Sell apartment Cologne-Müngersdorf: tips, property, land

Selling an apartment in Cologne-Müngersdorf – If you want to sell your apartment in the upscale district of Müngersdorf in Cologne, you are well prepared with our guide! From the most expensive streets in Müngersdorf, to the prices per square meter, to the process of selling an apartment, here you will find everything you need to know for a quick and efficient sale. Also: The advantages of a real estate agent and the most important criteria of property valuation – Welcome to Cologne-Müngersdorf! Back to: Selling property in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne-Müngersdorf

Müngersdorf is the stronghold of Cologne’s sports culture. The district is home to the Rheinenergie Stadium, the cycling stadium and Germany’s only sports university. Even Lukas Podolski’s personal box is at home here. In addition to soccer, people here ride bikes, play beach volleyball and swim competitively in the stadium pool. Aachener Straße is an inviting place to drink coffee and shop, while the large St. Vitalis church contributes to Müngersdorf’s historic cityscape.

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In Müngersdorf, you can therefore count on a quick sale of apartments:

  • Sports Culture
  • Numerous leisure activities
  • Historical Monuments & Sights
  • Several cafes & restaurants

West of the Rhine on the beach edge of Cologne

Pretty Müngersdorf is located in the Lindenthal district and borders Junkersdorf, Lövenich, Ehrenfeld and Braunsfeld. Widdersdorf and Vogelsang are also not far away.

Now a look at the mesolocation of Müngersdorf:

Böcklinstraße, Feuerbachstraße & Co: Advisor!

Apartments in Müngerdorf are popular. If you want to sell an apartment north of Brauwellerweg, you can enjoy the highest selling prices in the district. For example, Feuerbachstrasse, Rethelstrasse, Böcklinstrasse and Franz-Seiwert-Strasse are among the most expensive streets. Square meter prices are also very high in the north of the district between Am Lindenweg and Gregor-Mendel-Ring. Straight to the exact prices.

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Old building apartment, loft & penthouse: square meter prices

5,150 euros per square meter – that’s how much an apartment costs in Müngersdorf. Whether divorce, inheritance or family reunification, time pressure and stress often lead to the sales price being set incorrectly. To avoid this, we always recommend a valuation. After all, there are a variety of factors that influence the value of your apartment.

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Sell apartment privately or with a broker?

Real estate sellers in Müngersdorf benefit from immense demand for residential property. On the other hand, there is a low supply of condominiums. From this point of view, selling apartments should not pose any major challenges, owners find, and tend toward private sales in their considerations.

Private real estate sale: tips

Those who sell their property without the assistance of a real estate agent should plan the preparation of the offer and the handling of the sale in concrete terms. A calculation of the cost factor also proves to be an advantage and gives knowledge about how high the expenses for the sale of apartments are for private owners. From a financial point of view, the determination of the market value is the largest item on the list for the sale of real estate. Therefore, we recommend private sellers to make a realistic time and financial planning in advance.

Sell apartment privately – tips:

Real estate agent in Müngersdorf: Advantages

Another important factor is the time spent obtaining the documents, preparing the exposé, answering questions and the on-site visit. If you want to sell professionally, save a lot of time, spare your nerves and not lose money unnecessarily, a real estate agent in Müngersdorf is the best choice. With many years of experience and core competence, the real estate agent you trust will take over all the tasks that arise in the context of marketing your property and lead to the successful conclusion of the sale.

The advantages of a broker:

  • Many years of experience
  • Market knowledge
  • Own buyer network
  • Tax & Finance Consulting
  • Error avoidance
  • Professional valuation

Once you have decided on one of the two options, the next step is the process of selling the property. And this begins with the valuation:

Real estate valuation: Determine purchase price

No owner should do without a valuation for the apartment in Müngersdorf. The fact is that a property sale based on gut feeling or the naming of the ideal value often ends in an overvaluation and the associated consequences. By renouncing a valuation, a sale can be prolonged. Another risk is high losses due to a too low sales price.

Real estate valuation determines the realistic purchase price

Data on location, property and land size, equipment and infrastructural integration are used to determine the market value. A neutrally determined and fact-based offer price ensures your serious performance and is a basis when it comes to the profitable and secure sale of real estate in Müngersdorf.

These factors affect the value of the property:

  • Location
  • Equipment
  • State
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure of the district
  • Comparison objects

Procedure: From preparation to handover

Selling your apartment in Müngersdorf in the best possible way requires not only negotiating skills and organizational talent. As a seller, you also need to keep a good overview of where you are in the process and what step is needed next for a successful transaction. The sales process can be divided into three phases.

The 3 phases of selling an apartment:

  1. Preparation phase
  2. Sales phase
  3. Processing

Let’s now take a closer look at the exact procedure:

Planning: documents, exposé & Co.

Well prepared is half sold! This also applies to apartments in Müngersdorf. So make sure in advance that all important documents are available. This includes the land register extract, energy certificate, as well as invoices of past renovation and modernization measures. Also decide whether you prefer a private sale or if you would prefer to sell with an estate agent and set a realistic sales period. Get an overview of the incidental costs and create a professional real estate exposé.

The individual steps of the preparation phase:

Marketing an apartment: Sales Strategies

The property is prepared for sale, all documents are together and the sale period is set? Then you now have to sell your apartment. Here you can choose between three sales strategies, each with their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the location, type of apartment and type of house.

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So you can choose between these three strategies:

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Off Market

Once your apartment has been advertised and contact has been established with prospective buyers, organize viewing appointments, carry out credit checks and conduct sales negotiations. Feel free to use your existing documents as a basis for argumentation during the purchase price negotiations.

Settle sale: Purchase contract and handover

Once the buyer has been found and his creditworthiness has been checked, the final steps of the sale are taken. At the notary, you and the buyer sign the contract. After that follows: Payment of the negotiated purchase price after updating in the land register, or as a technical term: priority notice of conveyance. Once you have received the purchase price, either directly into your account or in advance via the notary’s account, you hand over your apartment to the new owner.

Here is an overview of the last steps:

You have now officially sold your apartment in Müngersdorf – congratulations!

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