Apartment for sale Cologne-Braunsfeld: land, property, documents

Selling an apartment in Cologne-Braunsfeld – Find out everything you need to know about selling an apartment in the sought-after Braunsfeld district on the outskirts of Cologne. From the property valuation in Braunsfeld to the most important documents to the settlement, with our guide you are well prepared for a successful apartment sale. Also: Prices per square meter in Braunsfeld and most popular streets – Welcome to Cologne-Braunsfeld! Back to: Selling property in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne-Braunsfeld

The quiet Braunsfeld is one of the most attractive residential areas in Cologne. While the Cologne city forest promises relaxation and recreation, the many monuments and sights invite you to explore Cologne’s history. Braunsfeld, for example, is home to the historic Clarenbach Church and the Abraham Frank House on Aachener Straße. The numerous houses from the Wilhelminian period contribute to the flair of the district. The standard of living in Braunsfeld is high and the infrastructure is very good.

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In Braunsfeld, you can therefore count on a quick sale of apartments:

  • Attractive cityscape
  • Quiet location
  • Variety of parks & green spaces
  • Monuments & Sights
  • High standard of living
  • Very good infrastructure

First-class location on the outskirts of Cologne

Braunsfeld is located on the left bank of the Rhine in the Lindenthal district and borders Ehrenfeld and Müngersdorf. Junkersdorf and Lövenich in the west of Cologne are also easy to reach by bus, train and car, as are Cologne’s old town and Neustadt in the east.

Here is the mesolage of Braunsfeld:

Between Friedrich-Schmidt-Strasse and Vogelstrasse

Demand is particularly high along Friedrich-Schmidt-Strasse and Am Morsdorfer Hof. That is why you can look forward to very high sales prices here. Prices per square meter are also in the upper range along Vogelstrasse. Whether inheritance, divorce or family reunification – especially if it’s your first property, selling an apartment can quickly overwhelm you. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we have our guides for you.

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High demand ensures high prices

In Braunsfeld, you can expect an average price per square meter of €6,050. The apartments are coveted and demand is therefore high. In order to achieve the perfect sales price, it is worthwhile to carry out a valuation in advance. To do this, contact the real estate agent you trust. More about the process of selling an apartment in a moment!

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The location of the property is also reflected in the selling price:

Eine der begehrten Straßen in Braunsfeld in der sich eine elegante Bestandsimmobilie an der anderen reiht

Real estate sales in Braunsfeld: Basics

You are now considering how best to proceed with your apartment sale in Cologne-Braunsfeld and where to even start? Whether inheritance, divorce or professional reorientation – the reasons for selling real estate are varied and can be of a personal, financial or professional nature. In any case, you should keep in mind that selling an apartment is very complex and involves extensive tasks.

Preparation: Important documents

Prepare the sale of the apartment well. This includes a valuation, all documents relating to the apartment, building plans and floor plans, invoices from renovations and the land register extract, as well as documents confirming your ownership. The procurement of all documents alone takes a lot of time and has a cost and error rate that should not be underestimated.

The most important documents in the overview:

  • Results of the valuation
  • Construction plans
  • Energy certificate
  • Floor plans
  • Invoices from renovations
  • Land register excerpt
  • Documents confirming your ownership

Hiring a real estate agent: tasks

Before the exposé is created, photos are taken and the first advertisement is placed, the organizational preparation alone requires maximum commitment and experience. You can sell successfully without stress and risk of loss if you contact your trusted broker. He supports you in all important steps and also advises on the topics of taxes and financing.

Here is a summary of the tasks of a broker:

In a moment! With expressive photos to success:

Modernes Mehrfamilienhaus aus braunem Backstein mit versetzten weißen Fenstern vor blauem Himmel mit vielen Wolken

Procedure: From the exposé to the purchase contract

Whether you are selling privately or with an agent, the process of selling an apartment is always similar. If you have marketed your property offline and online, you should think about the most important questions before organizing the viewing appointments. After all, not only prospective buyers should be well prepared, but also the seller himself. Once the creditworthiness of the prospective buyers has been checked and non-payment has been ruled out, the purchase contract is drawn up, notarized at the notary and signed, and the sale is completed.

The process of selling real estate – checklist:

  1. Prepare documents
  2. Evaluate property
  3. Createexposé
  4. Real estate marketing
  5. Real estate tour
  6. Sales talks
  7. Createpurchase contract
  8. Notary appointment
  9. Certification
  10. Signature
  11. Entry in the land register
  12. Payment of the purchase price
  13. Handover

Attention to costs incurred!

Bureaucracy is always associated with financial expenses. The procurement of the documents, the placement of the advertisements, but also the communication with interested parties and of course the valuation cost money. The mandatory energy certificate is another item on your bill. All these and other expenses must be paid by you in advance when selling real estate.

Costs are incurred for this during the sale of the apartment:

  • Procurement of the documents
  • Placement of the advertisements
  • Communication with interested parties
  • Valuation
  • Energy certificate

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