Sell apartment Cologne-Lövenich: land, property, procedure

Selling an apartment in Cologne-Lövenich – Find out everything you need to know about selling your apartment in the Lövenich district on the edge of Cologne here. From the valuation to the exposé to the private sale, with our tips you are well prepared! Also: The most popular streets and current prices per square meter – Welcome to Cologne-Lövenich! Back to: Selling property in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne-Lövenich

The tranquil Lövenich combines metropolitan flair with suburban idyll. In Lövenich, one might hardly believe that it is only a few minutes to the bustling city center by public transportation. Lövenich is especially known for its several historic pubs and delicious restaurants. With SoccerWorld-Köln, the city’s largest indoor soccer facility is at home here, the Alte Schmiede (Old Smithy), known beyond the city limits, invites you to feast, and the many historic buildings delight both newcomers and long-established Cologne residents.

Learn all the steps here: Sell property

In Lövenich, you can therefore count on a quick sale of apartments:

  • Attractive cityscape
  • Very good connection
  • Quiet location
  • Variety of restaurants & pubs
  • Several leisure activities

Between Widdersdorf and Müngersdorf: Very good location

The Lövenich neighborhood is located in the Lindenthal district and lies to the west of the Rhine. The charming Widdersdorf borders to the north and the romantic Müngersdorf to the east. The neighboring city of Frechen is also not far away from Lövenich by bus, train and car.

Now a look at the mesolocation of Lövenich:

From the Ahrstrasse to the Gerd Baukhage Arc

In the north-west, the top addresses in Lövenich include An der Rönne, Ahrstrasse and the upper Lahnstrasse. In the north-east, apartments are particularly popular in Malteserstraße, Georg-Meistermann-Straße and around Gerd-Baukhage-Bogen. Compared to other neighborhoods, Lövenich has a surprisingly large number of farm workers’ houses and old farm buildings. More about the exact prices per square meter in a moment.

Here are our tips for selling real estate:

High real estate prices on the outskirts of Cologne

Especially in the north of Lövenich, the prices per square meter are high. Depending on the type of apartment, year of construction and condition, you can expect to pay more than 4,150 euros per square meter. To determine the exact selling price, it depends on a few factors. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the real estate agent you trust. More on the basics of selling an apartment in a moment.

In advance, here are our guides:

The townscape in Lövenich inspires with its history and diversity:

Giebelhäuser im Zentrum von Lövenich in rot, gelb und weiß mit rotem Dach vor blauem Himmel

Basics: Private sale, planning & processing

Demand for condominiums in Cologne-Lövenich is rising continuously. Demand already noticeably exceeds supply and provides the best conditions for a profitable sale. Owners have very different reasons when it comes to selling the inherited old building apartment, the formerly owner-occupied maisonette or the luxurious loft as an investment property. Financial and professional, but also private reasons such as the desire for a change in life can underlie the idea of selling. It is important now that you do not make a hasty decision and make costly mistakes when selling.

Preparation: Valuation & Documents

Never sell in Lövenich without a valuation and do not assume that the market value of your property can be estimated. As soon as emotions are involved, your gut feeling can lead you astray and encourage an overvaluation or an offer price that is far too low. Likewise, you should know that selling a house or apartment involves a large amount of documents. Only if you obtain the documents completely and present them to the prospective buyer, your selling price will be justified.

Some of the important documents you should prepare:

  • Energy certificate
  • Floor plan
  • Real estate valuation
  • Entries from the notary
  • High quality photos

Sell property privately: Tips

If you want to sell privately despite all the advantages of a real estate agency, you are setting yourself up for a time-intensive task that will present challenges. Negotiating skills and flexible scheduling for viewings are two of the things you will have to deal with intensively in the near future. Prospective buyers will expect you to be available by phone and to respond promptly to form inquiries.

When selling real estate, negotiation skills & expertise matter

Several half-timbered houses can also be found in Lövenich:

Mehrere Fachwerkshäuser im Zentrum des Stadtteils mit einem kleinen Markt davor und vielen Menschen, die am Wochenende die Sonne genießen

Procedure: From the valuation to the purchase contract

Whether you want to sell privately or with a broker – the process of any real estate sale is always the same. Thus, the sale can begin with the preparation of the exposé and the publication of pictures. Advertisements in real estate portals are subject to a fee and require that you are familiar with the optimization and bring your exposé in this way among the top 10 in the offers.

Here is a summary of the real estate sale process:

  1. Prepare documents
  2. Evaluate property
  3. Createexposé
  4. Real estate marketing
  5. Real estate tour
  6. Sales talks
  7. Createpurchase contract
  8. Notary appointment
  9. Certification
  10. Signature
  11. Entry in the land register
  12. Payment of the purchase price

Once you have paid all notary and broker fees, your property sale in Lövenich is complete.

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