarce in Speyer. As a result, condominiums are usually favored for new construction projects. Single-family homes are hardly on the market and are correspondingly coveted. Of course we also know the market for multi-family houses in Speyer! Therefore, you can also offer old or new buildings from this segment at any time. We will immediately compare your offer with our database of interested parties and can give you information about the chances of success of your sales request.

Owners who want to sell their house or apartment in Speyer will not look long for a buyer due to the immense demand. Nevertheless, the sale of real estate from private can pose some problems and extend the time until the contract is signed. At Lukinski, we want to show you how to sell professionally in Speyer and what to look for when selling houses, apartments and land. Thoroughly planned is surely sold. You should follow this motto and deal with different strategies already when thinking about a sale. If you would like to save time, money and nerves, we at Lukinski offer you the professional expertise of our real estate specialists in Speyer. As a local real estate agency, we are a good investment for the sale of your houses or apartments.

Facts about selling real estate in Speyer: Thoughts before the sale

Reasons for selling a house or apartment can be quite different. You have inherited a property and already own a house? Financial or professional reasons can also promote the decision of selling a house or apartment in Speyer. Very often, after a divorce, the sale of a house is on the agenda so that both partners of the community of gains can be paid out in equal shares. No matter for which reason owners sell a house or an apartment – the basic thoughts before the sale and the focus on professional planning are always identical.

The sale of real estate in Speyer is – as elsewhere – a complex task, where small mistakes can be accompanied by high costs and lead to the loss of very large amounts of money. Whether a sale is worthwhile also depends on the respective market situation. Currently, owners can sell their house or apartment in Speyer at best prices overall, as the demand for residential property is higher than the available supply. Due to the lack of large new developments, detached houses are currently in particularly high demand.

As part of the sale planning process, you will be faced with questions about the duration and process of the sale, as well as the asking price that is appropriate for your property. If the property to be sold is still being financed or is secured with a land charge, you should talk to the financing partner before planning the sale and agree on a possibility of further repayment. Once this issue has been clarified, the market value appraisal and the preparation of the exposé are on the agenda. Lukinski Lukinski is at your side at all times and will prepare a sales-promoting exposé of your property on the basis of a professional and objective valuation.

Avoiding mistakes, eliminating financial losses when selling a house or apartment

Every owner wants to market his property at the best possible price. For the buyer, the price must be realistic and comprehensible based on the characteristics of the apartment or house. In the offer price determination, the gut feeling is not a good advisor, because emotions stand in the way of a realistic price determination. With a market value appraisal from a professional appraiser, you can find out which purchase price is optimal and will neither lead to losses nor to overvaluation. If an offer is too expensive, the house sale will be unnecessarily protracted and can even declare a property a “slow seller”.

Negotiating the purchase price with interested parties is the order of the day when selling real estate and takes up time and nerves. At a very low price, your property is sold quickly, but often with immense financial losses. The satisfaction is missing and in the end you are annoyed to have made a sale from private without knowledge of the market situation and the relevant facts.

When it comes to determining the value of the property, the size, location and property condition play an important role. Other influential details are the demand at the respective location in Speyer as well as the comparative prices for real estate. By selling your house through experts of a real estate agency like Lukinski Lukinski, you eliminate the risk of loss and all other pitfalls. You save time, do not have to deal with the complex topic of selling real estate yourself and have a trustworthy and experienced partner at your side right from the start.

Private house sale or hiring experts in Speyer?

This question faces every owner who wants to sell his apartment, land or house. Private owners usually only sell their house once in a lifetime and do not have the experience necessary for a satisfactory sale. If you want to sell a property in Speyer, you should consider in advance whether you are offering it to owner-occupiers or to capital investors. Even if the key data are the same: in order to convince an investor, even more negotiation expertise and real estate core competence are necessary.

At Lukinski Lukinski you will find all the necessary experience and knowledge for sales success. At the same time, you do not invest a cent at the start of our cooperation! Only when our services in the entire offer and sales process have led to success do you pay for our services within the scope of the agreed fees. The assignment is only considered completed when the contract has been signed by a notary and the property has been handed over to the new owner.

Our services for you at a glance

  • Valuation of the property
  • Credit check
  • Creation of a professional exposé
  • Creation of meaningful photos of your object
  • Procurement of all documents necessary for the sale
  • Preparation of documents for the sales process
  • Objective appraisal and evaluation of the object
  • Advice on construction and contract law
  • Determination of the appropriate target group of buyers
  • Development of a marketing strategy tailored to the target group
  • Access to our extensive customer file
  • Unsolicited reporting on the sales process
  • Prospect Pre-Screening
  • Coordination and execution of viewing appointments
  • Preparation of the purchase contract
  • Cooperation with notaries
  • Conducting sales negotiations until closing
  • Accompaniment of the notarisation procedure
  • Professional object handover
  • Aftercare
  • Payment first on success

Lukinski sells your property in Speyer: quickly, professionally, advantageously!

Save your valuable time by having your house, apartment or investment property sold with expertise. The professionalism of Lukinski Lukinski will convince you and lay the foundation for the quick sale of your property. As local real estate experts in Speyer, we are your contact for the inventory, accompany prospective buyers throughout the entire process and arrange appointments, which we carry out on your behalf. You make the decision: high quality and without compromise. Tell us about your property! We take care of the rest and carry out the sale according to your idea with the utmost reliability and core competence.